Maybe it`s because I follow a lot of Nintendo

October 9, 2022, 11:51 am
Maybe it`s because I follow a lot of Nintendo
Maybe its because I follow a lot of Nintendo and JRPG fans, but I really wish I saw more people talk about Ghost of Tsushima. This was my GOTY for 2020. Its incredible

Still haven`t gotten to the dlc, though U are definitely not following enough of the right ppl. My feed is has ppl sharing screenshots gameplay talking about it on a regular basis

I mean what is there to say? It was a good game. Why we need to have a discussion

Still playing it now, Jin Sakai for life

One of my top fav games and I cant wait for the sequel

I don`t think it`s underrated at all, because I remember people still talking about it 1 year after the release. Still do. We all know that games die down over time (except TLOU2) but that doesn`t automatically labels them as underrated.

Games generic like every single modern day Sony game

Love this game so much, cannot wait to play it again when I finally manage to get a ps5 It was a great game, just came out in a year with the last of us 2 which is the video game equivalent to Oscar bait, never stood a chance unfortunately tho it probably was also my game of the year

Same! GoT is easily my fave game of the last decade. I voted for it for GotY too despite being a huge fan of FF7 and Remake. For almost a whole year people wouldn`t stop gushing over it. It was a pretty great game, universally loved, made a huge profit, won a couple of GOTY and won the popular vote too. I don`t get why some people call it underrated.

TLOU 2 is GOTY though ;)

Revived my love for exploring open worlds, brilliant combat system, great narrative, great side missions, beautiful world design and all the costumes were sick, easily my goty of 2020

They dont like it because of all the awards by industry toadies LOU2 got they couldnt win the one award they wanted that GOT won. The Players Game of the Year. And that speaks bigger volumes.

Why are you bringing the blame game here, both are fantastic games on their own right. If you like ghost just celebrate ghost. Rather than blame others.

Got to admit I love the look of this...can`t wait to play it on pc

About to play this game over again with directors cut. This was so

It`s my GOTY 2020 too Really it`s such a beautiful experience, and I love it aswell as Sucker Punch`s other works, mainly Infamous

ur probably two years later for that

It was most peoples it just suffered releasing same year as last of trash part 2

I talk , its one of the best games I ever played for sure ! PlayStation GhostOfTsushima It is but if you really look at it, its a perfected Ubisoft formula that catered to everyone love of Japanese/samurai lore and fantasy. Having played it again this year, makes me realize Sony are the masters of formulaic/generic open world action/rpg games.

If it wasn`t a console exclusive you probably would have. Imagine a game that`s on one console does really good.. Now imagine if that same game was on most other gaming platforms.

It`s a shame I jumped late on this game, multiplayer-wise.

When you beat the game over a dozen Times, and Platium it every time, Love isnt the Word.

2020?!?! It`s been that long already??!

Yea people were talking about this game non stop sunmer 2020, then again when it got a PS5 undergrads. U just missed the wave.

It`s a great game, I haven`t finished it yet because I just felt I wasn`t appreciating the game and I was just playing something I didn`t want at the moment, but it`s a great game, I`ll finish it one day

It was mine as well

It`s an amazing game but the flaws or shortcomings are very obvious after the initial "holy shit" feelings gone. Which it last for most of the game lol The open world activities, especially camps were very lack luster. And despite being amazing. Combat did get stale close to end

Not enough credit goes to this game, I don`t understand why, and it being a first time entry glorified masterpiece, I bought this game 2 times digital n hard copy for all the content available, now I just have to track down a collectors edition lol

Definitely GOTY - unfortunately overshadowed by, on all accounts, an inferior game. This was such a fantastic experience, would love another one.

I think its that one game where the consensus is positive across the board. But yes the game is fantastic.

Such a dull game. Tried to play it several times but it`s just boring

I very much was talking about this game back in 2020, I love this game, and the CE was totally worth the purchase for the mask replica alone.

It was mine to. Fortunately I see a good number of people sing its praise. Best game in years for me.

It was the game of the generation for me. More art than just a game.

I love it so much I make art for it

Bruh, If FF7R didn`t come out that same year. Easily, Ghost of Tsushima would have been my GOTY 2020

A lot of JRPG fans LOVE Ghost Of Tsushima.

Honestly I wasn`t much a fan of this game but I can see why people like it so much. Maybe I`d give it another shot sometime to see if it grips me this time.

My fav of all times I got it on my base ps4 but got a 3080 last year. Waiting on that fabled pc port

Honestly, one of my favorite open world games of all time.

INCREDIBLE game!! Was also my GOTY and also one my absolute favorite games of that generation.

Ghost of Tsushima was an awesome game! Sucker Punch never disappoints

This Game Got A Lot Of Attention Especially At Launch From What I Remember. Dreams By Media Molecule (Developers Of Little Big Planet) Didn`t Get the Recognition It Deserved Which Is Unfortunate As It Is A Unique Game

One of my favorite PS4 games

i mean, if youre going by popularity, than it shouldve been call of duty

Without a doubt my goty for 2020 and in my top 3 favorite games ever made I adore this game

I loved the art direction sk much but it had so many overly dated gameplay mechanics quest design ripped right out of Ubisoft games or Horizon Also some of those sidequest dialogue animations....straight up PS2 haha A GREAT game but disappointed me too

One of my all time fav

Ghost was amazing from beginning to end. I was sad it was over! It was a very hard choice for Goty for me between Ghost, TLOU2 and FF VIIR. Maybe my dose tinted glasses but I chose VIIR. But man was it so close between those three.

Just started it today and about an hour in. Phenomenal.

I haven`t tried this one yet, though I doubt 13 Sentinels will be usurped for me re: 2020

I recently got it and holy shit its amazing Im in love

Great game and a wonderful PlayStation exclusive

I`ve been waiting for a price drop or a holiday gift. The game looks amazing. Can`t wait to play it in Japanese so I can hear the same voice actor of Roronoa Zoro.

I agree! This game truly is a masterpiece! The only other game aside from the Kingdom Hearts series and Insomniacs Spider-Man that I got the Platinum Trophy for!

I played the Director`s cut version as the first game for my PS5 recently...Ghost is awesome

I agree! This is one of my favorite games!

It is a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed playing through

I lovvved this game!

We did, and do. The game is a masterpiece

I loved Ghost of Tsushima! Amazing game!

"bUt ThE lAsT oF uS pArT 2 wAs ThE wInNeR, iT wOn ThE mOsT aWaRdS" One of the few games in my lifetime that i absolutely hyped up and it delivered.

I absolutely loved it.

It was a great game. It reminded me of Assassin`s Creed when it was really good.

Ghost of Tsushima feels mad SAUCY to play!. I really do be feeling like I`m him.


Probably gonna be one of the big games to get a Ps5 for

I cant wait for the sequel

Amazing and beautiful game. Also really good multiplayer!

I plan to play it whenever I get the Playstation Premium thingy next year

Never heard of it. What is it about?

I just beat it and got the platinum yesterday. i absolutely loved it.

Nah fr, literally every other game nominated that year is leagues better

Ghosts of Tsushima is loved by everyone who played it except ironically people who liked the last of us part 2, but I mostly see it talked about on tiktok

This was easily my GotY of 2020, loved every part of it

I really wished more people talked about infamous

Sonys best game of 2020

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