No disrespect to my Xbox homies but I don`t

November 4, 2021, 7:36 am
No disrespect to my Xbox homies but I don`t
No disrespect to my Xbox homies but I dont want to see no more arguments about $70 games after seeing some drop $200 on that Master Chief controller

Error no. I understand that collective / special edition items are worth more and they`re entirely optional. Sony`s next gen games at $70 are neither of those things. If they charged the *standard controller* for that then yeah, absolutely.

This PS5 Scuf controller releases this month. We talking $150 to $200 easy. People pay for what they believe is a Value to them. I mainly Game on Xbox but I`m not pocket watching anyone that buys games or peripherals on other Platforms. Playstation Xbox Wife is the most expensive hobby.....booom.....I said it.....hope ms don`t see this

Ive spent more on less tho :p

You are comparing $70 one and done games to a $200 Halo Infinite Elite V2 controller that you can use for multiple games for several years Bruh do you even know what a Xbox Elite controller is XBox controller is better, period. I hate parallel sticks, but I like the haptics and the new shape better than last gen. If they kept that same ugly azz controller shape I don`t know if I would have got on PlayStation this gen.

Xbox games will be $70 soon as well. Even if they mask it as a "early access" with "extra content."

6 and 4? I can`t really talk, because I have 5 and 3...almost got the black DualSense.

LoL that wouldn`t stop people from buying it... I know you better not, because I`m roasting your azz if you post! I don`t think people would call it out, because the standard has already been set. People have shown that they`ll spend over 200 for pro controllers.

I know what you`re talking about, but the Elite was always 200. I`m just saying that if PlayStation did have one dudes would buy it.

Not if it had all the extras the elite has. If they shipped the dualsense at $200 damn right that`d be a different story

There would be if they had a hit shooting game. Scuff makes one, it`s 200.00, and people buy em up.

Lets get real if Sony charged $200 for a controller yall would be on them like white on rice for doing it

Games are not controllers.

PlayStation doesn`t make one...

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