My Gaming Picks @officialmocossi @Clumsy_Ghosts @pxlzNFT My Community Picks

September 27, 2022, 3:59 am
My Gaming Picks @officialmocossi @Clumsy_Ghosts @pxlzNFT My Community Picks
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Add and youre good

Youre missing a project fren

missing Missing Id say but yes

Also I see Hebrew in your name. Don`t know if you heard just brought on the most successful Israeli based game developer - as their game director

You`ll be surprised to learn has both Seriously though? Haha Ahh nevermind you don`t follow me, can`t DM you

Can i DM you then? :)

Maybe you`ll get more into it if you have an idea of what the project`s doing... Would you be interested in getting educated on that or not really interested?

I mean sure clays have a strong community based on purchasing power but their discord server is dead compared to & those discords are like if the wild west was on a space station orbiting neptune with talking horses, that kinda wild

Most of the holders are from What about Fair enough, thank you for your explanation

Oh definitely!! We`ve got a VeggieRaggie lol! Being placed on a list alongside and the likes is a huge honour for us!

My top 5 picks are; Why don`t i see no BCRC? It could definentely fit in some categories... Much love, friend Really appreciate your voice in the community.

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