My only regret as an iOS developer is that

April 5, 2022, 4:54 pm
My only regret as an iOS developer is that
My only regret as an iOS developer is that I didnt start sooner. If youre entertaining the idea of becoming an iOS developer - dont wait any longer.

I jumped into iOS dev in 2012. : got a ton of well paid work as a contractor over the years : released my own apps, but none of them got anywhere commercially : opportunity cost. If I had learned webdev instead I would now have all the skills to build SaaS

iOS vs JS/RN or Mobile Dev? I do JS/RN apps but been wondering if I should switch to iOS specifically.

Me too but then I think would I have caught on and stuck with it prior to 2014? I might have given up while learning pre swift 4 even. I hate to admit.


I`m started at February to learn iOS dev, I`m comming from Android, I hope next month to start deploying to the store

I have been thinking about doing iOS/MacOS development for almost half a year now still stuck doing frontend web dev tho

This resonates with me. I like what I do now but I cant help feeling Why didnt I do this from the get-go?

That sounds like a good alternative.

It intrigues me, I just dont know what the hell I would make.

Any book suggestions for experienced programmers who want to start Swift/iOS/Mac development?

Same. Especially that its all easier and easier with new tool, with SwiftUI, with all these free knowledge all over internet. If someone is still thinking if they should start or not - just do it!

I dont like JavaScript lol gonna have to stick with my python

iOS dev roadmap includes JavaScript right?

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