Microsoft`s new Windows 11 app store is already more

July 6, 2021, 12:19 am
Microsoft`s new Windows 11 app store is already more
Microsoft`s new Windows 11 app store is already more useful after just a week. Apps like OBS Studio, Zoom, Canva, WinZip, and Adobe Acrobat Reader have all arrived, which shows early promise for this finally being a useful Windows store. Details:

Do you know if this integrates with Winget?

The real Adobe Acrobat Reader or the cut down Touch version?

How secure is it what makes it better than Win 10

Will there be a Win11 launch here in Chicago

As long as they remove the collosal amount of crap thats on there now this will work. Otherwise meh. If they can incorporate their winget project with the store that would be great

And Microsoft Teams is still missing

What about tabs on file explorer ??

Coming soon: imposter malware

But what about the ducking TPM

But nearly all the benefits are gone, when those apps do update with their own updaters. You`ll still need a number of updater services in the background for all those apps. Would be better to have them really "in" the store.

Looks really promising. Bringing Android apps to Windows could be an ability game changer too in the path to more open software and platforms

This new darker UI looks great actually. Cant wait to update to Win11 on my home built PC.

My fear is when MS block programs outside of the store.

How long until Google close this party?

is infamous for inspecting the apps submitted to its stores. Does check any of these apps before dumping them into its catalog? At least the Metro/UWP ones?

Do they get installed in the same file locations on the system? Is there any difference installing apps from the Store vs their own websites?

It seems a lot more useful. Some more improvements I`d appreciate - A better ratings system to quickly get useful reviews. Removal of the junk/weird spam apps. Speeding up the acquiring license, download and install process Google apps.

The Acrobat Reader isn`t getting installed on any of my PCs and it doesn`t give any reason why is it so. I mean look at that rating which people gave bc its not installing. How are you? will this week come windows 11 for beta channel?

It`s possibly coming to the store. Meanwhile I didn`t realize the store had to be repopulated again. I thought existing apps from 10 could be ported over.

Even if only a handful of people use the App Store, I cant see why it wouldnt benefit developers to get their apps in here now.

Who still uses WinZip?

Windows privacyless edition

I need a reason to use the store instead of Winget tbh

I`m actually surprised this isn`t a thing already. I mean we have had this with MSIX & app installer for years now for side loaded apps. Kinda surprising that the store experience is worse in this way.

Like that it has an auto update function at the background in stead of need opening an program to have a look for new updates. Gonne grab store app if its available now.

It is good to hear. Many of the applications that I have installed are from the store, and it is quite convenient to update everything from there.

It has been useless for years because no one has put in enough control to prevent problems with similar, unofficial or malicious applications. I don`t even want to think about what will happen when it looks like the Play Store. ApplicationControl Meanwhile Microsoft apps like Powertoys and Vscode isn`t available. Wow.

I know MANY people who use only the Microsoft Store and do not download anything online for fear of viruses. This will be extremely useful.

So is the Store handling Updates aswell then? Or does every still come with their own update service/program clogging up my autostart

Don`t know why my Laptop isn`t compatible People are not using the store or looking for apps this way (on Windows) so curious what MS will do to encourage this

Are these actual standalone apps or uwp as usual?

I hate UWP, why the heck do they leave so much files behind after getting uninstalled??

Are those still located in a folder where only Windows Store has perms? That`s always been a big downside to installing the UWP version of an app. Either have an empty folder that you can`t delete or an app that you can`t fix with simple tricks when it stops working

New Microsoft Store is GUI Winget, I try to install OBS Studio and Filmora on Microsoft Store and these installer located in Winget folder on %tmp% directory. That`s good, many huge apps on Winget. And just wait developer add it their apps to Microsoft Store too

It will be really awesome if we can access Android Apps to do our banking etc. I`d also rather have WhatsApp independent on my PC instead of my Android tablet, for example.

But yet the uninstall button for these are in old control panel. No containers ? No simplicity of UWP

Hi how you manage to install new layout for Microsoft Store ?

But I`m hearing from devs that they cannot update these win32 apps from the store and that they install their own updater software, which is not good at all!

I would be nice to have all major apps like VS Code, Steam, Bitwarden, etc under one roof and update them all through the store Like Google Play or Samsung Store for Android

Now just need a computer to run it

Not sure if theyll be able to. They havent addressed this issue once since they introduced the store in Windows 8; and now they apparently will have even less restrictions around what can end up in the store? Doesnt give me a lot of confidence

What about games and gamepass?

Not fricking... Candy Crush.... sorry Candy Crush devs. nothing personal.

True, it`s really these apps that would make a difference. Like Python, SDKs and run-times would be grate to have. It would be nice to have a feature like macOS`s: Type java in the terminal and prompt: And to update those run-times and SDKs via Win. Store. My biggest concern is bloat/spam. If it stays clean and easy to find the most important apps in the Store, thats great. If it gets too cluttered like Google Play where some people have a hard time differentiating a real app from a clone, theres a problem.

Although the Adobe Reader shows not compatible with my device and the install button is grayed out. Some other good desktop apps are there. But the installation doesn`t work properly as of yet. Pot Player, for example, couldn`t install!

Is it fast to load? Xbox and store app are crazy slow for me

Like Tolstoy, this is a Warren piece.

still it takes to Programs & Features when uninstalling apps.

Looks a little in line with the Xbox Windows store not bad though I enjoy the look of the Xbox store

offtopic boomer moment: just realised that now we call these "apps" instead of "programs"...

Have you tried out the new Xbox app/integration?

Wait wrong person sorry I saw something about Microsoft soft and I thought this was Microsoft soft sorry

Ah yes, the most important of all apps... WinZip

I don`t mean to be off topic but I found some hackers in minecraft idk if you can ban them or something

Question is - is the Xbox app still just a fancy front end for it? (ie all Xbox games still download from the MS store in the background?)

There`s absolutely no reason for anyone not put their apps there!

Sounds good, I expect most of the multi platform desktop apps from the Mac App Store will make it across now.

Mine has been broken since updating to the official insider build :( No pics load in the big area and the buttons are all broken :( PUBG?8 BALL POOL? OTHER GAMES ETC

More like the many dubious entries named Firefox that I was really not expecting TBH. But i think they have to enforce some quality guidelines Shifting from the exe thing, installing 100 mb for just a minor update is very outdated thing

Have you checked Firefox Tom ?

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