MyPOV: @apple vs @EpicGames what do you think? Has

May 26, 2021, 7:11 pm
MyPOV: @apple vs @EpicGames what do you think? Has
MyPOV: vs what do you think? Has Apple delivered a fair ecosystem or has Epic been injured? Heres my POV on ruletheworld digitalgiants

Also, food for thought from NYT I`ve put apps on both Google Play and Apple. Apple is far more thorough in their vetting process. You have to prove you`re a legitimate entity with an FEIN and all kinds of stuff. Google Play will publish almost anything that calls itself an app. There`s lots of scenarios where

In your article you say that there`s no conflict of interest because Apple doesn`t give any of their own apps any special treatment. The app store itself is an app. Let that sink in for a bit.

You`re being selective. Try this again. Creators - get paid less for their creations than in competitive markets Marketplaces - capture more of the rent for limited value add Customers - pay more for products as rent is passed along to them

Rent-seeking like this limits innovation and value for consumers. In truly competitive markets, creators are able to reinvest profits into benefits for consumers. 30% is a lot of rent capture. I suspect this will be what ultimately leads to the downfall of walled gardens.

Don`tt know if has been injured but users are paying the price. is an epitome of antitrust practices. Users do not have options other than what Apple dishes out. Once in, it is difficult to get out. It is like trying to shift from one ERP to another.

Exactly. Time to decide which model is more beneficial for the greater good; versus the enrichment of elites

I agree 100% I mean its literally called an app store dont like it make a new one and compete! The numbers considering the android market dilute the stance on fair space. Dont like the numbers make your own device! Your analogy was perfect as well Ray!

Monopolies are good.

Epic Games cannot create their own store. They tried this and Apple blocked them from selling games on the iPhone. If I buy a car, I don`t have to go to the dealer for service.

I think the Whole Foods/Impossible Foods scenario is a poor analogy. Impossible can go to other retailers if Whole Foods is unreasonable. Impossible can choose to sell direct-to-consumer. Impossible can negotiate on price and margin.

I`m surprised that Apple didn`t set the App Store rules in such a way as to allow them to cut custom deals with everyone large enough and motivated enough to drag them into a case like this.

Over the years I tested and purchased apps from both stores. Now for my kids I only buy them from the Apple Store. Apple does a fairly good job accessing apps. I wouldnt never buy apps from a third party store if they were allowed.

Not really worried about Apples livelihood. Both Apple and Google built houses. The both benefit from data. Google gives more to the end user than the developer.

LOL The US government is the only "business" that can lose money and no cash at hand without going bankrupt. Are we heading for inflation or stagflation? Our Debt Clock : Epic will get crushed even more if they lose this battle with Apple. Apple has a warchest and a army of lawyers that could drag this on for years. $196 billion cash reserves can buy an army of high priced lawyers. My POV: If Apple is fighting this, it must be something they believe affects Apple`s livelihood (AKA monopoly). Couple of questions Is this a "do or die" moment for Epic Games? How big will the collateral damage be? technology ecosystem leadership legal finance

Sycophant-supported Silos, protected by Predatory Monopolistic business practices, is NOT synonymous with an open, standards-based, Ecosystem of coopetition, that spurs innovation and drives value for consumers. I don`t know Ray... Ask Parler is Apple has a fair ecosystem...

I cant wait to read it!

You make interesting points for sure, the question is more about how we will manage ecosystems in the future as nearly all successful digital ecosystems create monopolies. Some work well and are fair, some can be down right abusive. Who decides where the line is drawn and when?

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