Once you start using an iPhone then there`s no

October 9, 2022, 8:33 am
Once you start using an iPhone then there`s no
Once you start using an iPhone then theres no going back to android.

Gonna go back this year once again

Once you start with iphone you will crave for Android phones

Yes because your data will not get transferred to Android, We Android people can transfer data from one phone to another in couple of hrs.

Apple is for newbs

Thik h didi... Waise, RATIO

Fix: Once you start using an iPhone then theres no going back to cheap androids. Iphone is a flagship and android flagships frm google/samsung are jst equally good.

If you are a coder then you know the iPhone struggle so yes I have both but I use Android more.

Once you start using any of it, there`s no return to sanity

But then when you want to fold you need to switch to ... doesn`t fold

Not true

Majority of apple users, just don`t use it at its capacity. They just use it for 1.Prestige of holding it 2.Cameras End of list.

Yes. Beacuse this no back button on iphones

Not true. Yeah, for tweeting,its good to say that.

Let`s see your same reactions after 2 years once your iPhone get outdated in market.

I feel that way tooo

Introducing Pixel.

I`ve heard this many times and I`ve used iphones a few times and went back to Android straight seeing how bad things were in iOS. At the moment I have a work iPhone. I still don`t fancy it.

True that. Also, it depends on the usage of a user. Im happy with an iPhone as my usage is limited. Some people also prefer Android and they also never switch.

Aunty who`s that ugly girl in ur dp?

I just switched from an iphone to the Nothing phone1 and I love it. It`s so much better in pretty much every way

It looks like you could recently afford an iPhone. I used iPhone and threw that away for an Android. A phone has a use, not a fashion statement

How sad. You just now got Always on display. That to with apple smartphone version 14.


Not completely correct though, it varies from person to person. I have used iphone and believe me after using it for 6 months I haven`t like the interface at all and again shifted back to Android. So your point and logic doesn`t imply here basically.

haha either your sarcasm is the best or you can make good jokes

Depends ? Legends left iPhone when they used 3s.

Once iPhone is not working then there is a chance of going back to Android

Yeah once you lose kidney there is not going back

Guess I`m different then

Once you start copying tweets, there is no going back. Thats why not using it who want to leave android

I wouldnt say that

Apple is convincing me every day to switch to Android with information about my full Cloud storage, and how I should pay 0,99/month.

Most of these people are the ones who moved to an iPhone from a mid-range android phone. And they compare the experience to a Redmi phone.

To an extent yes ! I agree

Once you start using an Android phone then there`s no going back to iPhone

Already proven wrong at it to many

One of my friends did go back and I was shocked. And I am an android user.

I resisted until bi saw Iphone 13 pro max in Sierra blue

simplicity is underrated (i.e. iphone) and nonsensical impractical unnecessary features are overrated (i.e. all android devices).

Not always, after 11 years with iPhones Im switching to Pixel 7 Pro this year

SO don`t use iPhone

Ugh Don`t want to be trapped in the I-universe walled garden

Nah, not at all true....after using pixel ui it`s hard to go back

iphone user here, previously android. Honestly just another phone to me i dont care which i use

Once you start using android then there`s no going back to iphone

am i the only exception.

Average female tech enthusiast lol

not really, other brands are innovative, the problem is optimization in some Apps like instagram

Yes there is no back button , Only home button

Why wish to elaborate?

I switched to Android (Pixel) last year after 7 years of using iPhones and never looked back. It is way more superior than iPhone.

That`s what you`ve been brainwashed to think so

....i phone lovers Had use 3Gs, 5s, 6s Plus, Xs max n moved to Pixel 6 Pro now regretting more than ever

Unless you go broke, of course.

So maybe it my problem that after using iPhone for at most 2 months I always switch back to Android .

Because, they don`t give you a choice.

Using iPhone. Cant wait to switch back to android

Well no wonder it`s called the walled garden. Even if you want to get out apple makes it extremely difficult to do so. Well some people like that life so to each their own.

Everyone`s talking about the iPhone and OnePlus. I`m happy with Moto

Tbf a lot of people who use iOS for the first time used a budget or a midrange Android phone before switching to a full on flagship phone. comparing just flagship iPhones with the *entirety* of Android is unrealistic

my pocket force me to buy android

Move to pixel after using iPhone. Didn`t feel that

Who told you Bahen?? This Guy Still Crying for his 200 Billion Old Android Phone...!!

I phone buy back me de diya, Mi liya

You would be stuck in apple ecosystem

Thank God, I was about to buy IPhone 14 and a MacBook also. Fuhh, you guys saved me.

I can relate to this

Can`t be so, moved to and fro thrice

I have tried it a couple of times. Dint like it

One of my friend.. Was using iphone.. But fed up of it.. And changed to Android again.. Exceptions are there

I just yesterday read a thread that a young boy used pixel for starter then used iphone 12 pro and then hated it to switch back to pixel so yes there is going back!

Hmm! Thanks for the warning. God Bless you.

Very true i am literally stuck in their ecosystem now

try there will be no going back to an iPhone

I have both and I use Android almost 90% of the time.

Chose Nothing Phone 1 over iPhone 12 Mini and have been really happy for the last 2 months.

Have both Android & iPhone, Once you start transferring data from iphone to your windows PC, there no more using iPhone. Apple products are highly apple ecosystem based. In this era of high interoperability, they are making hay while the sun is shining.

Bada hi loose character hai

100% true, I have never used android and will never do.

Yeah, escaping from Apple Hostage system is that difficult.

The hack is to hold your nerves. Idk, I never found a phone worth 1,00,000+ When I get all my needs and wants fulfilled within 25,000

iPhone makes yourself restricted to the Apple ecosystem. You have to buy all their products like Macbook, iPad etc. Apple has limited features but has high security for those who don`t know how to secure their private data, but after Steve jobs Android is the future.

Thats why I have never used or liked iphone

Nah. I love my Android and Windows

That`s a hell of a contract.

Then what did I do yesterday

Went straight back to Samsung on the second day.

I switched back to android was using iPhone 11pro then switched to galaxy z fold 3

Every isheep is on max copium all the time, trying to justify their 12 months emi investment

Me who used iPhone as my first smartphone and now I`m using android ...

No vaccine for stupid. N9w understand the difference. Android has no limitations for sharing its like freedom with whatever you wanna do whereas ios has all the restrictive things. Ios sends u updates every two weeks and those are unnecessary and heavy it stores the space and you

Well beg to differ... Used iOS for 4 years.. back to Android and m loving it

Apple is like living in Switzerland - Android is like living in a third world country.

Yea coz u can`t look poor after looking rich...

There are some customers who does go back to android but then they come back how they cant survive with out apple eco system and services , afercare.

The term for this is "vendor lock-in".

iPhone means slavery to apple ... You use what they allow to use. Android means freedom .. you use modded apps custom ROMs ... Choose your life My iPhone 12 is in almirah for last 1 year.

Sed i came back to Android

Started in 2019 and havent had an Android phone be able to steal me back since. The Pixel 7 Pro might change that.

Not in my case I prefer android over ios

"Having An iPhone Isn`t A Big Deal, But Having The Status To Carry One Is" So, Farak nahi padta hai, kya jobless people kya use kartha hai.

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