My 13yr old is the green bubble in every

October 8, 2022, 11:28 pm
My 13yr old is the green bubble in every
My 13yr old is the green bubble in every chat, constantly harassed because he doesn`t have an iPhone, kids comparing a iPhone 11 to a Pixel 6pro, calling it trash, such a joke, I just tell him they`ll learn eventually, your experience , your choice TeamPixel

Just compared an 11 pro to a pixel 6. If you ask YouTube pixel loses in benchmark. Day today? Pixel 6 has better battery life, is smoother, and faster. The haptics are night and day better. It`s strange.

just get your son a damn iphone, just because you like google products doesnt mean your kid does too. if his personal choice is android then try talking to his friends parents. his priorities are mostly social media and games.

Apple is so scummy for that

I hate people who think that android is trash

As an iPhone user, thats a really scummy thing to do. Doesnt really even make sense if you want to be pretentious with Androids like the Galaxy Fold being extremely expensive. If you judge someone based on their smart phone choice, youre a lower life form

That`s right! Follow your own path. They don`t know any better smh TeamPixel

Green is the better colour, but why does it even matter?

Why does he talk to so many trash people?

Yeah, it`s so sad. I use Galaxy S21 FE but basically everyone at my school uses Snapchat so they won`t really know you got Android unless they look at your phone.

There is power in being unique. Its hard being a kid and not worrying about what jokes are being made at your expense. But I think if he truly loves his Pixel over the iPhone then it probably wont affect him at all. Just keep encouraging him to make his own decisions.

With that said I think Apple, Samsung, and all the other phone companies need to post out a video explaining to people that this isnt a Competition and tell everyone that they dont have beef over each other phones, people think its a competition and its not

I never really cared for the blue bubble and green bubble thing either but I guess kids these days channel too much into social media and whats been talked about. way too much when in reality parents need to tell their kids theres no difference between blue or green bubbles

Tell him to own his uniqueness, although peir pressure can be intimidating

Just says how retarder most Apple fans are, Ive had both android and iOS and know the positives from both .

Oh if only I were to live in US I`d be looking down on blue bubbles

The hell is wrong with this generation?! This is definitely Apple`s fault for not including RCS. If this keeps happening, you know what will happen next.

Seriously? The pixel 6 pro is a much nicer phone! The camera beats teh iphone 13 byfar, I would choose the pixel 6 pro over the iphone 11 anytime

13 year olds don`t need an iPhone or a pixel pro

Man... He`s being pushed to an iPhone? I have an iPhone cause I switched from Andriod (was curious about the hype). But only 13 and not even in High School yet. Damnnnn

I`m an iphone user and personally like iPhones better but isn`t the pixel 6 pro 2 generations better than the iphone 11?

Apple needs to give up this blue bubble green bubble shit. This is just another kind of discrimination

This is why GetTheMessage campaign is so important! My daughter is in the same boat. She MUST have that blue bubble. GOD forbid she pop up with a green one.

iPhone users are so simple that they can`t imagine what a Pixel is. It`s just Android to them. They are so locked into the ecosystem that they can`t leave it so they bash the outside because they really just can`t have it at this point.

He loves tech like I do and appreciates the Pixel experience, so even if he drops the sim back into the iPhone, it won`t take long to go back. No apple hate, we enjoy apple, Google, Samsung & all others but this could continue to be an issue, solution, idk...

Which he has been using since June and loves it. Again, I wouldn`t say he is bullied, but it is a running joke and comments are made by kids who parents use a told android lol, it`s just all stupid, he`s not hurt by it, just annoyed and over it.

Quick response since I can`t answer everyone, my son`s first phone was a Pixel 3a, then the 4xl (he gets my old phones). He earned an upgrade (good grades all year) & chose iPhone, mostly due to friends and baseball teammates having one, and he hated it. He went back to a Pixel

Americans really have a screwed sense of what`s important in life.

Whenever kid tries to get back on iPhone just hitem with a "are u serious right neowww". He`ll cringe enough he`ll forget.

Is it that easy and simple for entry level teens to have a smartphone and that too this top tier one? We probably dont get it till get a job of our own or make do with whatever we get when we get into college.

This is child abuse lol

Tell him to compare photos captured by his phone to their phones

Never had this problem with my kids. They didnt have cell phones until they had jobs.

Is this an american thing where children are harassed because of their phones?

I think the Android system is the best. But that`s just me. But I agree upon other consumers aswell. I think it`s sad that people get caught up on different providers of mobiles.

Tell ur kid to flex his in built photo editing abilities including magic eraser, which those itards would be getting by probably next decade

Buy your son an iPhone. He will be more happy in his life even if th bullies are wrong. Nothing will change them, so make him change his phone.

Don`t worry, if he hates the 12 pro, when he switches give him a couple days, he`ll be back.

people reaaallly should start using whatsapp/telegram/signal in the USA

You really bought your son a pixel6 Pro because he DID NOT WANT A IPhone 12 Pro for around 1k what the heck is wrong with you if I had a son and hed tell me he doesnt like his 1k phone he would get no phone

I mean that`s the reason why people would even switch to an iPhone SE, just because they want to escape this bullying

He has a 6 pro? I`m a little jealous tbh. I really like my 6 and it runs through everything from work to gaming but I do wish I had the 4x camera almost every time I go out. Otherwise great phones. I can`t stand stuck up phone people. These devices shouldn`t hinder out lives

I used to get told that my parents hated me because I always had the newest android vs my sister having the newest iPhone. Kids are just rude. *I liked the dynamic island, so I got a 14 pro, but already wanting to switch back to z flip 4

You literally have the chance to fix this! What kinda company are you? You`re literally creating bullies! My 12 year old nephew gets harassed by his friends because he is the only green bubble in his chats. What`s worse is you even have adult`s doing it. Google

Honestly, if this was a thing back when I was in high school, I would have stuck with Android out of stubbornness.

They arent mad hes the green bubble, its that it ruins everyone elses experience in the group. 1 green bubble makes a group chat completely sms/mms. They all then get direct texts from him separately. Not their fault Google and Android suck at creating decent messaging apps.

and this is exactly why i think the education system should be less competitive and toxic, and more inclusive

This is such an American issue. Anywhere out, people use WhatsApp. In some countries, Telegram.

Am glad this problem doesn`t exist outside of america because the world have moved away from SMS

well u need to get the iphone then

I mean the pixel is tho

Get kids out of the fancy expensive brand world - Basketball player named shoes, Iphones, european name stitched over expensive clothes... Its all just marketing

This is so foreign to anyone outside the US. Everyone uses cross platform apps.

Sounds like he needs new friends!

Thankfully in my whole country people just use WhatsApp

those are some tough real life world issues

Both do the same thing

I`m so happy I don`t have this issue with my boys. They never had that or those kids never bothered them about it. Tell them to show them the cool stuff their phone can do that apple cannot. Maybe that will help shut them up. My kids make others who have ios jealous often

Unfortunately adding RCS to the iPhone is hard because iMessage has more features than RCS. Not being able to edit or unsend messages will be very important in the future.

America is a terrible place to be in smh.

It`s good that here in India people don`t care about all that Green bubble Blue bubble shit. It`s either WATSAPP or TELEGRAM. But seriously I can`t even imagine being with people who care about WHAT MESSAGING APP U USE... Depressing Stuff.

People say this doesn`t happen, it does.

That is so weird I was never peer pressured to that degree at 13, then again iPhones were brand new at the time and Android wasnt really a thing yet. I just find it so odd that they actually believe it. Like I DO personally like iPhones better, but Id take a pixel 6 over a 12

Green bubble ? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

theres no way these kids are actually using it seriously as an insult, right? idk, but i would assume that its all silly banter

I hate discrimination . iSheep won`t get and learn from any good experience of Android

13 year old shouldn`t have a fukking smartphone

My son wont get rid of his pixel 6 pro. He gives two shits about bubbles

iMessage is trash. Youre better off disabling it.

Poor little guy this can only happen stateside personally I don`t give a monkeys what bubble colour I hardly use iMessage or FaceTime. At the minute over here I am refusing points blank to use what`s app.

Imagine harassing someone over having a green bubble tell your kid to get better friends /hj

Your son will get an iPhone

Ive never understood the obsession with the green and blue bubbles. Maybe because Ive never really used iMessage but what fuckin difference does it make

Hold the line he must embrace what he must not change for anyone`s desire

Wait till they actually learn tech. An iPhone 11 to a 6 Pro? Lol.

Makes me think back to play ground days. You got a Nintendo or sega.

A cult to a trillion dollar company in which the sheeps humiliate those that are not being ripped off lol that must be the most capitalist thing to exists nowadays... 13yo wow

Just tell him that he is smarter and he have he`s own opinion. Not just kids even adults are shallow nowadays. Monkey see monkey do

Honestly as a kid i was often in your sons position for various reasons i just chose not to conform to certain things i was being peer pressured into, looking back im much better off as a person than those people are now.

He is already being swayed, wants to put his sim back to the 12pro (which he hated), I imagine that`s gonna happen any day now.

Tell him to hold fast out of principle, its a really really strong character building lesson for him.

hard to make the kids understand :(

Hopefully he doesn`t cave in and buy something he doesn`t want.

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