nice try Apple

September 28, 2022, 10:49 am
nice try Apple
nice try Apple. full storage & wasnt letting me use safari or turn my phone off i am not buying it, nor a new phone

Well it tastes good. You taste pesticides and non organic fertilizers.

Green apples are extremely healthy as well.

Yeah he does, he plays like there`s no tomorrow now.

Green apple that has sweetness inside it, no red apples, please I had enough of them.

I used to have a OnePlus 8 device that I bought like 18 months ago or so, it`s still working perfectly but my brother said he wanted to play PUBG ( a war game ) and he had a trash phone so I exchanged my phone with his trash phone just because i can LMAO

Yeah well apple is expensive and good when it comes to camera processing powers that`s true, android can be focused into one direction and samsung just challenges apple on regular basis when it comes to camera clicks, but they are both costly, this conversation isn`t productive 1

With android comes responsibility, apple is simple yes, but it`s usually because you got used to it, I can`t tell you how an android can be modified to meet your needs, but literally there`s an app for everything you want, and because it`s open source, developers get creative.

Oh, you`re a keeper, that`s nice.

I would recommend a OnePlus device, latest flagship available on the market, the speed of their devices will just make you think that apple is trash, and they don`t break easily like if they fell, and snapdragon 888 and going up is just a fantastic processor.

Android doesn`t have viruses either, it`s just people trying to hack into apps get themselves into a situation where they install an app and can`t see it, a virus is just a malware and it can affect apple as much as android, in apple you need jailbreak for the malware to work.

It depends on android, when you buy a flagship device it`s totally something else.

Buy an Android device, apple is just a hype market, they get you so hyped about things that mean nothing to you LMAO

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