Never been so disgusted with myself

October 2, 2021, 6:55 pm
Never been so disgusted with myself
Never been so disgusted with myself...farewell my android trash brethren

Glad to see Apple still innovating since Jobs died.

Back in most apps is a right swipe from left edge of screen. Super useful when you get used to it. Swiping the multitasking bar on bottom of screen left and right will go back through previous apps. That one takes a little getting used to.

Regarding font size *TWO trillion dollar company

Very coastal elite of you

Nick when God closes a window he opens a door ... Think of this as an opportunity to set up a new funny homescreen or insane app / folder methodology

Apple has stolen everything from Android

Idk how apple folk live without back button.

Flick down on the screen from top right.

If they added them they`d have to charge you at least one whole extra stimmy

Trillion dollar company no back button or alarm clock widget Welcome to the dark side

Only the Goldman guy uses android

Sir why does the Twitter icon take up the entire screen on this Droid?

Excited to hear about the Apple x Ford Lightning reviews

But Nick now I can text you my funny memes and jokes without being plauged by the green bubble This is a w

This is the payoff Ive been hoping for all these years.

Its exactly as expected tbh, like going back in time 4 years but now the bubbles are blue and I can remotely control my kids iPad

Only thing I own are longs thx to you boomer

you can make the font smaller its in settings -> display -> text size

You`ll use the size Tim Apple wants to you use and you`ll like it

Congrats on your upward class mobility

Wait you do know theres a REAL boomer font tho (btw if you slide this one to the left you get the smallest font) clearly build these things for boomers, can`t make font or icons any smaller

Good luck.. with the community you have chosen... looks really promising. Hope that company works out.

Whyyyyyyyd you do it???

Welcome to the dark side

That is a small donation to apple .

You gotta get the whole ecosystem now make a scary movie trailer on imovie

Should`ve waited for Pixel 6 (that`s what I am doing).

How are you finding it? Considering moving away from Android myself.

Making the switch in a few weeks too. Give us a review in a few hours/days!

That should work great with your Lightning!

Next thing you know youll be paying rent smh

But think of all the extra time in your calendar now you aren`t legally obligated to tell everyone 19 times a day that you use Android because Android is free and unlike Apple`s walled garden you could write and sign your own apps which is absolutely a thing you were going to do.


Welcome to the $2T mkt cap side...

well, at least you are now being tracked in case you get lost lmao

You will never go back

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