March NPD Results Hardware 1

April 25, 2022, 2:33 pm
March NPD Results Hardware 1
March NPD Results Hardware 1. Switch 2. Xbox Series 3. PlayStation 5 Software 1. Elden Ring 2. Gran Turismo 7 3. Kirby Forgotten Land 4. MLB The Show 22 5. Horizon Forbidden West 6. Pokmon Legends Arceus 7. WWE 2K22 8. Mario Kart 8DX 9. COD Vanguard 10.SOP Final Fantasy Origin

I`m genuinely surprised at GT7`s numbers

Yeah Series S is a lot cheaper and easier to find.

When does Nintendos financials release? Did I miss the year report?

MK8DX just won`t give up!!

Man, horizon just came and went huh?

PlayStation is dead. thanks jim ryan

Hardware is split actually; heres the breakdown Hardware (units sold): 1. Nintendo Switch 2. Xbox Series X|S 3. PlayStation 5 Hardware (sales $s): 1. Xbox Series X|S 2. Nintendo Switch 3. PlayStation 5 Additional: Xbox broke their hardware sales records for March

Elden Ring still on the top. As its said its their best March ever, and the previous best March was March 2011, they have sold more than 433,000 units in March 2022. Gran Turismo is a juggernaut franchise, it sells like hot cakes

Xbox was also first in dollar sales for the month of March and the entirety of the first quarter of 2022.

Dude precise its for US.

To be very honest. I think Proper comparison between PS5 and Xbox series X can`t done until the production issues are solved. But i hope both these systems sell really well.

Seeing Triangle Strategy in 16 is great with so many titles released on March. Is it good for an SRPG? I am almost done with my 1st playthrough and it has exceeded my expectations completely where the story is going and how the choices had affected the journey.

Good to see WWE 2k22 in the list. At last a wwe game that is selling well. Previous entries were very poorly optimised and i think they were financial failures. I hope 2k22 embarks a new chapter for the series.

Is there a reason xbox keeps beating ps5 on the charts. It`s pretty surprising

Expect xbox to do even better when them first party games start dropping

Elden Ring is the KING.. Hype was real in case of this game.

Who is still buying Vanguard?!?

Xbox doing this well without dropping any first party games damn

I tht hfw and gt7 were a disaster It has been so incredible to watch the Switch as well as it has been these past 5 years.

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