Oh this is disappointing https://t

January 16, 2021, 12:56 pm
Oh this is disappointing https://t
Oh this is disappointing

Wow, can you finally upload to Instagram from the web without hacks? Nice. Last time I went to the website it told me I had download the iPhone app even just to sign up.

I am shocked to learn that Netflix doesnt work on Mac! Youd think theyd want people to view things on big screens.

You paid Apple for a Mac. You didn`t pay the iOS app developer for a Mac app. Macs can do both legal and illegal things, and this is just plain illegal, both for Apple and the end user. You can`t pay Apple for the legal right to violate legal agreements. And one more thing, I do support for a multi platform freeware software, block support isnt an option. Even when you ask users to try out latest versions before reporting an issue, many disregard this. No, I dont want total anarchy, I get enough of that.

So as a developer I shouldnt be allowed to control UX for the users of my software? Sorry, youre on the wrong platform, why dont you use Android or Linux when you want total anarchy?

I hate how the argument is being shifted from certain app delevopers to "people are cheap" And here I am, wanting to run some apps that have no mac equivalent or bad electron. Give me a mac version, I`ll buy it. But please don`t go out of your way to annoy me if you don`t

I would only allow developers to prevent that their app is side loaded when they have a Mac version with the full functionality of their iOS app.

I can see some stingy types disliking it because it (probably) violates the EULA / App Store App License Agreement that the developer uses to ship the app on the App Store. It`s ultimately the same discussion as hackintosh: you feel like you own the software and expect freedom

Those developers want 1 star reviews badly.

Ive had one Kernel panic from launching a side loaded iOS app, either EasyJet or FlightRadar24 (I couldnt repro it a second time) - which may explain the why. It sucks though :(

Thanks Peter

In App Store Connect we see 1% of devices on Desktop for Does it mean it was sideloaded?

Its just FairPlay encryption isn`t it? They already have decryptors for 13.4 and lower Lets see how fast it takes someone to figure out how to bypass the validation :)

I felt like I was taking crazy pills seeing so many app developers rejoicing about this horrible decision. Glad to see I`m not the only one upset about it

I really do not want to jailbreak my Mac just to sideload

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