maybe this is bc I`m a dnd noob but

August 30, 2021, 11:45 pm
maybe this is bc I`m a dnd noob but
maybe this is bc Im a dnd noob but I would be scared to play games w strangers where you cant like. discuss stuff bc I keep seeing dms talking abt how they dont pull any punches abt killing characters. I would cry and not want to play if somebody killed off Eurwyn Im sorry

I`d be scared to play with anyone I didn`t really know, either, because you hear all these horror stories... I dunno, I`d really want to have a discussion about whether character death, or other things, are even on the table.

@kexira Its definintely something I think should be discussed, and as somebody new to dnd, its definitely something that turns me away from the game/turns me away from playing with anyone outside of Very Close Friends

Theres also a lot of better ways to explore consequences in rp that arent death too.

like!! Eurwyn deals with a lot of health issues/disabilities and I dont want to erase that part of his character, and while I want to maintain stakes/ realism, I also dont want him to get instantly wiped and killed in games because he lacks physical strength

I dunno much about DnD, but I feel like that should be discussed, too? There should be ways around Actually Dying if it`s not that kind of game, too... I watched a game once where a character "died", but instead of killing him off, they treated it like a near-death experience.

like I dont want to be a party pooper and be like never EVER kill off my characters but I think it should be Discussed and not just. At random.

I think rushing into killing characters in a campaign is not very fun too! I get there being stakes to make a game feel heavy, but im not into the murder happy-dm thing at all.

maybe Im just a wiener who shouldnt bring Eurwyn to games but like??? that just doesnt sound Fun to me?? Like where is the enjoyment in this character who is very beloved to me could die at any time because I chose stats based on rp and not on Gameplay. Like I want to rp-

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