Ok peeps, Erik threw players into battle and has

October 4, 2022, 6:38 am
Ok peeps, Erik threw players into battle and has
Ok peeps, Erik threw players into battle and has assesed who is good enough to compete. Leave it be.

Definitely not, not even good to have them around the matchday squad. Not a good aura to have amongst the players

Exactly, I think there are some people holding back on his decisions. Time will tell. We definitely need to lighten that wage bill

Totally agree with you there. We definitely need to get rid of the yokes and allow the new blood to blend in

That`s the problem with both Rashford and Sancho. They offer nothing off the ball and that put a strain on the team

That smells like disaster. I think two for every position is more than enough and we should think about our talented youth that should come through now.

I think after that drubbing, he knows exactly where we are

That`s where the problem is, just a few brilliant moments but nothing else. We`re not talking much about this shortcoming in the team. Maybe it`s time to really look at Cody Gakpo in January

It`s good to play stronger teams than yourselves that way your game stays on a higher level. I hope Everton proves to be a higher challenge to test our learning

He has this moments in games but has never really lit up any game. Scoring goals means a team mate has spared him a few blushes

Probably but that`s read in conjunction with each game and each opponent.

Great analysis there. We`re in a testing phase and as fans need to recognise that. I think expectations are far to high and it`s actually exceeding the performance on the field

I totally agree but that`s what happened over the weekend and that happened in the first two games. That`s what needs focus. It doesn`t matter whether we go down 1 or 2, the players should do immediate in-game analysis and regroup after identifying the weak spot

We have a journey in front of us and I think we need to deal with the first goal syndrome. If we score first, we`re on top but when we go down a goal we`re losing shape. That needs addressing

Definitely need some plan to fix this

I don`t get why we are even trying to compare to City at the moment. Guardiola is there 6 years multiple transfer windows and all he has to do is tweak his team each window now. ETH will get us there, I have no doubt

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