macOS is being turned into an appliance: less complicated

September 27, 2021, 1:48 am
macOS is being turned into an appliance: less complicated
macOS is being turned into an appliance: less complicated but more limited. What are you planning to switch to, when macOS no longer supports your workflow?

Ha, yeah it doesnt feel like weve landed on the best way to distinguish between my private files vs my public files vs files shared with me vs files shared with me that Ive added to my files etc. No wonder people give up and just use search.

Yeah or Dropbox and related storage services eventually die out as internet/publicly shared files are commoditised as a must-have feature of every OS.

@grantrobinson This isnt bad per se, but leaves power users who want greater efficiency with fewer options. The OS itself is robust, but the overall user interface is being defanged to align it with iOS and iPad OS. Theres also less room for UI customization, which is bad for a11y.

Style-first design language? Whats the implications for the file system? Agree about Photos, geez could they make it harder to get your photo as a file?

This would be a huge step that would face enormous backlash, and for that reason I think it either wont happen or will happen in the longer term when new paradigms are better or at least as good.

Photos on iOS doesnt even let you treat a RAW/JPEG pair as separate objects, or divide them when needed to save space. Its frustrating indeed.

I agree with you, but if I imagine this use case on PC/web, youd expect to drag and drop the image into the waiting IG screen. Or maybe paste it. So IG has to be built to accept those common inputs. They could do the same on iOS (granted discoverability issues abound on iOS).

@sangsara iOS had a strong opinion IxD-wise. Slowly, that opinion is becoming Apples default. This narrows the capability of macOS, and power users need to start looking for alternatives, since there is no Power Finder.

@sangsara A workaround is to place the photo in an album in Photos, and use this as a shortcut. But this transfers the workload onto the user. Teslers law is about the system and the app doing the heavy lifting, for the benefit of the user. Apples OSs do this only for simple use cases.

@sangsara Example: currently, there is no way to push an image from Photos etc into Insta stories via the Share Sheet. If the photo is an old one, you have to open a facsimile of the view you have in Photos or scroll, potentially for a long time, until you re-find the photo you just had.

I used to consider myself a power user when it came to manually organizing all my photos and massive music library in files and folders. One day I decided to just give in to the database-centric appliance apps and let them invisibly manage it all. My quality of life improved.

@sangsara Re laborious: iOS and iPadOS support files, but are tilted against them theres no Finder. Hence users are dependent on app makers accurately predicting which file operations will be required. If no shortcut is built in, the interaction load is placed on the user.

@sangsara So the context of the tweet was, where will power users go, when macOS hardens into an appliance?

@sangsara Much of the trouble in this piece stems from iOS pretending that files dont exist. Once people need to pop outside the bubble of pretend-simple, theres no easy way for them to make a model of where things are, where they need to be placed and how. Agreed. I dont know the context of your original tweet, but its possible today to have a non-app-specific folder on your iPad or cloud drive and edit its files with different apps, e.g. text or image editing.

Id probably revisit said workflow or find a way to avoid that work in the first place. Things change!

sustainable hardware/right-to-repair are niche concerns that nevertheless have a vociferous constituency

@doriantaylor Concepts akin to Frameworks have been around for a long time. There was even a masters degree at quite similar to in in the early aughts. So its wonderful to see someone finally delivering on that vision.

Realistically, it will probably still suit my needs. I really dont do much complex stuff with a computer. So something else from me, because I dont see the question as written applying to my situation

For personal use I have switched to iPad Pro using iOS/iPadOS already.

heh i`m already eyeing the for my next hardware; i barely use commercial software these days which is the only reason left to use a mac

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