not to burst any bubbles but Halo MCC is

February 7, 2021, 5:56 pm
not to burst any bubbles but Halo MCC is
not to burst any bubbles but Halo MCC is not coming to Playstation Would I welcome it? yup Will Xbox ever do it? nope Nor should you expect Mario or Kratos to show up on the other console platforms

Microsoft & Sony will never release first party titles on each others platforms. Before people bring it up, Mass Effect 1 & MBL were not of their own accord. And Minecraft was already on PlayStation when Microsoft bought Mojang.

Id more so expect a Switch port is anything. But maybe thats too hopeful.

You know Xbox approached Playstation years ago about putting Halo on their console right?

Hasnt it been all but confirmed that Microsoft wanted Game Pass on PlayStation?

I would, however, appreciate if third party titles like Street Fighter weren`t limited to playstation and pc...

I agree I won`t happen but let`s say they made a deal one franchise for another, what franchise would be equal to halo on playstation?

Yeah, why would Microsoft want to put there IP on another rivals console, it will make folk not to buy an Xbox console.

Most likely Epic, but Stadia / Linux outside possibly as a huge experiment? (just because they can) hint: google directx Linux port.

Got to love the clickbait. 343i was most likely talking about one of three things. The long awaited custom game browser, New maps ported from Halo Online, or It going somewhere like Epic games store.

Didnt I read that this has been taken out of context?

I see it coming to Epic Games store.

Lets talk about the next God of War coming to Xbox

My uncle works for Microsoft and he told that its happening so you are wrong.

Not that long ago people said the same about PlayStation exclusives.

Nope. But, along with Skyrim, it *is* coming to your Samsung smart refrigerator Epic Games store probably

It`s probably just Cloud.

The only one I could see cause of recent small partnerships is on Switch and they would have to stream it on the Switch. I don`t see it happening though but would be interesting

I can only see it if they allow a cloud subscription on switch

They just did in Fortnite to be fair.

There was a time I never thought Cuphead would come to Switch let alone PlayStation. At this point while I agree with your take, Xbox is the one I could see surprising me the most out of anyone. They have the power to really shake things up with game pass/xcloud. Im excited

Unless gamepass comes to PS and switch in a year or two....would make sense with the direction that Microsoft want to take. Play anywhere on any console

XCloud for PC and browsers which opens iOS and Mac

Not necessarily, I believe they were just trying to be clickbaity about it. Definitely the Epic Store, any PC store. They want as many people playing Halo as possible. Within means.

Yeah more than likely this is a hint of it coming to the Epic Store.

Gamepass App on TV`s.

It`s not that I would have a problem with PS guys getting to play Halo, but I`d be concerned about Xbox`s viability, and my purchase of a Series X, if they gave Halo away

Man. MCC on Switch would not only be amazing for a new set of players to get a great story, but fill a much needed empty home on the platform, first person shooters

Whats your opinion on a game pass/ xcloud app on switch?

where else can it come to your only option is nintendo never gonna happen or sony which is possible

Don`t forget that Kratos and Master Chief have ended up on opposite platforms thanks to Fortnite. That was outlandish behaviour!

Epic store and Stadia more than likely.

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