New animated chat backgrounds have been added to all

July 7, 2021, 2:16 pm
New animated chat backgrounds have been added to all
New animated chat backgrounds have been added to all default themes with swirling colors that move as you send messages. Try one of the preset backgrounds built by our designers or create a custom one by adding 3 or 4 colors to your background in the theme editor. TelegramTips

Dear telegram team. Please add option to invert animated backgrounds colors when using light theme. What I mean: Another day and another reason to use telegram

Many Chinese people still use the Telegram App. We look forward to adding simplified Chinese to the language of App. Easy to use your quality software. If you dont have time to translate Chinese, you can send the document to me and I can translate English into Chinese

Pl give doodle & screen sharing option on one to one calls too Will be very helpful to assist someone else

hi, can you help me, my account has been deleted by no reasons, and I try to contact telegram, no one reply me, i have many many important contacts and groups, who should I contact?????

colors are not preserved in the classic theme.

when will we have stories?

Is this available on desktop?

please help me get back access to my account so I can try it out support hasn`t responded to my emails!

Please REMOVE or MODIFY "LOCAL GROUPS" (in People Nearby) FEATURE, make the content not accessible for everybody, or any age, we have reported many disgusting groups (even for adults) with no success. Try 30 Will the new animation when sending a text message and media on iOS be added to the android version? It`s so smooth.

I am average chad telegram enjoyer

Please bring back transparency on themes for iOS, or let us choose, transparency or blurred and fix bubbles strokes

I offered animated wallpapers to Durov. I am glad that this idea was implemented.

Let`s goo.. How do I sync my gallery with

I have create theme called Dark Sky check this out Currently available for iOS, I will update it for Telegram Desktop, macOS and android aswell

How to stop seeing the contacts of the person of whom I have taken account of???...very annoying to see when the other person`s contacts come in my list...

please unban my account

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