Okay, back from my holiday/honeymoon

August 9, 2021, 8:37 pm
Okay, back from my holiday/honeymoon
Okay, back from my holiday/honeymoon. Should I try get an entirely new app built from scratch and submitted to the App Store for an iOS 15 launch next month, or should I shut up and chill like a sane person?

Teach me your ways

Id definitely just make it stable with iOS 15 and release update as the iOS 15 goes live. And plan to have a newly refreshed update by 15.1 release. It would buy me some time to release more polish build. But thats me.

We all know the answer to this.

Okay, I know about your updates, but was wondering, if you can keep up with those, while constantly adding new apps!?

I personally really believe in constantly improving my apps. The long run of your apps, whats about that?

Sign me up for the TestFlight mate

Chill like a sane person (a.k.a build that damn app)

Congrats on it being your honeymoon! Id suggest chill, but spend the odd bit of time mocking up a new app that way you can keep both itches happy!

Oh, of course. What do you choose? Chill, give existing apps a polish ready for iOS 15, take your time to build new app

Sounds like you have already made up your mind. What kind of app is it going to be? (For the record, Id totally tell you to chill, but ;) )

I think if we answer with chill, you`ll make an app to help you chill, right?

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