Many Americans dont use whatsapp whereas most Indians you

October 9, 2022, 4:29 pm
Many Americans dont use whatsapp whereas most Indians you
Many Americans dont use whatsapp whereas most Indians you would meet are on whatsapp. What is the reason

Data used to be very expensive in US and hence they have the habit of using text messages (SMS). But I think most of the plans come with unlimited data, but the habit of using text is stuck I guess.

Indians didn`t embrace iphones due to high prices in India. So iMessages isn`t a thing there intially. Then whatsapp became the main platform.

Data is very cheap in India. Negligible compared to data charges in Europe and USA.

iMessage, my guess

Maybe they are not used to sending/receiving good morning messages.

And you are absolutely correct.

One of the reason may be data in US must be expensive during these period .. So US doesnt moved from telecom services to internet services as India did..

India people of all ages many do not have enough engagement so remains busy on WhatsApp includes Triple Talaq too.

India me god wale msg forward krne s short time m good news mil jati hai...

Indian people use whatsapp in phenomenal way. Every communication is nowadays done on WhatsApp. Even emergency services use it to communicate faster.

We are WA University educated thanks to bjpee

iphone hence imessage & facetime

Americans are completely hooked to the iOS ecosystem whereas in India, 98% are on Android. Pretty simple, cross platform and open source ecosystem and services expand well in India. Closed off systems like iMessage and iOS priority stuff like ClubHouse have failed disastrously

Answer in your question itself, 33cr Americans and 1.33cr Indians , if 10% of using WhatsApp from both countries than its usual that anyone say casually that most Indians are on WhatsApp.

Privacy concerns probably.

Less to do with watsapp. More around privacy concerns. You generally dont share mobile nos also or if u do u only expect to be texted in an emergency. In general in a corp setup you cant setup a watsapp group to discuss official stuff. People consider it intrusive. Slack is ok

Iphone vs Android Iphone has a good messaging and call app

Awareness on privacy

I feel Indians have stopped using WhatsApp.

Simple, Indians are very good at utilising technology. The more sophisticated and cheaper they prefer.

Most of the US people use Iphone messenger and if you see the people using Iphones in USa is quite high May be that is the reason for less watsapp users in USa Whereas in India we are Android lovers and we donot have service like i message

They used to have unlimited sms mms n call since long so used to it. Where as we were always desperate for sms packs. Also Americans are too concerned for privacy and many have iphone.

Because of high penetration of Apple devices in USA, most people are on iMessage, therefore these is no need of WhatsApp. In my circle, most Indians / Asian friends are on WhatsApp and most American friends on iMessage.

Coz when WhatsApp started not many Indians had iPhone and BBM was limited to Blackberry. By the time BBM other apps were available for free on Android, we got used to WhatsApp. And in turn WhatsApp never let us down by constantly adding/ improving it`s features.

I was doing a group academic project while studying with Greek students in Athens. They used to discuss meetings and assignments on Viber and FB messenger. I missed 2-3 group sessions while waiting for their communication on WhatsApp

Yes you are right, text is more popular than WhatsApp here. As text is used as a means of communication here and not for forwards so probably no need of WhatsApp.

The only reason I still use WhatsApp is that these bloody institutes, schools / offices / residential societies/ blah blah, create their groups on by default. Otherwise it`s a ridiculous platform.

Do most of the people u know have an iphone? They use imessage and never felt the need to donwload whatsapp. I remember there was a time when evry college student had a blackberry and every1 used BBM at that time and never felt the need to download WA.

Coz iPhone usage is very high in the US, hence they use iMessage whereas in India Android phones are used widely, hence what`s app.!

It`s addiction....i hate it

Americans ik dont form family groups. As majority are using iphone they send personal text using iMessage and if they form groups they use Tiktok or Instagram.

They have imessages.. Most of them use iphone Imsgs r far better then any other app

Data is not that cheap in USA !

They don`t have this economical data.

They are used to iMessage before WhatsApp. Thus they don`t use WhatsApp that much.

Primarily IPhones are cheaper in USA.

iPhone texting (behaves like WhatsApp when the other person also has iPhone and as normal SMS if other OS) Many people in the US use iPhone.

Office forcing, not moving to telegram, 2nd parents

In a college group , now many companies including goi also provide services via WhatsApp


Most live in sms and iMessage world NoLogic The savvy business guys understand they need the common chat platform..

1. imessenger nexus was already present as internet messaging service 2. Usually you dont buy a phone in US. You buy a Telecom package (2yr contract mostly) where you get a phone along with it. (You pay a monthly premium for the contract). So, people end up choosing Iphone

Texting in India was costly and WhatsApp was cheap due to cheaper data rates. SMS lacked image sharing and groups US had costlier data rates on phone.

Staying in touch with those overseas?Good Mornings. Every morning back when we were in the office in Canada my friends parents would send them good mornings. This is true. People here dont trust big companies and very concerned about their data and privacy. Whereas Indians dont care much about their data.

Most of them are iPhone users and theyre used to iMessage app of iPhone.

Iphone Americans use imessage as majority of them use apple devices.

Thats true. US people dont use WhatsApp

Reason for comparison?

We have cheap data

More usage of iphones in US

We are social animal

It has privacy issues and with new form,it can reuse/share the data with facebook and also have been major source of data leaks.

They use mails we use whatsapp because of easy nature

In USA: 1. High iPhone & iMessage penetration 2. Earlier adoption and higher penetration of email 3. Do not give out mobile phone s that readily.

Apple ecosystem

They r on iphone which should have better app then whatsapp like imessage

Interesting datum about WhatsApp USA had free texting with their cellular plans a couple of years before the rest of the world did (in Europe they were charging $.25 per text). When whatsapp became big several years ago, it (& others) were the tool to get around that abusive pricing. The rest is network effects.

Iphones were adopted heavily in the US in a very nascent stage of smartphones whereas iPhones were luxury in India back in 2008 10

What Americans use ?

1/3 of Americans own iPhone so prefer messenger

They use it only for social contact. No office messages on WA & no promotional too.

Bckz Americans prefer using messenger as well

US peeps most likely have a mobile phone contract which consists of Flat rates for SMS and free minutes. And this has been the case for many years, so they never really had the motivation to use a messenger after they started using FB messenger.

Then what they use ??

Amerixans use oldest technology possible to hide from their governments..they dont have even UPI yet

Most people use iPhone and get text, voice and video via FaceTime. So need for WhatsApp is not there.. also, I have seen many companies tell employees not to install WhatsApp or telegram apps due to data tracking and security concerns

Bcoz getting admission in regular Universities require academic merit

Yes I was also surprised my American colleagues had not even installed whats app in their phones!! Pretty surprising that an FB app so widely used here and not in US

They are hooked to iMessage on the Apple eco-system.

Average 50% of Americans own iPhone hence iMessage.

Convinience ..... whatsapp number is like new identity now

Indians living in US use it to connect back with families. For local US iMessage / sms is preferred / adopted communication as it existed since before WhatsApp

New youngest use Instagram

iMessage is big in the US

Indians like forwards... be it SMS now whatsapp...believe everything is true in whatsapp...

Data prices/ telecom charges might me one.

For most it is work necessity.

I mostly use telegram. And surprisingly most people I`ve met have both whatsapp and telegram

Most people in USA use iPhone which has a nice messaging app

They have Harvard, Stanford, Yale and many more we just have oir very own WhatsApp University

They use face time

Indians are more socializing than American

True. They prefer messaging app than Telegram & WhatsApp.

More adotion of iPhones and iMessage being pre-installed...?

Americans are obsessed with apple College groups are on imessage like wtf

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