Mi 11 ultra and S21 ultra

August 16, 2021, 8:25 am
Mi 11 ultra and S21 ultra
Mi 11 ultra and S21 ultra....just smokes the iPhone 12 Pro Max in every dimesion....but still iPhone 12 pro max sold really well! Reason u ask? 2 words......Apple Logo!

You`re right, it is the Apple logo. The android phones are better in every way, people do be living in the past.

Apple is a style statement. The casual userbase doesnt care about better imo. They just have a trust with the apple brand imo. Hence the sales

The ecosystem and brand value does play a role, and the iPhone has great cameras, display, performance, build, battery and add in the ecosystem and iOS. The only thing that it lacks is the high refresh rate. Otherwise its a great a phone. Big numbers on paper isnt everything.

Better one word, ecosystem.

You are doing exactly the same with this tweet.

The problem with android phones is android, end of the story

1/2 Thats just BS! Ive been an android user from 2009 until early 2019. Then switched to iOS (Xsmax) because I was tired of android. Tired of lagging apps en devices that slowed down. Last year in November switched back to Oneplus 8T. After 2! weeks sold it again and bought..

well it is a flex they make great products, i love apple!

Uhm whats their ecosystem?

Not really, i really like the software the thought, the hardware is just lame

Or Apple Ecosystem?

Building a brand is insanely more complex than manufacturing a phone..

I think it`s much more than the Apple logo, note: not a fanboi or whatever u call `em. If people wanted to show off just the logo, then they could`ve gone for the se or 11.

What accounts is consistency.... apple gives the people what they want... iphone users didn`t care about zoom or high refresh rates... and besides iphone`s cameras are equally good and even better at times.... the refined and polished experience experience of iPhone is what sells

The worst part is its not even a logo anymore...its just a sticker...

Specs on paper arent everthing.

And not running Android

And they dont with Samsung?

1 word actually: Preference

"Great software" Literally the most narrow minded post Ive yet read. Or are you desperate for Twitter action so posted something that would cause a stir?

Xiaomi and its buggy MIUI and bunch of ads and bloatware ! No doubt apple would be on top of them! And Samsung is putting bloatware too even in its flagships! And on the video front iPhone beats all of them easily.

That chinese s*it is full of ads and miui is trash.

Its a matter of preference ultimately. Personally, I have never really been a fan of MIUI, but used the other 2. Samsung needs to improve the performance and efficiency of their Exynos chipsets. Snapdragon would have been perfect. Apple requires better zoom & high refresh rate.

Apples ecosystem is FAR superior to androids in my opinion. Its easier to use, easier to setup, Apple ecosystem synchronisation just works very well. So Id argue that ecosystem is a big factor.

A lot of other factors to consider and its undeniable that Apple has that kind of allure that both the above brands lack. Thats a massive factor for Apple.

Nope build quality. Samsungs still feel like plastic toys.

Nah, its ios and the ease of use

Better User Experience, 5 Years OS Update, Ecosystem, Hardware Quality, Brand Value, Resale Value...

The camera on iPhone 12 PM is much more reliable, performance is also better on iPhone. No curved screen is HUGE benefit and battery is also great on iPhone. So there are still real reasons why iPhones sell better. Btw I am s21ultra user..

Their eco system is a joke! Period

No, Iphone 12 pro max delivers ths same performance for 6 or 7 years. Thats why

The reason I have an iPhone is the ecosystem. The iPhone as a singular device without the ecosystem easily shows its limitations thanks to how iOS is built.

Apple deliver stable products for over a decade. Strong and stable eco system from the beginning. Strong software upgrade support for over 4 years compared to just 2 in general.they always had strong hardware inside it.Its not just the logo its quality and consistency. Others not

It smokes in every dimension in ways that people really dont care about. I dont think anyone outside of the tech community cares about 120hz, 100x zoom etc. People just want a reliable phone. But yall say what yall wanna say I guess

Its just the iOS and the ecosystem which make the sales

says Android user.

As someone who owned 6 iPhone and 6 Samsung galaxy S, is not about the logo at all. For me its about reliability, ecosystem and value. Samsung just throws features at a phone hoping it will sell well, some of them are jus poorly integrated, no cloud system anymore..

Bit ironic that your bio says you are trying to be unbiased. This tweet shows you are a massive Android fanboy who was upset that Apple sold really well.

I was the same with android until I got an iPhone just to try. Now I get it. There is more it it than just specs. I like android to but Ill stick with iPhone for the time being.

talk to me after 5 yrs when your Xiaomi performance goes

Another person trying to say that Apple sells for its logo. Well duhh if a brand is preferred most probably all its aspects are and much more. God help Twitter being flooded by these tech illiterates

Despite the tech specs and whatnot, maybe ppl just prefer iphone coz they like it more. It works for their lifestyle/ office needs etc. Ive been an Android user until last year. I bought an iPhone 12 and an MBA M1 just to try the brand and I liked it.

For me number 1 reason is longevity. I don`t want to switch my Samsung devices every 2-3 galaxy s9 is not even supporting android 12, so users have to upgrade their devices, while here I have couple of friends who still use iPhone X from 2017 & got ios 15

Or maybe because an average customer doesn`t care about benchmarks or how many megapixels a phone has for example. All they care about is the overall experience and iPhones have consistently had a stellar customer satisfaction score.

Even with a Pixel 3. The phone stopped charging after a year. You never have these issues with an iphone.

Stop crying dude. It`s not about apple logo. It`s about peace of mind. I owned a samsung which used to turn off on its own only after a year of use and they told me that the motherboard has to replaced.

I can confirm that the iPhone does not replace a knife. Sincerely, all iPhone users.

Samsung still can`t give 5+ years of software updates to its flagship phones tho. that`s definitely a huge selling point imo.

I mean like, its true, I don`t think they smoke the 12 PM, but sure do beat it, fair and square.... And seeing Lew`s recent video makes this more apparent Rolling on the floor laughing

Well, not "every dimensions" tho. Remember that the A14 Bionic is stronger than the Snapdragon 888 and also, the camera quality is not worse than Samsung or Xiaomi, its more like a draw (and don`t forget that the iPhone is better at portrait and video recording).

There is some truth in that. Im sure theres people who buy Apple because its.Apple. But other people are also getting it bcz its what theyre used to. And theres also people who get it because iOS just handles social apps better. People like Arun. Then theres people like


To say the Mi 11 and S21 smoke the 12 is a stretch, they have better zoom and 120hz as of now, thats it. iPhone on the other hand has better software and apps are miles better than their counterpart on android, and most people spend 95% of their time in those apps

Not really. Xiaomis flagships dont get much sales because the only ones that are interested in Xiaomi are budget phone users. Also because some prefer not to use Chinese phones. Samsung has been falling behind because there isnt enough audience (1)

One reason is that Apple drops 2-5 phones a year whilst Samsung and others drop 8177282 different models a year. And another reason is trust and loyalty, a lot of people got the iPhone when they changed the entire market and simply stick with Apple because they know what they get

Yes, both of it beat the iPhone at the screen, the more features camera and android. But Apple has stuff, reliable camera, video quality, ecosystem and people trust it, that`s why most iOS users won`t switch and keep getting on. It`s Apple. One word.

Yeah, Sure bro The demand for the Apple logo is too high that even the worst iPhone can be sold.

I would say that both phones mention d above are Ultra phones, ie., made for Pro`s. But iPhone is just a really good consumer phone. Add to that that the A14 is more powerful and better optimized than snapdragon 888 and that many, many user`s (like me) plain prefer iOS

It doesn`t smoke it in every dimension lol. Yes a lot of people buy iPhones for the logo, however Apple has a better experience and better ecosystem. Apple makes reliable products and people trust them. I can`t say the same for Xiaomi.

I believe iPhones are a go to in general due to their reliability, people who buy iPhones know they can relay on them at any moment, they just work as expected

Logos shouldnt and doesnt mean anything, An Apple Logo is worthless.

1/?? To say the Mi 11 and S21 "smoke" the 12 Pro Max in every dimension is a bit of a stretch, Hardware isn`t everything to everyone, wether you like it or not, iOS just is better for most people. Optimisation of apps on iOS is miles ahead of Android

That and advertising. They do a good job by putting lipstick on a pig. A expensive one at that

The chipset is better ig. Like in the speedtest the 12 was noticeably faster

Such a boring topic, how is this still a discussion ! Use whatever phone you like! If it works for you, then great! Hahah

99 percent people I bet don`t even know what ecosystem is. And those 1 percent who know, also know that it isn`t specific to Apple.

i`m pretty sure it`s just in america or japan where iPhone sales are crazy, cuz here in my country apple don`t even make it to the top 5 smartphone sale

Sorry but u are probably dumb if u think any company matches the overall iOS and Apple ecosystem experience and quality , dont tell me that changing your icons and multitasking on android is whats making u believe those what matters the most ..

And software. But the mi 11 isnt really known to people in US, Australia, UK and so on

No because its made very well.

Both Xiaomi and Samsung put ads in those phones. At flagship pricing this is unacceptable. Why would people pay $1000+ for devices if they also have to let those companies milk them for ad revenue? Also, software support, especially in the case of Xiaomi. Id expect monthly upd8s

iOS and the good ecosystem to the main reason. Every part of the ecosystem fits like puzzle pieces and people like that, for the most part its seamless

Hey, whats ur take? Am i being too harsh?

To anyone arguing below....who said its ecosystem and ios, the other 2 phones have ecosystem too and have a great software too......and even if IOS is slightly better....does that account for it being so high up in sales?

User Friendliness...

I agree 1000000%

Just A Reminder That Ta Reach Tha Control Centre (If Ya Have Small Hands) Just Swipe Down On The Bottom Edge Of Tha Screen n Then Ya Have Access Ta Tha Control Centre By Half Tha Screen.. And 2 Words Isnt Apple Logo, Its iOS Ecosystem indeed if you`re only look at the specs. They both beat the 12 Pro Max.

Actually that`s what Apple does better create an illusion by using nice presentations, words and deliberately ignoring competition so people will only buy your products. I think people actually think that having an Apple logo is a feature . They`re like a lifestyle brand.

Not really iOS software is another major contributor

Yeah there are people who think thats cool

Yeah man. And the final part was great

I think whats better really is down to preference. Depends on the areas which are important in a smart phone. Agree on the feel of the iPhone its better in the hand on the ultra. The swipe down is annoying but double tap least gives you another option instead of that

Could you watch this. Hope atleast one person changed their mind.

I wouldnt say the iPhone is missing much compared to the ultra just really zoom, better multitasking. I wouldnt say theres much more aside from say interactive widgets and placing icons anywhere. I love my s21 ultra think its amazing but the iPhone is what I tend to pick up

And also people not familiar with any other brand. But that falls under "" as well. And it`s gonna be like this for a very long time. But I have to respect out of all the Android companies out there combined Apple is still in close proximity in sales.

But I feel that xiaomi`s ultra become bottleneck due to software

Nah its more to do with the IOS user experience and how it works within the ecosystem. I wouldnt say it smokes it. Yes specs are better but specs arent why people buy phones. It has to have the complete package. Apps are still better on the 12 pro max and overall more polished

And this is not going to change anytime soon!

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