Now i want the same fanbase , go to

January 23, 2021, 1:57 pm
Now i want the same fanbase , go to
Now i want the same fanbase , go to Sony and demand not to pay 70$ for playstation5 games . Lets get it down to 60$

Remember when online multiplayer went from free to $60 on PlayStation, they didnt say a word... Cloud saves are still locked behind a paywall, not a word... $70 first party games, not a word... Im noticing a pattern here...

I dont think it will happen

They won`t keep the same energy when facing Sony

They say that is good more money to sony

Yes suspected as much, so love the block button sometimes lol

Lol xbots are the funniest.

Sorry but imo this is not going to happen as there are far to many sheep in that community and if and i do mean if there was an out cry do you think Sony would change their minds as fast (just my opinion tbh)

Never gonna happen people will defend Sony

Or stop being broke.

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