Never Forget: “We ain`t paying $70 for games” -Xbots

February 1, 2021, 10:43 pm
Never Forget: “We ain`t paying $70 for games” -Xbots
Never Forget: We aint paying $70 for games -Xbots

You aren`t going to cry and throw a fit because more people get to play this game? Or did I miss it?

So you decide to show a PlayStation published game? they said first party games would be 60, obviously cod will be 70 dollars

When they realise they have to pay $70 for a game Never thought id see the day where Microsoft would have to ask Sony for permission to put a game on Game Pass

Poor JayDumb He trying his best to damage control a Sony Studios 1st party game coming to the Xbox platform Xbot meter of.. Playstation 1st party games on Xbox HoesMadEdition It`s $59. $69 for you mugs only. Who buys crappy baseball games anyway?

$62 dollars for me After taxes here Jay that`s almost pushing 100. But I know I`m going to play the crap out of since I played over like 200+ hours on 20 and really liked it. So I`m going to get 21.

Says $60 on the MS now? "but that`s a PlayStation game". Haven`t read a single comment I just know someone will say it

I buy all my games

Your right I`m not

That costs me $79 dollars Canadian

I will use my 10 Xbox credit still not paying $70

I pay for my games on the ps5 not sure what the big deal is and we pay around $99-$124 Depending on day one or $79 if you shop around so I laugh when people carry on about an increase

Correction: They said "Microsoft didn`t bump game prices by $70 like Sony did", which is still correct.

Sony is publishing the game on a Microsoft console

<---Rarely pays full price for ANY game. Sales are my friend.

wow a PRE ORDER, pre orders cost a lot more than the game itself

Cause it is made by SONY

Wait that`s not a first party title?

Still crying for ex clusive?

Wheres the PlayStation logo??

Honestly they shoulda dropped the show after mlb forced their hand n had san diego studios make a AAA game on their own. Branch out of just making baseball game

Ill JusT WAit Till ItS oN GaMePaSS-every xbot out there

This the same as pc version?

No one cares for baseball in the UK and most of Europe. its Fifa all day.

who would have thought that a $70 game by sony would be there first banger

They don`t buy it. Even if the best game in the world would release on Xbox, Xbots are like "Let`s wait for gamepass!".

they will pay it! and they will love playing a 1st party game

Every time Xbox "gamers" sees a game No more exclusive The fan base of 110million didn`t buy the game so realise everywhere

Just wait till the narrative comes out that Sony is making Microsoft people pay $70 for games so Sony is anti-consumer and a horrible company. You wait itll happen

To me this is one of the dumbest arguments Ive seen on Twitter so far by ms folks. Theres $60 games and $70 games on both consoles and both sets of fan bases are buying them. Bottom line

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