Only a few days before WWDC, Apple has a

June 4, 2021, 1:27 am
Only a few days before WWDC, Apple has a
Only a few days before WWDC, Apple has a major developer-relations problem. It isnt the 30%, or the 15%, or the App Store rules. Its what Apples leadership thinks of developers and our work.

I dont know if I completely agree with every point or sub-point, and I certainly feel that Apple can and should be able to obtain revenue for the purpose of- not just maintenance- but profit from the App Store. But I agree that how they do so and treat the community is not just.

I guess I struggle with the idea that in-app promotion of alternative payments leads inevitably to $0 AppStore revenue for Apple, which leads to Apple finding an alternate source of revenue. Maybe hardware subsidizes all of it? I dont know.

If interviews Craig this year, he should try asking him what he thinks of this. The response would be interesting.

I have about 220 non-Apple apps on my iPhone, and only 1 was discovered through the App Store. One!

It is worth noting that the app store does something more than services like stripe. It handles global sales tax and unless you want to break the law in most of the world you need to collect and then pay this back to those nation states, services that do this charge 10% ish.

I agree that the rev share should be a function of user aquaistion and that the promotion of the rev share that is for this should be given to referral links if the user gets the app from that source, also if the user direct links in without referral the dev should get that share

1) In this constellation devs are suppliers for Apple platforms and just like Wallmarkt, they control the suppliers. This also happens in Android or car industry or e-Commerce and anywhere else.

Thats pain. It hurts to read. They might not value it, but I do. Thanks for your hard work.

I agree 100% with Marco. The App Store really is a mechanism to help sell more iPhones/iPads and it should be treated as such by Apple. Instead, Apple simply double dipping at the expense of developers.

Anecdote: I found Neutral randomly one day, which led me to listen to ATP when you three started that. I now use Overcast exactly because I listen to ATP. Not once have I done a generic podcast app search in the App Store

My edit. These points are good and valid. You dont need to justify beyond that. The rest of the post is hard to get through and provides little value. Goodness your entitlement is nauseating. If you wanted to prove your point, that no real economic value is created, then take Overcast off the App Store. Im sure you wont though. Because in truth you benefit by the market that has been created for you to play in.

100%. Apple can say they love developers but the day to day developer experience speaks for itself. Community and innovation comes from experimentation and breaking the rules which they simply cant tolerate. Very difficult to hire for. The 30% is just insult on injury.

And I love that I can tell my mom not to worry about her info being sent to some dev or leaked because of their security practices. Regular computer people benefit from Apples imperfect garden. My mom would have 0 apps if not for the App Store making it easy.

As a person who supports a large number of people who download apps, I like that Apple handles the payments. I like that I can tell my users (or mom) that they basically never have to worry about downloading an app and their CC info being leaked.

Sparks a weird thought Can iOS developers unionize?

Wow... I... weren`t you a great Apple supporter? I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote but I am surprised to see it from you. Must have missed quite an evolution of your way of looking at Apple. Or am I mistaking you with someone else?

So much lies in such a small post. Have you tried to develop or sell anything for symbian or j2me platforms?

Sure. I agree. But it doesnt hurt my feelings. I dont really care what Apple leadership thinks about me and my apps.

It is indeed true. The leverage period for the giant should be so over by now.

Poor widdle Marco! Apple pays App Store developers billions every quarter.

Do you think its possible *any* of the C-level executives agrees with you but cant/wont speak out? Not asking who (unless you want to share), just curious if theres anyone you think might fit that bill.

Youre wrong. Its all about Apples lawyers telling a story that paints a picture to support *their*message. Just like Twitter, it doesnt represent real life! Love the little disclaimer at the end.

I am glad you are telling the truth from a real App Developer perspective.

I cant think of many, if any apps, I discovered through the vs other methods.

During the pandemic Ive been working alone from home, and I discovered podcasts (yes, Im late to the game), but I use (I found it through recommendation, not the App Store) and its helped me get through it. is my Friday morning treat.

Don`t know many indie devs who want to deal with credit card processing, local & regional tax calculations, and the customer service headaches that come with managing said services. I`ll happily give Apple 15% to take care of this! (Agreed on the awful search tho!)

Marco, I wrote basically the same piece in 1994. The continuing story of loveless platforms.

So money where your mouth is. Is your next project going to be a SaaS web-app instead so you can be in full control and dont have to give Apple anything?

Marco, we are trying to get an outsiders view of developer sentiment, opinions, satisfaction with app store and many of Apple`s tools/solutions. Any help generating broader awareness for our developer survey would be appreciated! Thanks for this. Very well written summation of how Apple treats developers and mislead customers. While I doubt this will be retweeted by the usual loyalist Apple bloggers/podcast folks just know that we appreciated your work and agree that without it, iPhones would be worthless

Its not just that the App Store isnt responsible for most installations of well-known apps, but that the App Store is really more of an impediment in that case because the search is not great and the first result shown is probably an ad for a competitor. There is not a single app I have discovered through the App Store. Discovery in the App Store is and has always been abysmal. The App Store is just a CDN with an integrated credit card processor who happens to charge 30% of all my purchases.

Couldnt agree more. I vote to commission Microsoft to bring windowsphone back and move all of the main ios apps there justathought

LOL. You /really/ wanted to get to that on the show last nite. LMAO.

I really appreciate the footnote. Hopefully others do too.

Without our apps, the iPhone has little value to most of its customers today. Flat out lie. Grow up.

I just cannot understand what your saying man.

Its an interesting distinction between Apple & Microsoft. No Apple executive ever went on the stage to dance, sweating while chanting about how developers, developers are the most important thing. Corny, but also correct. Ecosystem lives/dies on the backs of third party devs.

now tell us how you really feel?

Thank you for writing this. Although I`m not a dev, it speaks to me about my new journey away from Apple to other products. Much appreciated!

This arrived today but after the bullshit ramping up and the self-congratulatory pat on the back self-commissioned study, I cant give this company more money. Im returning this thing. Commoditize your Complement Apple sells hardware. As a customer, I consider Apple not sharing my information with the developer an advantage of the App Store. I dont want my contact information getting to every app developer.

At what point does this become so problematic that developers abandon iOS in favour of another platform (realistically Android, I guess?).

Marco blogging is back! Wonderful! Ive missed it

A slight change could make the ending hit harder: But the leaders have already shown us who they really are, what they really think of us, and how *little* they value our work.

You were the reason I`ve started my indie journey with iOS and the reason why I think it wasn`t a good idea. Apple with lack of documentation, horrible bugs with Swift UI did less than nothing. Each interaction with the Apple dev ecosystem is humiliating

I`d say 99% of my app purchases over the last 10+ years had nothing to do with App Store searching and everything to do with the developer advertising or word of mouth.

Apple doesnt care. The money is rolling in.

They should be paying Apps to help them sell their equipment & cloud storage, etc. I paid a fortune for a new iPhone primarily to listen to podcasts via Overcast. The sound on the phone is fantastic. Im content. But all this makes me want to smash the thing in the public square.

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