Microsoft confirms Windows 11 will only support 8th Gen

June 26, 2021, 8:31 am
Microsoft confirms Windows 11 will only support 8th Gen
Microsoft confirms Windows 11 will only support 8th Gen and up CPUs. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will not install on earlier CPUs. This means Microsoft`s own Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (2017), and Surface Studio 2 ($3,499) will not be upgradeable to Windows 11

In one of the post MS VP said Chipsets from last 5-7 years have TPM, so it shouldn`t be an issue. Now I find CPUs launched 3-4 year earlier are not supported. After SoC launch it takes nearly 6 month before manufacturers refresh their line up, now all of them are unsupported.

Finally, the solution I need to run Windows 3.1 apps on my 10th gen core i9!

*sobs in Sandy Bridge i5-2500k*

The older CPU "issue" will probably be worked out, the problem here is the TPM requirement. Unless you can opt-out of that (at your own risk ofc) when you install/upgrade.

I guess they want to avoid the Vista fiasco. Allowing a new OS on hardware that couldn`t run it effectively really doomed people`s perception of Vista

Perhaps its not official then Tom.

What did you expect? Also this won`t stop people there will be a way around it if they decide to lock it down.

It`s sad how Microsoft pledged "zero waste" by 2030 but then makes Windows 11 require not just a TPM 2 module, but Intel 8th generation or newer (end of 2017 or later), making most current laptops & desktops obsolete by 2025 (unless people install Linux). I actually want this, this will encourage more people to move to linux, will also make linux gaming a bigger thing

If you`re reading this and are angry, do something: tweet to and A week sounds like trying to lower spec requirement. Or create a very good PR response that has gone through several checks.

Are we taking bets on how many adverts to update we`re going to have to endure in Notification Center even though our 3yr old CPUs aren`t supported?

Works on Surface 3

But why are they letting me run the insider builds on my unsupported surface go? And why have we seen videos of this running fine on hardware from 5 years ago? Makes no sense

We want gen leap we want gen leap . Wait now I want it on my 15 year old pc lol

Hmm good question..Why don`t we wait for an official answer before jumping to conclusions and writing articles about it though? Could it use the same list which has only been updated to CPUs that are tested and supported as of now? I`ve been denied updates that worked later

THE BAD MOVE from Microsoft. There are millions of pre-8th gen processor devices in world and trashing them in the name of security or standards is a shortsighted decision. It would have been great if Win11 install on older devices, alerting them about the potential threats....

Just like vista it will die let it rot they will cry nd revert every requirement they put nd beg for people to install it .

Journalists, if this was Apple you know what you`d be doing. You have a duty. requiregate

Maybe thats what the VM version was ment to be?

Thanks for keep updating

Loooool and they say windows runs on anything This move is made only to bump Intels sells

Must be an attempt to kill off piracy, right?

I have a MacBook Air 2015 and it has the latest MacOS. People with iPhone 6s also can get iOS 15 in few months. Microsoft talking about being the open platform for everyone should think about this.

Guess I`m staying put then. No reason to upgrade from my current setup. I7 7700, 16gb ram, 2060 gpu. Nothing on W11 looks worth the upgrade anyway.

I have installed Windows 10 on a "unspported" i7-4770k no problems so I doubt that Windows 11 wont install on older machines either

My CPU isn`t even listed on the supported CPU lists for the first release of Windows 10 but installed and runs fine.

I think that in the end it will be similar to W10. There was a list but everything was supported in the end, the installer wasn`t checking for the generation of the CPU

Windows 10 barely worked without lagging or stuttering, even on powerful machines. I doubt Windows 11 will either. Microsoft just don`t know what they`re doing

And the Surface Book

So they want to support their partners? Maybe they`ll do the same thing for windows 12? A 4 year old machine is not supported?! Windows as a service, the last version of windows and all of those bullshits! And the surface studio would be dead in 2025 Lets shift to Mac!

What about Intel Core i7-8705G, it`s an 8th gen Intel CPU, but it`s not supported?

that`s sad considering i have Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) but Microsoft Made this and its not far behind, they really want us to buy the new computer just to have Windows 11, while apple on the other hand, releasing iOS 15 on Iphone 6.

Ok this makes sense if they will extend windows 10 expire, considering many people especially in Africa they use refurbished cps which are much older .

It`s seems funny but I know of many companies still using core2 3rd gen and the have windows 10 running,so for this guy`s the only option will be new computers after 2025?

You cant keep making everyone happy and be successful. It`s about time, Microsoft takes some stance in distancing itself from the old and carving a new niche. For decades it has crippled the OS and the result is the glorious mess we keep complaining about. They have my support!

That feel when you look at these first world problems having your OEM Win 7 64 bit and feeling no need to upgrade in the foreseeable future.

I read on their website that some older PCs will be able to install 11 as long as they have at least TPM 1.2 but it will show a warning about compatibility

Tbf windows 10 will be supported for a while I imagine. But I would expect a move like this more from Apple.

Yeah, great value / longevity. We have MacBooks from 2012 in active use for our business. But I do love my M1 :-)

Surface studio: the best monitor locked into the worst hardware

So it was true, Windows 10 will be the last Windows because they`ll be forced to keep support for it for many, many more years

I guess won`t end well for them. They have been known for backwards compatibility and often praised for the same. Such a move won`t be welcomed by many

I have a feeling I`m still going to be able to run W11 on my X5650s...

Well, my motherboard supports it (MSI B150M Mortar), but I can`t find a single TPM module in my country.

This may be a good opportunity for many users to try out a Mac with Apple Silicon if they need to upgrade in the future anyway

I wonder if it is a security related change and requires some CPU feature added after 8th generation. But I don`t recall anything in Coffee Lake that was vastly different than Kaby Lake. Also, Intel muddled the gens with branding certain Kaby Lake chips as 8th gen as well so

No idea what they thought here... Would`ve made more sense to have the information available at the same time as the announcement on why? But heck, I don`t work there, they probably have -some- good reason.. maybe. whatever.. hindsight is 20/20.

Im sorry, but what groundbreaking feature or change under the hood Windows 11 needs that cant run on legacy hardware? The moved taskbar or widgets?

I think the TPM requirement is the bigger hassle.

You would think getting as many computers onto the latest operating system would be a priority after stuff like WannaCry? Windows backwards-comparability is, practically, vastly more needed than macOS imo

So we that are still using lesser Gen no chance for us for windows 11 that a long thing what about people that can affrord the New Gen as well

I have a i5 2nd generation machine, the processor is not in the list of supported processors windows 10, yet it runs fine. I am assuming windows 11 will behave the same.

if you been following microsoft corp long enough youll know they have ALWAYS been horrific in terms of communication to human beings. they really speak code

they are doing some wack things with 11

Microsoft has promised a blog post explaining all this, but its obviously not coming until next week now. I find it hard to believe there wont be a way to get Windows 11 running on older CPUs, instead of it being limited to officially OEM supported ones

Its a great business model for hardware manufacturers, not so much for the consumer. I bet my right arm itll be hacked to work on anything though, you piss pc people off, they retaliate.

Seems like they really wanna have problem with people sticking to 10 for years.

That`s such a strange decision. I understand they`re trying to make Windows 11 a higher quality product and everything, but shutting out old CPUs is not the best way to do that.

Good day to move to linux/xxxbsd !!

The surface studio 2 is still for sale too. I cant think of a time when Apple stopped providing software updates for a device that was still for sale or had been within the last few years

You forgot first gen Surface Laptop.

Its quite easy to install windows 11 and avoid the cpu limit. I just put win11 on a laptop with a pentium gold cpu. The normal install said not supported so I just used dism and deployed the install.wim from the iso. Win11 runs great on it.

Have they said why? As in, what`s the feature that needs TPM and is so vital?

Though, by the time these PCs lose support in 2025, they`ll be 8yrs.

This can`t be true.........

So not billions of devices with Windows anymore

The 8th gen CPU in my Intel NUC isnt Windows 11 ready . Your reporting and first impressions of other experts indicate that Windows 11 is already Microsoft`s best and most thoughtful OS. To limit it on new models only is madness and makes all the Xbox cloud implementation questionable m

Yep my POTATO 4th gen i3 pc will be unable to upgrade

But windows 10 also is only officially supported on 5th Gen Intel CPUs and higher, no 4790k or such in the list

Windows 11 will function on Nahalem just fine, the only hardfloor is SSE4.1 with the CPU requirements being a soft block in the installer. Microsoft are playing pc users for fools and I expect they`ll be getting an antitrust lawsuit shoved down their throat in due course.

I`ve tweeted our thanks on behalf of a million happy end users their decision has left high and dry in regards to Windows 11 crazy requirements

I will install the Windows 11 anyways. If my pc supports it or not. Eager to try the new OS

just stick to windows 10 yall

This will change for sure lol

For customers with older CPUs we have another product. It is called Windows 10 - Don Mattrick

Phew. My 3 years old laptop can run windows 11. Thanks Microsoft

I have TPM 2.0 and Secure boot to just find out that my 7th gen i5 can`t run a OS. Incredible.

According to list: Windows 10 20H1 or LTSC 1809 doesn`t support i7-4770.. but they are working on a lot of PCs in our NPO Is the lists reliable ?!

Looks like Linux is the future.

They just had to complete the Bad/Good cycle, didn`t they? I betcha Windows 11 either will chicken on this bullshit or remove the artificial CPU limitator by Windows 12.

It feels like a punishment for Intel people. I mean, AMD people are lucky.

What an amazing decision especially at a time when it`s insanely expensive to buy new hardware.

My less than 2 year old MacBook Air has a intel 8th gen cpu in it

According to the release date, UEFI was released in 2005 and version 2.1 was released in 2007. Secure boot was released with Windows 8 in 2012, so technically machines from 2012 until now should be supported for Windows 11.

I guess I will never see window 11. Not planning to upgrade right now.

Encouraging consumerism doesn`t sound so feasible considering "chipageddon."

just look at MacOS One of the worst decision of Microsoft till date.

I really dont understand why every windows OS upgrade cycle has to be so complicated.

Monterey on intel macs doesn`t not qualify to be an OS update Apple stripped away features from intel macs and you guys didn`t protest like this. I was very mad at every journalist. But here you are giving them props for updating bunch of apps and call it OS update.. Jezzz

Late 2018 Surface Go here. Also unsupported. The expensive enterprise model with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, LTE.

Didn`t you like it? just don`t buy Microsoft.

Just exhanging a file Windows 11 installed on my 2013 laptop with 1.6 GHz cpu, flawless

We need a law on the books that this kind of thing shouldn`t be legal. Something you buy shouldn`t be obsolete 4 years down the road. Yes, tech changes quick, but even you mentioned older macs still receiving upgrades.

I can put Windows 10 on a Dell D510 single core with 2 GB ram and the right mobile processor installed. It runs well for what it is. I am not happy with you. don`t make me start a mega-corporation whose sole purpose is to eat your cake.

Yup, my SP4 is fine but now stuck on win10. Love it.

as a matter of fact Windows coverage is like 200% bigger worldwide compared to Apple so what`s the point?

My Ryzen 5 2600 made the cut. But Windows 11 didn`t. I`ll stick to Ubuntu, thanks.

7th Gen Intel has TPM 2.0 So what is the reason why it is ignored.

I bought a 2017 PC a few months ago. Are you telling me that I can`t upgrade to Windows 11 for no apparent reason? Can`t trust Microsoft. They said Windows 10 would be the last operating system. They renegaded and came up with Windows 11 and will render millions of computers junk because of TPM 2.0. They are hoping everybody will buy a Surface Pro.

So what is my Dell XPS 15 9550, with a i7 6700 that cost me $3200NZD in 2016, now? A paperweight?

This is why I am still a Mac user.

Just because it supports older computers doesn`t mean they will perform good. I expect it to be like the iPhone 6 running iOS 15; like, it`ll run, just not well.

How does the SQ1/SQ2 fit into that? Or other arm chips? Im curious what the longevity of these chips will be as they become more prevalent.

This is outrageous. Imagine buying a brand new $4,000 computer and not being able to update it to the latest OS. And I thought MacOS was bad for stopping support at 2014 models...

Pro-consumer move from THE pro-consumer company. Also you get Gamepass, how is this legal.

Microsoft, during a time when a large part of the population is still suffering economically from the pandemic, when chips are at a shortage and computers are astronomically price gouged: "I don`t see the big deal. Just buy a new computer." Totally tone deaf. (...)

Initially Microsoft Said, 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs, But Ryzen 3 2200G is not in the list though.

But do all new Monterey features work on 2013 Macs?

I don`t think this necessarily means Win 11 won`t work in CPUs not on that list. Only 5th gen and later are on that list for Win 10 but it works perfectly fine even on older CPUs as far as 2006

Sounds like they want to start fresh. Build a new foundation.

Will not be supported, or it will not install?

If you go to windows 10 supported CPUs it doesn`t list anything under 5th gen and we know it works just fine on older CPUs

My Skylake i7 is still much faster than the Celeron and Pentium Gold garbage that is on the approved list. WTF Microsoft?!

Could this be related to DirectStorage? Would appreciate a reason from Microsoft!

I don`t get these people hating on a free, optional, os upgrade, over a couple hardware reqs that make the computer more secure. You can still run Windows 10 on it until you upgrade the hardware.

I think allot of people crying they can no longer run need a reality check the tpm provides added security and protects the systems against hackers am all for it.

Someone will probably modify the build to make it work by the time it gets released.

Linux just got a boost

Sure, I`ll upgrade... if they pay me to upgrade my PC

Wow, my 3 year old Ryzen 5 PC is not upgradable to Windows 11. Great decision MS. Now I get it that why people prefer Apple.

MSFT `strategy` wants everyone online - to do anything. Think 1990s workstation - yeah, a local drive but mostly saved to disk farm - `cloud`. Now, you`ll rent apps annually to do so. No payment = no more files. Gen XYZ will think `normal`.

Thats why you need to buy Apple!

That`s why i always hated greedy windows

Surface Laptop 1 also getting the chop. Absolutely nothing wrong with it either

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