No, this isn`t the first "dungeon"

December 15, 2021, 10:56 am
No, this isn`t the first
No, this isn`t the first "dungeon". Yes, it looks literally the same as the first one. Everything. Looks. The. Same. HaloInfinite Halo Xbox

Console fanboys when an alien race has a style to their architecture still doing console wars you are really pitiful failures

Omg, what. This giy has a Xbox? That`s hilarious

When you play Assassin`s Creed and you enter Isu buildings, do you complain that they are similar architecture? Do you claim "copy paste"?

You do know canonically that a Halo rings architecture is supposed to look the same right? Thats like complaining that Koopas castles all look the same with white bricks, are you that dense?

microsoft needs to investigate who took most of that 500 mil..everything low budget compared to halo 5

Tell me u haven`t played Halo CE... without telling meu haven`t played CE

Wonder what you thought of those "repeated assets" in star wars... this dude

Xbox fanboys like you are really weird

This corporate slave will pretend he is not having fun with this amazing game just because its not in his preferred plastic box

This is a shock, you`re complaining about an xbox game! This is so out of character, are you feeling OK?

So what? This is standardized architecture in the game. Lmao you Ponies are really trying too hard.

It`s Halo slot of areas look similar especially with the forerunners sections

hows the mp?

Put the controller down, hop out of your high chair, and go touch grass kid

Stop playing the game and move on with your life. Nobody likes a whiner. Go get your binky and have a nice long cry and youll be better in no time.

Just admit it... you love the game, and you`re secretly an xbot

U couldn`t shut and enjoy the game instead u keep picking problems here and there...

go play abandoned instead if this isnt meeting your standards

And yet it`s still more fun than anything I played on ps4 lmao

Better than Spider-Man

Tell me youve never played a halo game without telling me youve never played a halo game.

Most of them won`t know what that means cause only 1% have played through the game...

Forerunner architecture looks the same regardless of what part of the game you`re in. Nobody`s confused about that but you. That`s what it`s supposed to look like.

Have you never played Halo? Forerunner architecture is usually pretty consistent. You might as well complain that the Vaults in Fallout look similar, or the ones in Horizon: Zero Dawn for that matter. Just go play something else if you`re going to be such a baby about it.

Tell me you`ve never played Halo without telling me you`ve never played Halo.

Copy. Paste. Repeat. Copy. Paste. Repeat. Every. Halo. Ever.

Have you played Halo 1-3? Im guessing no.

Is your last sentence referring to the whole PlayStation exclusive template lmao

I can smell the trolling from a mile away Man this guy got so dry that PS5 have no game this holiday

I think you missed the memo... 10/10

Why are you even playing it?

This game is so average it isn`t funny. If you play through the story normally... It`s 6 hours. That`s sad af for a Halo game Wonder what it costs to have your games get fake reviews to keep up appearances?

But on the bright side: its not another 3rd person game

I finished the game. And it mades part of the worst campain i played this year.

Windows Central 10/10

But yet its u mad? Halo Midfinite

Lol if it`s mid name another game with better combat and mechanics. The only games even comparable are Doom Eternal and Titanfall 2. Two of the best shooters out there

Noones making you play it

Bros still out here talking a lot of crap about a game he doesn`t like for internet clout

Yes this is an issue with the game, it does reuse a lot of areas in the later levels, does it detract from the experience, no, this game is a good game and instead of reading this you should be playing it

That is accurate to botw

Halo living rent free I see lol

Educate yourselves, it`s canon (see link, esp. 16 min 17 secs). Everything has a uniform appearance for a reason: the halo rings were built for a particular purpose, not looks. You would know this, if you played the other games. I think its clear this clown has never played halo before this..... halo has always looked like this, halo has always had clusters of enemies in certain parts of each mission, halo has always been empty and kinda lifeless. All that is what made halo great....

That`s great now why don`t you just play the game and shut it lol

Does it have Skyrim-itis? Love that game but dungeon design is repetitive and boring.

It really is a callback to Combat Evolved.

Shadow Fall looks better SC from my PS4 slim Newbie discovers forerunner structures

The game is amazing and the best in series IMO. By your logic everything looks the same in Ghost of T.

So play something els guy, play that PlayStation 5 that you cant stop simping for

Thats exactly what I said! And was flooded with bots! Have you even played the game? Yes for a few hours and got bored just as fast. Worst halo yet IMO.

Just like your last post and the other one before. What I want to understand is why is twitter showing me your tweets when I didn`t follow in the first place

Open the windows in mommys basement

Im still playing through it but I have to agree with you that the game is heavy copypasta. Have to admit I am really enjoy the combat mechanics though

They don`t though... You`re just looking at a door lol.

I`m gonna say that you have never really played any halo game? If you have you would know about the forerunners.

Are you tired? It seems like it takes a lot of energy to try and tear down the Best Game of 2021.

There`s only two types of levels in this game lol

Tell me your a Sony fan boi without telling me you`re a Sony fan boi

why dont u just play ur ps5???

Imagine playing a game and actively wanting to dislike it lol if the game is driving you crazy, don`t play it

this is sad from both sides

Nooo sir you are MID!

Yeah, the first 6ish levels look almost the exact same got kinda old. The gameplay is great but seeing the same levels like they are a copypasta was just I`m done.

The question is how did xbox get away with all of this. They didnt even receive fair criticism. The reviews are 10/10 without mentioning all this issues later on

Can you imagine lol Lol Im loving your thoughts! I havent tried it yet, but its on my list! I loved Halo as far as Reach, so nostalgia could make me enjoy the whole experience more, well see!

It sounds like you enjoy the game ;) good

Get off the fence, tell us how you REALLY feel Everything does look the same. The game is fun though. I do wish there was different looking areas. Maybe it changes further into the game

Xbox lives in your head rent free.

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