Our #NFT deposit feature is LIVE! You can now

September 29, 2021, 3:19 pm
Our #NFT deposit feature is LIVE! You can now
Our NFT deposit feature is LIVE! You can now deposit your NFTs from or on BinanceNFT. Enjoying our low fees and enhanced trading experience! The deposit feature only accepts NFT contract addresses fully integrated with our marketplace. More deets

There is a problem to connect Trustwallet to BSC network. It changes automatically to ETH network.

We have another contract address for EmblemVault on BSC can we get this address approved?

I deposit two NFT at 15:00, but I still couldn`t see it in the user center until 21:45. What`s the reason? can you DM me

Hello, we have our own Smart Contract on the ETH network. How can we get whitelisted on binance ?

Please open withdrawals. All our NFTs are stuck in the marketplace.

Great news!

Medium article is coming out today.. more than 10,000 unique NFTs with unique traits! Breed - Hatch - Evolve - Earn PASSIVEINCOME for you daily! This game gonna be crazy! Crumbannos TheBeastOfBSC 1BillionMCapIsProgrammed When aprproved official Binance NFT first collectible in the Binance smart chain, 7000 holders! Please list your official Binance NFTs for deposit: 0xf6401646676A87bbD0fa952FBBe8869516cC541C Btw: Your Boss CZ never looked better than on this great NFTs: when withdraw ?

is there a risk to my NFT depositing in Binance? what is the benefit to Binance on this? Can i take back my NFT anytime?


We want asap withdraw features

We made it! NFT COOL CATS NFT Giveaway!!! Breeding Station (FREE Corgi Pup NFT) Matchmaking App Virtual Dog Park Interactive Coloring Book Staking Rewards Swap Traits App Donation to charities Featured in reputable publications We like CZ I can`t deposit Binance contract is 0xdf9Aa1012Fa49DC1d2a306e3e65EF1797d2b5fBb and my Mars contract is 0xdf9aa1012fa49dc1d2a306e3e65ef1797d2b5fbb

We want withdrawals


F the moon, MARS

Lets go to the mars together with When Withdraw available ? Withdrawals when?

Check out our collection! Those who mint the 1/20 legendary NFT`s will get an all inclusive Bali stay with the Deeznuts team & Celebs! Let`s experience the Martian life together. Featured.binance ? what should we think of this then ...

I have just deposited my NFT I hope I managed to be one of the 1st 1000 :D

I tried to connect my wallet to bsc network so many times but it always got connected to eth network. Fix this issue.

Great Good btw.. i think only eth address working.. unable to change network to BSC and deposit BSC address one (XWG)

Nice Great for BSC! your time to shine!

When ?


Send me an NFT, okay? Please, thank you, please..

When can we withdraw our NFTs acquired by the mystery boxes to our wallets?

How about withdrawals?

To celebrate, we also prepared 2 exclusive promotions featuring Mystery Box rewards & zero trading fees! More deets: P.S. NFT withdrawal feature coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!

We will continue to update the approved smart contract list, so do check back on our listing page! Supported contract addresses: Users would not be able to deposit NFTs if the smart contracts are unapproved. List of approved smart contract addresses: How to find NFT contract address: How to deposit your NFT on BinanceNFT:
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