Mega-thread of ranking the best opening fixtures for #GaffrSL

August 9, 2021, 6:34 pm
Mega-thread of ranking the best opening fixtures for #GaffrSL
Mega-thread of ranking the best opening fixtures for GaffrSL and my favourite pick from each team: Gaffr

Why didn`t the super league start when Ligue 1 started?

one question though, do you know if akanji is nailed at the back for BVB?

Top thread that, really helpful!

Is Carrasco nailed to start?

Great writeup. This game is super interesting. So much potential to break the game with players way outperforming their price.

Do hope he`s nailed with Sancho out, not finding many cheaper midfielders I like!

Awesome, cheers mate!

You sure he`s nailed? Was benched 3 of the last 5 games for Atletico.

1st - Real Madrid Nacho (6.0 DEF) is the only Real Madrid player I think is nailed, there`s no doubt I will end up tripling up on Madrid but for now I`m going with Nacho. Ancelotti seems to like him and he has a great defence around him plus a class keeper. I like him. - PSG Icardi (7.5 ATT) is my surprising pick. Obviously Neymar and Mbappe are the best choices but I`m starting with Icardi. Pochettinho seems to like him and he`ll definitely grab a few goals. - Atltico Madrid Gimenez (5.0 DEF) is nailed in the best defence in La Liga, might have bonus potential and will keep 15+ clean sheets. His fixtures are the main thing for me, he`s straight in my team. - Monaco Their keeper pairing (8.5) is my weird choice. I love this strategy and the fixtures have cemented it for me. No goalkeeper head ache = No brainer for me. - Barcelona Griezmann (8.5 ATT) has to step up now Messi has left, should be on pens and has amazing fixtures. Obviously it`s a mess at Barcelona right now but the fixtures are too nice to pass up, I`m on him from the start. - Bayern Lewandowski (13.0 ATT) is (dare I say it) essential! He`ll get his usual 30+ goals this season, best striker in the world, on pens. I have no negatives, get him. - Dortmund Reyna (6.5 MID) is a cheap option for a very attacking Dortmund side, he`s as good as nailed and has great fixtures. Haaland is obviously a fantastic option but I can`t justify the price yet. - Manchester City Dias (6.0 DEF) is one of the few players that beat Pep roulette most weeks, he`s in a solid defence and can rack up bonus. Attacking returns aren`t as good as say Cancelo but the rotation risk levels that out. - RB Leipzig Angelino (5.5 DEF) is nailed in team that likes to push their wing-backs high so has attacking potential. Great fixtures but isn`t the cheapest option. - Sevilla En-Nesyri (8.0 ATT) was Sevilla`s top scorer last year with 18 goals. However, he isn`t nailed but can come off the bench to score, especially with the nice fixtures. - Lille Yilmaz (8.0 ATT) scored the most goals for Lille as they won the league, should be on pens and is at a good price point. Decent fixtures means he is a strong shout for a mid-priced attacker. - Lyon Aouar (6.0 MID) is one of my favourite picks this year, likes to shoot, creates chances and should be on some set pieces. Although he plays quite deep, his fixtures are decent and he is relatively cheap. I like him. - Liverpool Salah (10.5 MID) has to be in everyone`s mind, on pens, takes lots of shots and nailed. Most likely will get the golden boot in the league. He is quite expensive but if you have the cash he has to be in the team for me. - Juventus Chiesa (8.0 MID) had a great euros, nailed in a good Juventus team and he`s also at a nice price point. Obviously Ronaldo is a better choice but I can`t justify the price difference especially with their opening fixtures not being the best. - Atalanta Zapata (8.0 ATT) for a cheaper alternative to Muriel at a good price point he`s my pick. The Gameweek blank isn`t great but he`s a good pick from GW2 onwards. - Inter Darmian (6.0 DEF) at wing back in a 352 under Inzahgi for a team who keeps a lot of clean sheets will bring a lot of points. There is the problem of the blank in Gameweek 1 plus the fixtures aren`t amazing but for later in the season keep an eye on him. - AC Milan Tomori (4.5 DEF) the new signing for Milan is my choice, was nailed at the end of last season and should continue to be so. Only problem is he blanks GW1 but as a bench option he`s okay. - Chelsea Azpilicueta (4.5 DEF) is nailed on for Chelsea, their capitan and should get a few bonus but he doesn`t get many attacking returns. Good cheap option to have on the bench, I like him. - Wolfsburg Lacroix (4.5 DEF) for me, I know Mbabu is a popular pick but he`s isn`t nailed and the fixtures aren`t the best anyway. A good way to free up some cash but not a top pick for me. - Manchester United Bruno Fernandes (9.5 MID) is my pick, on pens and some set pieces but his fixtures aren`t the best to start with. I`d avoid until they clear up. WARNING Serie A team blank in Gameweek 1 Premier League and Bundesliga teams blank in Gameweek 6

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