My Apex Game Studios set up and incubated its

July 14, 2022, 12:54 pm
My Apex Game Studios set up and incubated its
My Apex Game Studios set up and incubated its first game My Studio focuses on producing high-quality and immersive 3A Web3.0 games Warrior aims to solve the performance and security issues of GameFi 1.0 and achieve GameFi 2.0 More:

Your tweet was quoted in an article by Metro i hope this is a joke because NFTs are the cancer of gaming. i hope this is a fake profile and all of this is a nightmare i will wake up from soon... not to mention that the game looks like a cheap mobile scam game... what is happening here??

I`m into crypto but not so sure about web 3. They said, your link is broken.

Terrible looking game, really disappointing from someone as respected as yourself. The Web3 bullshit added on top of that is just an extra layer of disappointment. I hope this game fails commercially and you learn a lesson - games are about joy and entertainment, not NFTs.

:( You were my hero growing up, but I am not a fan of NFT

Yea this game is dead on arrival

NFT garbage. Cut development on this now or make major changes, or Im guessing you will lose a lot of reputation and money

I respect your work Itagaki-san but this is a let down. I was expecting for you and your new team to make a new fighting or a great action that similar to ninja gaiden series. I wish you & your team the best with the new game announced. Please consider making a fighting game.

Why don`t you spare yourself years of embarrassment and declare bankruptcy already.

Imo.. this is downgrade.. sorri , wish that you create a single player action game that inherit NINJA GAIDEN dna ...

You see this ?

You`re betting it all on a ship that not only has sailed but also sunk and became home for marine life.

And like that, the game, and your studio are dead to me. What a shame, still it means I don`t have to focus on this disaster. You include NFTs in your games you can be assured I along with many others will simply never play the games.

Not sure if you would consider coming back to DOA series but DOA 6 was not received very well. Maybe your help in fixing things can restore DOA to its former glory with DOA 7 :)

Great to see you back!

Was excited but se second paragraph beyond killed it

Your tweet was quoted in an article by nme Look forward to Itagaki`s next game. I trust his judgement because his games have been nothing short of masterful. Even the flawed DT. His resume speaks louder than Twitter noise. I`ll reserve my opinion until i actually PLAY the game. Seems reasonable

This is just sad.

oh no

You should focus on the players, not on the platforms. Focus on how you want people to feel

You`re a legend, but going into NFT`s ain`t it, chief.

Ninja Gaiden Black is one of absolute favorite games. Was hoping to see a new action title from you. Sorry, but I`m for sure avoiding this project.

Oh. This guy.

props to whoever`s dumb enough to think this account is real

Stop trying to make crypto games happen, they`re not going to happen.

This is a terrible decision. I will ignore every game and product you make because you did this.

Great success!

Weird way to announce unemployment. But you do you.

Absolutely F***ING NO-ONE wants NFTs, blockchain or metaverse garbage in video games! I could show you twelve games that look identical to this

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Huge bummer, youve made so much incredible stuff but this is a very bad decision for the environment, players, and the art form. Hope you reconsider.


Web3? Blockchain? Oh no, that`s terrible. That`s a serious gut-punch. You can do better. And you should do better.

NOOOOOOO ITAGAKI... ANYTHING BUT NFTs !! "Since GameFi catapulted to fame in September 2021, it has become one of the most powerful and enduring narratives in crypto. Starting in 2021, GameFi went viral by virtue of the Play-to-Earn gameplay and rose to fame because of the metaverse. In 2022, it may evolve again" this makes Devil`s Third look good

Best of luck

Disappointing and shameful. I`ll have to dust off my Xbox and play Ninja Gaiden Black instead. Very sad, I was hoping for some great form and return to greatness Itagaki-sensei. This instead is very depressing.

Cool! but I also like the MMXXII Metaverse, it will be a top web3 metaverse

So it`s DOA.

I`m excited to hear you`re trying something different. I hope it helps you continue to build as a developer.

As someone whos supported you day-one with every release I could for over 20 years with no regrets, including Devils Third, I cant say I support this, sir. I wish you nothing less than the success and respect you deserve in the video games industry, but this is not the way.

No thanks.

I believe you can make a legend game like ninja gaiden black and 2. I know you can and Ill see it. I have a faith in you

Blockchain games? You promote the destruction of the environment? What a shame.

You lost me at 3A.

If its as good as devils third, this will get the reception it deserves.

I miss you being Xbox Exclusive haha

great news .. day one for me Dude you are a legend, why dip into NFT and Blockchain gaming?

You deserve to be working on a big budget AAA game.

Well that`s bitterly disappointing. I`m sure you could have found funding from traditional publishers Itagaki-san.

I absolutely love your games, but this is beyond disappointing. I have no interest in NFTs or anything like that.


Not for me or many of your long time fans, but I wish you luck. I hope that you return to making console action games in the near future.

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Ninja Gaiden II is one of my favorite games of all time Just make more games like that, put them on consoles, and you can buy as many sunglasses and black leather jackets as your house can contain

Itagaki-san, I wish you the best in your endeavors but this is thoroughly disappointing. I hope one day you`ll return to making the masterful action games we loved from you.

sir... please dont be greedy with NFT and online service games... make more action single player games like ninja gaiden and we will fully support you!!!

You hate to see this

Good luck on your new project, Itagaki-san.

Good luck, my better wishes

No console, no deal... at least for me. My Android devices have low spec to run games. But I wish luck for you my friend Itagaki san, waiting for the future and maybe a home console game from you.

Good luck sir but what happened to Wanted Dead?

WTH Sir ! NFT and Web game is not da wey sir. I hope you can use the profits from this for a new real serious game but seriously don`t stick with NFT and Blockchain sir

This game is not for me, nor do I know what it is. But I hope that it will help you get the necessary financing so that you can come back strong to develop other of your masterpieces. I won`t lose faith.

Wow. This is incredibly disappointing. No, thanks.

what r u waiting 4?? We wanna a ninja gaiden like game!!!

A game? cool!

Wish you success, but will have to see what this is to be excited. Would be excited for a console traditional style format that pushes genre like ninja Gaiden did, but hopefully this earns enough money to create the budget to do so

Oh God no...

but what is the game

Oof. What a shame

Good luck Itagaki san. Although I don`t see many people being happy with this announcement

I was expecting a new fighting game but instead this get announced.. I am so sad right now

Feels like I`ve seen this game before. Dude, why. Oh no

Hi sensei ! Good luck for all

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