NEW VIDEO - Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?

February 3, 2021, 12:00 am
NEW VIDEO - Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?
NEW VIDEO - Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice? - RT!

Btw. the ultra wide is not wider. It`s 0.5x instead of 0.6x because the main lens is narrower. S21: 26mm -> 0.5x -> 13mm S21u: 24mm -> 0.6x -> 13mm It`s the same 13mm ultra wide. The main lens is different.

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He actually like this phone lol. that`s very much surprising kudos

Nice!! As always, I`ll use everything I learned from your s21 review to help my friends & family make their purchase decision. They`re not huge tech nerd but I can simplify and explain the features. Love it :)

I paused the video, I`m assuming portrait will be better in s21 over ultra do to a telephoto camera which doesn`t zoom as far

People complained about the iPhone XR / 11 having "the same ppi as the iPhone 4" Now people are fine with the S21 having a lower ppi than the Galaxy S4

S21+ review is also coming?

That you`re on RTL podcast tomorrow at 2pm? Yeah, we noticed. :p

Please don`t say this is a negative review as I`ve just got mine

I use MST every single day. So yea I`m honestly super pissed about that. Was one of the main reasons to have a Samsung for me. MST and expandable storage. So if the next iPhone has 120hz display I`ll definitely be making the switch

Something I`m glad Samsung kept around were its Pro Modes in the camera app. They could`ve easily cut that functionality but I`m glad they didn`t.

First one to watch the video

Android>>>>stupid iphone

Awesome thumbnail, man! What a stunning design! Both the S21+ and the S21 Ultra!

Nope. Sent from my Galaxy S21 If you watched the video, you`ll get this: Ship it to me since you are done reviewing

Probably not. I dont want to sound silly. But, imagine if IF the Xiaomi Mi 11 came into the market globally, Ill be certain that thisll be the S21 Killer (in my opinion)! If were not talking Ultra. (Lol notice how Im on a iPhone and not saying much about the 60hz iPhone 12)

Comment , share retweet thats the way to promote him more famu might be the next person he can helplove u MKB

honestly waiting for this review coz my phone died and i cant decide between this or a vanilla iphone 12 so thank youuuuu T_T <3

Damn no view but already 269 like on it. Nice!

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uploaded video on privacy a couple of seconds before you.

That became my default bruv, 1st Reviewer? ;) don`t like that design very much.....honestly

Well well have to see about that.

Pass I`ll keep my Galaxy Note 20 Ultea 512G Samsung has gone the way of IPhone with the S21

Love you MKBHD and all of the crew!

That colour: MKBHD purple

He even got that portrait mode thumbnail

Retinas... Galaxy S21 Mom, where am I???

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