My kids will not have smart phones until they

July 11, 2021, 12:05 am
My kids will not have smart phones until they
My kids will not have smart phones until they are old enough to get a job and buy it themselves. Literally no advantage to children younger than that having phones. You are facilitating your childs psychological and emotional malformation by giving them phones. Insanely stupid.

If you make apps and your kids are already tech savvy it can be a cool thing. I know a family in this situation. They limit access but the kids learned to code like at age 6.

Phone bad internet bad young people bad - Matt Walsh

I find it immature to call such a large group of people out like this without knowing each and everyone`s circumstances. For example, when i was a kid my mother gave me a phone to tell her where I was when I went out. I didn`t have access to the internet like we do today. /s

I have to disagree. My children have phones. They do NOT have internet access. They can call us and text us but mainly use it to keep in touch with grandparents who do not live nearby. They send them photos of what theyre doing all the time.

Agreed. I regret getting phones for our kids.

Things we know now. My kids are already ruined, lol

My mom took me my first phone at 13. It wasn`t a smartphone. I get a smartphone when I was 15 and I made a facebook account in secret. Social media were catastrophic for me but also I can`t imagine myself without accesse to internet. You cannot protect your (part 1)

Kids should just use apple watches or something simpler like that.

Or maybe, hear me out, parent in moderation?

Yeah! I see this with some white kids like 12 years old having Samsung kids. Am like surprised. I do believe there should be an age limit.

So you dont want them to have phones but do want them to be spied on 24/7

Good luck with that. --Every Parent

Giving kids (especially boys) internet access is a terrible idea, that`s an express ticket to a porn addiction. And web filters and restrictions can be bypassed pretty easily with a VPN.

Sounds like dad doesnt want the kids realizing how cheap he really is

How dare you post something I agree with, Mr. Walsh? Youre the antichrist, Im supposed to disagree with everything you say, how dare you. Last comments a bit hyperbolic, but I agree with everything, so now does that I mean I hate me, too? Ahaha

My boys, all under 10, have phones with wifi access only. They only get to use them for taking pictures, and uploading pics to the cloud, when we visit state parks and caves.

Their kids a phone is neglectful and abusive.

And it also allows me to limit her screen time. So I don`t think you have to deny your kids a cell phone entirely to be a good parent. However, your way is what`s best for you and your family. I don`t think generalizing that way is healthy tho.. Not every single parent who gets

It didn`t work. I don`t know that my way will be any better but I am teaching her responsibility and we have conversations every day about what she sees on the internet, what conversations she`s having. I have full access to her phone plus I downloaded an app to monitor her

I bought my 13 yr old a phone because she`s old enough in my opinion to start learning about the real world. We can`t teach them without exposure. My parents sheltered me from way too much growing up and it was to my detriment. I give them props for trying to keep me safe but..

thank god I wasnt raised by you

Its not stupid if you limit what they access, which you can do. They can be very useful, such as communicating with friends (boosting mental health) and calling their parents if they are in trouble or lost. The rest is on you.

My kids have smart phones. I am not insanely stupid. We have raised them to know what is right and wrong - we dont isolate them.

This is one of my parenting regrets.

Our daughter got a cell phone when she got her drivers license. Peace of mind for mom and dad.

I got my first phone at 14 on Christmas because I play sports so they thought it might become necessary(it did). But other than that it is pretty early to get a phone.

I think we need to put surveillance cameras in the homes of the teachers. We need to know what they`re doing after school. They could be partaking in dangerous drugs or evil satanic rituals. Those crazy teacher unions.

You can set up security permissions on the phones to only let them on kid friendly sites or none at all. Predators might target a kid with no way to get help.

Ill bet you 20 bucks you reverse this. I pounded my fist for years on this issue and reversed it because of necessity.

My kids play games like Roblox with their friends. They have a time limit before the phone locks them out and you can control the content they can access. Really if you do it right there is nothing wrong with it.

The last thread you made, made a whole lot of sense...eight years old shouldn`t be allowed but I don`t think an 18 year old child should be deprived of it even if he/she haven`t started working of can`t afford it. I think having a phone at such age helps them more

Huh? I am with you on many things but not this. It`s easy to monitor your kids phone and internet usage. Don`t be lazy. My daughter is 18, has had a phone for many years. No social media accounts, no issues. Giving your kids a phone doesn`t mean you will neglect them

Yea look at all these young kids being brainwashed into being libs with all their tech. It`s sad.

I gave my daughter a phone in elementary school. Biggest mistake EVER! So many problems were the result of that idiotic decision.

Bonus point: cripple your kids

AGREED. If I could do it all over I would. I did not know I was being counter-parented by a pedophile who was PUSHING our children into unsafe situations to groom, degrade, and expose our own children to harm. ONCE YOU KNOW, you know.

My kids are getting flip-phones, with number pads.

Um Could you explain why its bad? Instead of just screaming into the void

Our oldest children (24/26) didn`t get smartphone`s until they were old enough to pay for their own minutes. Guess what, not addicted/not bored, and can have real conversations with others. We will do the same with our 8 and 11 yo. Phones maybe, smartphones.. a big Nope.

Maybe to shut them up for an hour to get a minute to relax during a stressful day with them.

I got my daughter her first smart phone at 13. I am still questioning the decision because there is no way to keep track of everything she can do on the internet. But so far, she is handling it well.

Amen, the smartphone has done more to help destroy the true one on one interaction of persons than anything else and by that handicapping society itself so there is little true cooperation towards positive goals.

I told my kids when they are 16 they can get a smart phone...

Good luck with this plan. Keep us updated on its progress through adolescence.

Forgive me for not taking parenting advice from a guy who would disown his kids if they were gay.

Agree. My kids complain that there are only a few kids left in their class that dont have an iphone. I tell them those kids must have good parents, like you

I was talking to a group of Christian parents with teen kids who all have smart phones. All the parents said they gave in so their kids could fit in. In every case, the dad was still hesitant and the mom was fully in favor of phones. I was dismissed b/c I dont have kids yet.

Haha, I said the same about letting my kids buy their own car...all 3 got one the day they turned 16!!! One got his at 14 so he could drive to school. It was freedom for me...pioneers said same thing about horses and guns...enjoy

We got our kids flip phones just so they can text or call us. Done and done.

Nothing in life is ALL good or ALL bad. I can guarantee when your kids hit 12 years old, youll revisit this hardline opinion of yours. You may not reverse course but youlol think again.

When I was in high school (I graduated 11 years ago), I was literally the only kid without a phone. I used that fact to try to convince my parents to get me one. They said "If everyone has one then you REALLY don`t need one. Borrow theirs to call me if you need me."

Smartphones will play a part, are actively playing a part, in the erosion of society. All of us including myself are to blame.

Why do these petty things that don`t affect you at all "drive you crazy"? That`s a better question.

Our child has a phone that he can use as the house phone and if he leaves the house so we can get ahold of him. Its blocked from all social media and apps and we dont let him have it for fun times.

There are ways to handle it responsibly. Thinking your kids are protected by not giving them cell phones or computers; you have deluded yourself. Its like thinking just because a kid goes to a Christian/Catholic school they are automatically good

My parents hot me a flip phone to only call them after practice and didnt get a smart phone till high school as a christmas gift.

Unfortunately with all the pedophile third worlders that have taken over our streets i had to get a cheap smartphone for my 11yo daughter for security reasons. Still no tiktok Instagram or fb are allowed. This is the every day suffering of Europeans... EuropeanLivesMatter

You have the dumbest take on absolutely everything

Good luck with that - no phone until can work ?? Ha

I grew up on the 90s internet before the nanny state went to town on it. Yeah you run into things you shouldn`t at a young age. But as a kid it wasn`t such a taboo fetish as it is today. I honestly think you make it worse and more desirable by making it forbidden.

I didn`t have a phone until I was 14, and that first phone of mine was a first generation smartphone.

They will love it mate.

I am not at all anti tech but I so agree. People are so willing to let ANYTHING babysit their kids for them...

Unfortunately because there are so many other kids at that age with phones it`s basically unavoidable, they will be exposed, they will still use them even if it isn`t "theirs" I was a nanny for a family that was strict on tech. & The kid still got access at school

So I can FaceTime my oldest whenever hes at his moms house. I limit his screen time. Thats whats wrong with me.

Humbleness is a great Christian virtue. Itd make you a lot more appealing

As a mother of 3, 16 years, 18 yrs and 20 yrs, I can vouch fir that. Great strategy!!

I think the problem is more with social media, not necessarily phones. It`s good for kids to learn to use the Internet, it is one of the greatest resources we have after all.

Your kids will be mowing lawns. My kid will be programming lawn mowers.

What if they revolt against me, Matt? That`s what I`m afraid of

Our kids get flip phones, yes they still exist, when they start Jr. us or text us!

Matt "The Self-appointed Great Oz" Walsh has spoken. His Ozship is ALWAYS right. He is a legend in his own mind.

You could give them a older one and tell them that they`re responsible for maintaining and replacing it if something happens to it.

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