(Mobile) platform teams

January 14, 2021, 7:16 pm
(Mobile) platform teams
(Mobile) platform teams. Such an important, yet so little discussed topic. Writing a chapter in Mobile Apps at Scale. I`d love to hear what kinds of platform teams you have in your org and if this list covers what you see. (If you`d like to comment on this draft, DMs open).

We separate this out at Uber to App Platform and Mobile Foundations. App metric/reliability/performance and architecture falls under App Platform. Mobile Foundations focus on generalized reusable components/frameworks.

Funny enough, the mobile platform team at (called App Platform) is composed of both Mobile and Backend engineers, partly due the unusual choice we have to share language (Golang) between the app backend (transport, sync, shared logic) and the actual backend.

When building out/scaling an org, would be great to know if you have any insight in what order it makes sense building out those (types) of platform teams. I mean do you recognize any dependency between them?

Currently at Skyscanner we have 2 such type of teams, which I would externally classify as: mobile infra (ci/cd, build, release mngmt) and core (as in core libraries + tackles macro-level issues)

At JustEat we have one Android and one iOS platform team. In addition to what you`ve mentioned above, our mobile platform teams are responsible with managing and owning the release process of the respective apps.

So this assumes teams are filled with mobile devs only, and not combined teams of mobile + back end?

At VMware we have a small team building UI components across apps and a large team building an SDK used across our apps as well as by third parties.

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