My iPhone is frustrating the shit out of me

June 14, 2021, 12:58 am
My iPhone is frustrating the shit out of me
My iPhone is frustrating the shit out of me. I miss Android - its just more intuitive for my brain. My Android phone had a better battery life than this garbage iPhone 8. Just need to put up with it for a short while longer.

Yeah Im stuck w iPhone bc I got a MacBook Air three years ago that I still am nowhere near paying off yet. So looks like Im stuck for compatibility reasons.

Best of luck. I couldn`t handle an iPhone. You are braver than I.

Pixel 3a is a great phone, check out Swappa

@andresha_bass Ugh I meant Android. You have less customization and control with an iPhone

Couldnt agree more, husband wouldnt stop till I got an iPhone and I dont like it.

Pixel, don`t overthink it

I had an android in Korea, it had a 7 inch screen, looked like a dinner plate held up to my head. I loved it but for reading books I down loaded a free ap & it launched ads whenever I picked it up. Had it serviced but never able to get rid of it. The ap was a free piano

Being stuck as an Uber/Lyft driver (yes, even with the so-called "labor shortage"), I found I was having to do three clicks where one would suffice. And these are slow clicks. You click, wait for the next button, click again, wait for the next button. Can`t do that in traffic.

Im about ready to quit Just got a new laptop, and its NOT a Mac. Pretty sure Im not gonna get an iPhone when Apple ruins my 8 with software updates, trying to get me to puchase a megaphone with fucking Face ID.

I`m used to I phones, but my wifes Samsung android has lots of great free apps. All of these apps are $5 month on I phone. My next phone is Android.

Recently got a iPhone 12 mini, kind of like it

First world probs.

It took me 3 trips to an Apple store over 10 days to replace my laptop battery for over $200. When I was in the Apple store, I felt like I had walked into a cult!!

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