Night Photography

April 25, 2022, 2:12 pm
Night Photography
Night Photography Which one is the Best? iPhone 13 Pro Galaxy S22 Ultra

Iphone wins this time

the one labeled iPhone 13 Pro showed more detailed and sharper imagery than the one labeled Galaxy S22 Ultra....just take a look at the minute difference in the colored red in building at the left and the mirrors and lights in the upper part of the building beside it....


Doesnt matter, iPhone always bad according to everyone

I`m indecisive here. Some parts look better on S22, others on iPhone

Way more depth and clarity on the iPhone

You all have crazy skills.I cant see any difference. Real world, I would be thrilled if anyone said to me Ah, I can see you took this on an iPhone, so nice as I had the same photo from a friend last week taken by the S22 and it was horrific.

Bad advertising. They are not the same images.

iPhone - better colors Samsung - brighter

Left one - iPhone. Decided what looked better even before looking at which one was taken by which phone

Reason why iPhone shoot better photo, look at the top left of the building iPhone is clearer while S22 Ultra is overexposed.

This time with iPhone colors are more saturated and exposure around the signs for the shop handled well.

No matter the camera and the preaching abegi , na still iphone i want

The 13 for sure, you can the difference just looking at the depth of the color in the lights

It`s all just Personal Preference from Here

both phone have there own specialty in there place no comparison needed......

I like how much darker the iPhone is. The galaxy looks a bit over exposed

iPhone but thats standard

I can see a building in both frames

iPhone is slightly better but both are fine.


Brighter does not = better. RIP Samsung.

both are very good. possibly, the iphone a touch better

the highlights on S22U is too strong, making the picture too fake.

13 pro is so much sharper

iPhone. The other looks like it has a dirty lens


Rare but I`ll actually take the iPhone here


The first one looks much better. Is that the one taken with the iphone 13 pro?

Looks like Gokuldham society bro , both pics look same. Twitter compressions

No matter what you do, iPhone will always win.. thats crazy

iPhone`s is more on the sharper side, while Samsung`s is on the smoother side..

The best camera is the one you have with you, most normal people have just one phone, so, does it really matter??..

I guess the night mode wasn`t activated on the Samsung before this shot.

The iphones colours are better but the samsung captures slightly more details

i dont notice a difference

I really dont think thats an s22 ultra this time you know why? Look at the shadows

Both are really good but the 13 Pro looks better because the sky is grainy on the S22

I repeat.. No phone can beat the photo and video quality of iPhone. Same as no other phone can beat the display quality of Samsung.

First shot is better, look at dark sky, and at colors.

Ill goo with s22 cuz for me it is not too bright! Iphone did a great job! But not my type

The iPhone wins this one

Gotta give this to the iPhone

The iPhone picture looks sharper and more detailed but the Samsung looks cleaner with augmented color gradients that hold a certain symmetry between the lights. I would go with the iPhone for clarity, but I also really like how the Samsung processes it.


iPhones looks polished

both looks same to me

Why the sky on the Samsung shot has more noise and its a bit gray?

iPhone 13 Pro looks better, why? Every where S22U was winning in still photos

There`s something wrong with your S22 photo I guess, I don`t own an S22 but I have seen many comparisons online and they are very close, especially in night mode, here the difference is extremely apparent, S22 has an amazing camera, probably the best one.

13 pro looks classy

where was this taken?

This doesn`t seem right I have both the phones and the pictures you have shared looks opposite to what I have experienced. The bright coloured first picture looks like s22 ultra pic and the second pic with Suttle colours looks like iPhone 13 pic.

Negligible difference. Both are great!

The grainy sky on the S22 Ultra looks bad

Both look good in their own way. Not sure why need to compare. Hopefully no bitching about one device or the other.

Theyre the same

Cant tell the difference. Both are solving the purpose.

iPhone for this. Colors looks more flat and bland on the s22

iPhone has better contrast, more vivid colors and darkest blacks. Galaxy has brighter overall image which can be done in post.

Obviously S22 does the better job of brightening but I think it brightened it a little too much. Look at the building, the colours look a little washed out. The 13 pro is better to look at imo.

Samsung. The night sky is too black on the iPhone. Typical of Apple to have crap cameras, as usual.

13 pro, cuz it looks like night photography.

Definitely the 13 pro. Deep blacks with sharp clear images

You can`t tell any apparent difference unless you pixel peep.

13 pro. S22 ultra exposure is a bit much

Prefer iPhone shot in every way. I think the Samsung messed up this one

I never thought to say this but the iPhone because of the white balance is better than the Samsung one and in the left corner you see less noise than in the Samsung

Tough call, I can read the closer signs easier with the iPhone but wtf is with the purple in the bottom left? Looks WAY better on the Galaxy

Wow image processing for hardware is moving fast. I cant wait to find an opening to build up and out!


Both are wonderful jo mrzi gift kr do chlay ga bhai

iphone only

as seen, iPhone skies look like night skies should look.

Iphone for sure

Probably the Galaxy to be honest

Idk why but I thought this is Sanlitun


The iPhone looks better

13 pro max .. undoubtedly

they`re both garbage my 10 year old 8mp canon point&shoot take better photos

Is this a question? Cause even a colour blind person would know which is better

the iPhone 13 Pro, why? because the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks like its dying and the color is wearing off

Both are top notched in this

Don`t caption the phone names, iPhone will lose to fold 3 i bet

This is legit the first time I`d say the iphone wins in night category

Not going to lie but the iPhone looks better visually with the strong/bold colours

iPhone. I don`t know what S22 did with the sky there

Colors are more vivid in the first one. But both are impressive.

Ultra hands down

The iPhone has a higher contrast in the sky and hence a much cleaner photo if you view it on full brightness. You won`t notice it if your screen brightness is turned down.

Generally in most of cases iphone lost in night mode But this it`s the iPhone

iPhone show the sky as black but in reality the sky is not that black, it always on greyish side.

S22 more clarity, dis sky, iPhone more saturation, dis detail

Left is better... Which is which though

The iPhone IMO, the black details looks quite black unlike that of the S22 Ultra that looks grayish and i also like the color balance better

iPhone 13 Pro by a significant margin. The galaxy left a lot of noise in the sky.

13P in this scenario, surprisingly enough.

The 13 Pro looks better. Its punchier. But these days cameras are so good, the differences are infinitesimal.

iPhone 13 pro`s vibrancy waaaay outperforms the A22 ultra`s

Can`t see any difference honestly will have to see on mu pc


Not even gonna bother sharing my opinion. Learned that lesson too many times.


I have to admit on this one the iphone one looks better. The s22 one had so much noise and the buildings all the way in the dark background look Bad. Sammy let me down lol

iPhone this time Where`s samsung`s "Nightography" now?


iPhone 13 Pro won on this one.

I would go with an iPhone this time. Can`t explain why, it just feels more finished, better contrast, colors are richer.

iPhone this time ....


The iPhone did a better job. The S Shot is great also but it clearly struggles with the red color and the sky is just a mess

iPhone this time

I`ll go for S22U

iPhone. Sammy is giving major over exposure here.

Prefer the iPhone here

iPhone 13 pro like

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