Noooooo! I don`t want this 30fps game on PS5!

June 5, 2021, 5:48 pm
Noooooo! I don`t want this 30fps game on PS5!
Noooooo! I don`t want this 30fps game on PS5!

And? I talked about the time of the console lol, not now

Like I said, Gears 5 and Forza were great, but you ignored it

Exclusives exists to push people to buy a console, but PC players will never buy a console, except for their exclusives. By releasing games on PC, gamers didnt lost money by buying a console and Xbox make more money by selling it on PC. Why do you think PlayStation do the same?

They are exclusive games, dumbass. For a window of time. Just like Sony lists Final Fantasy titles as exclusive. Which they are....for a window of time.

So PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were about new game experience? Like the noise during you game for the PS4 Pro?

Then don`t play it on there, play it on Xbox

Actually there is more info about Uncharted 4 coming on PC than Horizon 2 coming this year

Uncharted is coming to PC, you dont follow the actuality of PlayStation, but Xbox yes

Its a super low budget AA, it was bad because they did not have much invested in it, its a pass for me, tbh doubt i would play even if free, just looks bad IMO- If you cared about frame rates, you would be playing on PC.

720p+720p 30 sounds about right for the hardware

Like Uncharted, Days Gone, Horizon you mean?

Not necessarily, why Im enjoying Gears or Forza is because the game is great, not because it costs a lot to produce. If the game is amazing and didnt cost a lot, good for the devs! Youre totally obsessed about budget of games

Your proving me you never played another kind of game than action adventure game, because you apparently doesnt j is what a strategy game is. And if Ori is multiplat, Horizon, Days Gone and Uncharted are also multiplat because they are on other plateform

Whats the problem with AA? Or whats YOUR problem with AA? Ori is better than a lot of PS exclusive, and wtf Gears Tactics is AAA, its based on budget, not the genre of the game

Can you humor me here a little man. Is there. Reason you hide your games list on Xbox?

Grow up. Let other people enjoy the game. Me personally didn`t like it

They had not release a PlayStation like game in 636 days, yes. But Gears Tactics is a AAA and Ori is better than a lot of AAA and looks awesome. And Im not talking about MFS because its not on Xbox yet, but its actually a AAA game

Oh you miss Gears 5, Gears Tactics, Ori 2, Forza Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, Battletoads, Halo MCC and State of Decay 2?

Because yours was? You really think that Xbox has no games is an accurate statistic? Lol

I will probably get hatred comments for this, but why do people overthink the fps?? Why can`t they just play the game as long as the fps is stable with no drops? 4 me, the contents of the game is what makes me like/hate it not how fluid it is, and if 1 wants realism, VR is better

I guess there was no reason for you to buy the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X? They have no exclusive games!

Its okay, but why do you care at this point about FPS then? I feel like you just want attention by triggering people

Controls and camera seem fine to me and are on par with the genre. Not finding it boring at all and if you go into this game expecting combat you`re living up to your Twitter handle

not all games need combat

Apart from Watchdogs 2 till a couple of days ago

Im sure Godfall will go to Xbox.

Don`t play it then. Problem solved.

Then dont play it

You dont care when its PlayStation of course, youre so predictable

A last gen game is still a game

Well, they will release games at the end of the year or even this summer, and PlayStation didnt release games. Demons Souls and Returnal arent even made by PlayStation and Horizon and R&C arent released yet

Native 1440p is still not 4K

The moment when you look at FPS over gameplay, you lose as a gamer. For your information, even the RTX 3090 fails at holding a constant 60 FPS in this game.

Are you talking about 120 FPS games? Because Xbox has a lot more than 11. But I guess you dont have a 120 FPS so nobody has?

Its not because YOU dont have a 4k120 monitor that nobody has

You said doesnt count its last gen but after you named last gen games?

Y`all are pathetic...

But yet you were okay with returnal running at 1080p without ray tracing Which is worse than the medium? Stop the nonsense... There`s a reason why you`re losing followers

Why are people complaining about this? Shouldnt the xbox dudes be complaining?lol

You mean the most impressive thing from Xbox`s showcase turned out to be a mediocre game. That has never happened before! I`m willing to give it a go

I did? Lol

Lol, it wasnt even a first party game. That PS4 Smartshift is a pill choice for devs Max clock on GPU or Max clock on CPU? And we know this is TWO games running simultaneously so... Expect lower res (we`ll see, but expect it as usual)

The camera angle reminded me of the old Resident Evil style which wasn`t bad and I didn`t expect this game to have combat but yet still kept me interested cool to play something besides the typical rinse and repeat stuff you`re getting today in my opinion

Then you play nothing on Xbox. The game is beautiful, true. But why always comparing with Xbox games? Gears, Senua, Forza dont count for you?

But Horizon isnt Ratchet or Demon Souls, and its 1080p check board to 4K I think?

The game was good old school horror feels to it I liked it

While they arent 1080, those games arent 4k either. Either way its just a stupid argument, most games these days look incredible

I have it, played it but never beaten it, its not bad game its an ok game in my opinion.

Bet its gonna sell better on Ps5.

Same I`ll get the medium when it goes free on ps plus its what that trash 30 fps garbage deserves

its alrdy bad game + low fps on xbox It`s also a game that will benefit greatly from PS5 better geometry performance.

Imagine the reaction if it runs better on ps5

It wasnt terriable. It was decent. Not the greatest by far though.

Its a game more people will be able to play and youre worried you cant use the 900p argument against xbox people because itll be that on ps5. Poor you...

In performance mode. So 1080-1440p at 60fps if it even goes above 1080p.

Maybe that SSD will make it 60fps lol

Bruh ps5 fans made 30fps trending

My apologies for making you download it lol

Huge backlog anyways!

Yeah, in 1080p. Anyway, it would not be the first time PlayStation lied

Well look at Horizon Forbidden West and face the truth I guess?

Oh no a game There are no 4k/60 ps5 exclusives as well

It will be a poorer res as well

First 30fps game on ps5

This you As a horror game fan I always was curious about this game, not hyped enough to buy a console just for it but if it comes to PS5 I will give it a try

It`s Coming to PS5! Isnt this game the only game that isnt cross-gen on the XS consoles?

Hahahaha. If you don`t want 30fps why do you game on ps5?

If we except all bc games, no there is non 30 FPS only but future PlayStation games will be in 4K30 or 1080p60...

The curse! What`s gonna be on PS5? 540p? I guess they cant afford to keep it exclusive. So does that mean Bethesda will be smart and not hold back too? Isn`t horizon 30fps?...

I absolutely want to see that digital foundry performance comparison. And see how the PS5 compares to the Series X on the dual screen. Brace for impact.

You realize you dont have to buy it. Dont be a fanboy. Dont be like saltiest. Aspire to be better. Dont be a weak pony like woolleygamer. Be better.

Wow that was short exclusivity must have realized u don`t make much money on a potential purchase base of 40m unconfirmed users and an instant gamepass plug.... gotta be hard for a dev to stay afloat under such conditions

It`s not 30FPS, it`s 24FPS

But if the game is made by Sony, 30 FPS become okay? Youre hard to understand

Its going to be the first 30 fps only game on ps5

It even sad that it renders at 900p in dual screen mode. Hope they optimize it well for ps5.

+correction 24fps

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