Nowadays l delete some apps to accommodate others

April 25, 2022, 1:33 pm
Nowadays l delete some apps to accommodate others
Nowadays l delete some apps to accommodate others. Otherwise, l think most people are having app fatigue. I want to know what makes you delete a mobile app you downloaded.

If they`re Internet consumers

Im very particular about this too. I wont keep any extra app that I dont use. I hate a cluttered screen, its take load on my brain it feels!

Not using it for so long,especially when you thought it will.

I think both Android and iOS have a feature to deactivate least used apps, which you can then allows you to view and delete.

Juzi, IG recommended I add my YOB on their platform; wasn`t feeling like I wanted to.. the frequent bothersome popups that interrupted every other thing, made me uninstall that app

If I haven`t used an App in a week i don`t need it

Partly, it is. You wouldn`t delete an app if it was useful. Get more space, hide it,z and use it later when need arises.

Unnecessary adverts popping in an app

Incidentally, which one are you on presently?

Relevance. And you out grow some

Hedonic treadmill

Majority have access to your private data. Avoid!

The moment i notice it`s been weeks without using them, i delete.

Coming across better apps offering similar functionality

Weh, at times you cant avoid them, Jaber. The last time I ran mad in 2017 when I was borrowing to settle the other. I was in a crisis of 78k. I know it`s abnormal.

Ni kama telegram wherever takes you there ikikubore you definitely delete the app

infinix, Tecno and itel users have this problem

Some apps lack content value to give users an incentive to come back. Or they fail to deliver the value that they promised when marketing to me. Poor usability is a big reason why I delete an app.

If I do not use it regularly, and if it`s functions are not hastle free

I only delete, the loan apps otherwise I would have them if they don`t rind me of my poverty.

Space used it. But now thanks to clouds. I buy space

Just upgrade your phone.

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