My friend literally sold his iPhone 13 Pro and

October 10, 2022, 8:46 am
My friend literally sold his iPhone 13 Pro and
My friend literally sold his iPhone 13 Pro and bought the iPhone 14 Plus. He called me today to tell me he got the iPhone 14 Plus. Would you have done that move?

Does he not know what both phones are able to do ? Or he just needs the battery ?

No way I just posted this both cost 1149 in Germany How could one go for plus ???

Oh dear..

Never. I know the 14 Plus is bigger, but it doesn`t have 120 Hz. Only 2 cameras.

Send him video

".. didn`t have to cuut me off" A total downgrade. Apart from screen size

Not at all, no. Once you go Pro, nothing else is a Plus. (Apple wise; there are way better Android smartphones out there subjectively.)

I would, especially if I dont use all those other camera features. Used the 13 Pro for a week or two, and the battery anxiety it gave me was just too much for me to handle. Back to a PM and I feel fine now. So, if battery is his main thing, Id say great choice

Not something I`d have done. Yes it`s a larger device but the 13 pro is the better one.

The 13 pro is better than plus. Like. From the camera and display quality.

The only reason i see is that he wasn`t satisfied with the battery life on the Pro and he doesn`t care about any of the Pro features. He just wants a phone that lasts a long time.

Why did he do that? Battery life is the only reason I could see people doing it. Still a bad decision though

What why? 120hz

why people why!

Buy more shares .. there`s no point if you can`t create an opportunity from every Apple event.

May be, Just may be, the use case differed. Might have taken into mobile multimedia consumption and just point and shoot pics. The battery lasts really long on the big iPhones. I wouldn`t have done that personally since I like the 6.1" form factor. I miss my Lumia and Sony

For sure not !

Sold gold to buy silver.

Nah, but I can see how someone who doesnt really care about tech would do this lol

Lmao he got fleeeded by Apple

All because everyone considers the iPhone as a status symbol rather than an electronic device.

No but I really like my 13 pro. I do not like the iPhone new colors.

For me thats no I prefer 3x telephoto for taking Portrait shots and refresh rate

No, I`d never downgrade like that lol. If battery was the issue I`d just bought the magsafe battery pack/extender

Your friend is NOOB

Please slap him 10 times on my behalf

that`s a downgrade lol

please refer to first 5 min of this video

stupid move ever 120 hz missing, better built quality on 13 pro, pro raw,prores, telephoto, lens Macro lens, low light portrait, matt glass etc

Really depends my man I hear the 14 plus has great battery and feels great but if he likes pics and latest chip it`s sad really...

Not even in my worst dreams

Hell nah, he basically downgrade (one less camera, no more Pro-motion display, no more Pro-Raw, Pro-Res and lots of other stuff. All to get an iPhone 13S

I thought for a sec you said 13 Pro Max lol. I guess it`s fine? Bigger screen and battery?

I guess if all you care about is battery life then that`s a pretty big upgrade but I like a telephoto lense so it would be a big NO for me

Idk if I personally would have done that tho lol

If you had said 13 pro max Id be like wtf? But 13 pro I could sort of understand. His battery life is probably gonna be better now. And now he gets some of the 14 exclusive features. He is losing the telephoto lens and 120 hz tho.. Idk if that really matters to him

probably, it is a lighter feeling phone (less dense) and provides more battery. pro-motion is a nice to have in this case

Umm.. no? The iPhone 13 pro has 120hz compared to iPhone 14 plus 60hz Your friend downgraded

Hell no. I get the screen size aspect of it, but that`s a downgrade in every other aspect.

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