me, a person who rarely goes out: wow I

January 15, 2021, 2:04 pm
me, a person who rarely goes out: wow I
me, a person who rarely goes out: wow I wish I had a rugged, durable, waterproof smartwatch with gps and a flashlight to assist me on all of the cool adventures I go on

Go hiking, it`s very fun

Shouldn`t be too hard, relatively speaking of course. You could probably stick components from an old smartphone into an arm mounted case and have a similar effect

you mean a smart phone that is less practical?

Maybe look at the caterpillar branded phones? Not so powerful, but are meant to be used outdoors. Don`t know so much about watches tho

the survival man brain is strong

It`s like when we were kids and wanted the spy watches from book fairs with the magnifier and secret message capsules

look into g shock watches!

I don`t really go out much myself, the only time I do go out though is when I need or want to get something from a store or buy myself some thai milk tea with boba at my favorite place to get or have to go to work

There`s a model of Samsung smartwatch that I have bookmarked that has a mod you can download onto it that turns it into a digital Pipboy. It`s pretty legit.

Genuinely me. I bought a tactical pen and a paracord bracelet and lanyard. Will I need them? No, probably not. Are they super cool? Yeh

i want a pip boy basically not one of those replicas but like, something that serves the same function

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