NEWS: The iPhone 13 will feature low earth orbit

August 30, 2021, 12:26 am
NEWS: The iPhone 13 will feature low earth orbit
NEWS: The iPhone 13 will feature low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity to allow users to make calls and send messages in areas without 4G or 5G coverage. SpaceX`s Starlink is a purveyor of LEO internet connectivity. 1/2

Global cell coverage will be nice. When Luna, and Mars?...;-)

Wow! So glad I didnt buy and iPhone 12! Will the price be under a million dollars?

Suddenly I want an iPhone for the first time.

What are your thoughts on ASTS?

Globalstar spectrum and bandwidth will be okay for emergency calls and texts, yes, but why not get 5G data/internet will any/all current unmodified phones? $ASTS AST SpaceMobile has demonstrated this tech and will offer this when their satellite constellation gets started in 2022

5G has entered the chat

Fantastic and a game changer. Not sure Starlink will participate early on though

The first stock i ever bought GSTRF globalstar, before they went belly up. Bought 100 shares $10, roughly 25 years ago. Lost 950. Good to see em again, lol

Unconfirmed rumor probably why would most users need LEO connection?

Breaking News! Jeff who sues to stop Apple from tapping into LEO satellite communications

That way Apple and its new BFF (Big Brother) will be able to track you down no matter where you are. Is it going to be through phased array antennas on chip?

I could see text on 700mhz maybe 900mhz to Leo is do`able from a cellphone without modifications. Doppler shift via software is easy enough.

this is huuuuuge

Still talking about a stupid phone when we still haven`t even built the biggest Enterprise ship out there we`re supposed to be moving forward and away from technology like that and phones are not it

You`re welcome $TSLA So Apple is gonna use starlink?

Sweet, for people that live in rural areas, this is great

so elon is holding cooks balls on this?

So, iPhone 13 will also function as a satellite phone. Apple should just collaborate with widely and ever-increasing Starlink LEO Satellite constellation instead of Globestar? I thought Globestar operates in GEO, right?

Unless the radio communication technology has changed SpaceXs StarLink would not be compatible with such a small and non-fixed target. StarLink relies on finely beam formed high frequency ranges easily disrupted by motion and requires a 100W dish to accurately tx/rx

This cannot happen without an external antenna that would at least double the size of the phone unless there is a tech jump that would surprise everyone.

Apple typicallly waits for technology to mature. Wait til its on Android smartphones, then wait 2 years fir apple to add it. Extremely doubtful for it on iPhone 13.

90% of users will have no use for this

We need Space X phone I doubt this will provide internet. And if it does, it will be dial-up speed. I don`t know of any way for a device the size of a phone to communicate with a satellite at high bandwidth, and definitely not with a Starlink sat

"Apple`s mixed reality head-mounted display device", they`re gonna make a VR/AR headset?

The tracking antenna needed would make this impractical. I`m sure someone can Photoshop a satellite antenna to an iPhone. Elon said that Starlink isn`t meant for cars either.

Apple is believed to have plans to bring LEO satellite communications to more devices in the future to "provide innovative experiences." These may include Apple`s mixed reality head-mounted display device, electric vehicle, and other IoT accessories, according to Kuo.

But the LEO satellite communication service provider that is "most likely to cooperate with Apple in terms of technology and service coverage" is said to be Globalstar. Qualcomm has purportedly been working with Globalstar to support the n53 band in future X65 baseband chips.

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