My very simple wishlist for Fortnites Locker: - Let

June 1, 2021, 2:41 am
My very simple wishlist for Fortnites Locker: - Let
My very simple wishlist for Fortnites Locker: - Let me preview gliders on my skin - Let me preview all pickaxes on my skin My very simple wishlist for Fortnite BR: - Let wraps be applied to cars

My simple wish for the fortnite creative team ..... give one of my skins a look Pwease ? My wishlist for fortnite item shop -Let me preview gliders and pickaxes in the item shop to see if they match my skin -Also wraps My wishlist for fortnite BR: -Put me in a bot lobby every 50 games so I feel good about myself

Our wishing list contains one point and it would be to have you as a customer! I want car skins as a new cosmetic type personally. I wanna drive bumblebee or the batmobile

In the Item Shop, they should let you preview a skin`s backbling on your current outfit.

One thing I would like see is Preview Emotes with Item Shop skins


man thank you so much! <3

I think fortnite needs to add the purchase date of every cosmetic

champion skin is so bad i legit thought it was a default from this picture -_-

Yeeeahhhh.... forgot about that

hello ricky I can`t find the unlisted fortnite videos playlist :(

It would be nice if they added new pickaxe emotes besides point it out. Hell, they can maybe even try to add an alternate animation of you have duel-handed pickaxes equipped instead.

You can use the point it out emote in PR to show ur pickaxe. I think u gotta go in the phone booth or use a grapple for it to work

Point for Chapter 1 (And the motorboat) They were more basic, but they were cool with wraps My very simple wishlist for Fortnite Creative: -Add an island preset for every POI/named location in the game -Add every weapon and item to ever be added into BR into Creative mode including Mythics and Exotics

Amazing combo my guy

I would just test combos in party royale/creative but in party royale you don`t have pickaxes and in creative you have to start a match to use it [ignore combo, accidentally changed the backbling] We need this ngl. It`ll make the locker better

big fax, ive put on so many combinations i thought would be nice but looked trash in-game


also for the love of god let us drag to rearrange presets PLEASE

I wanna fill up ALL of my locker preset slots but damn it`s so much work when you have to go in game just to make sure the color of a glider/pickaxe works well on your chosen outfit

I could see that happening in the future

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