Over the last few weeks, I`ve been interested in

February 7, 2022, 8:42 pm
Over the last few weeks, I`ve been interested in
Over the last few weeks, I`ve been interested in all the new game studios that have formed and popped up in the games industry during the past several years. I put together a summary profile list of over TWO DOZEN mostly independent studios creating new AAA games. A thread:

Hopefully not Tencent.

Correction: Embark was acquired by Nexon in 2019. There is also Covenant dev, the developer behind upcoming game Gord

Great work Shinobi. I made a list last week trying to remember all the announcements and you remembered more than I. I`ll name a few left out: Gardens Lost Lake Games Bokeh Game Studios Inflexion Games Nagoshi Team And all under the Dreamhaven umbrella

Are you interested in Grogu news?

Wonder how many of these studios will still be independent in a couple years, with the way that Sony and others have been snapping them up.

Makes me happy to see there still some hope for fresh ideas in this industry

Thank you for the huge list! Exciting times ahead!

Thanks for the effort, this a great resource which has put quite a few new games and teams on my radar that I wasn`t aware of, and it just reinforces my optimism that the industry is in such a good place right now. So much to look forward to!

Thank god we have Shinobi602 in life Yeah there a lot of new game studios..

Fantastic work and research dude

I gotta say, I`m really struggling with your definition of "Indie" as a AAA studio comprised of talent from other AAA studios with multi million dollar investments and a publisher. Like... how?

Pretty sure Embark Studios is not independent, and is part of Nexon now.

Some interesting studios isn`t it ?

Their acquisition teams were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn`t stop to think if they should.

Thanks for doing this. Love it. One thing that gets lost a bit when we talk about acquisitions is the opportunity that is opened up for newcomers. Hoping to see these studios thrive and seize their opportunities!

Sony after the Bungie acquisition They like has anyone left in Naughty dog?

Very interesting thread Great job and thanks for putting it together for the rest of us scoundrels

I`m glad you did this.

I would like to add brass lion entertainment to the list. It started in 2019 with former members of Bioware and Bethesda.

Interesting that Glen and Michael split up. I figured they`d be back together after SHG.

Microsoft needs to see one of the have a sexual harassment scandal and a few lawsuits before trying to acquire them.

Great job with this awesome thread Nate

Like Really doing Gods work here, Shinobi. Damn.

Dude. Amazing work! So nice to see so many studios!!! So exciting to see what cones out of these studios too, theres an awful lot of extremely talented devs out there!! Side note/question, do you/anyone know what Amy henig is doing/where shes at right now? We need her in games!

Honestly what excites me about this thread is not just the number of new studios but also the number of teams working on unannounced new IP

Already moved to support Crapfield

It`d be weird as hell if Sony worked with That`s No Moon

This is pretty nice to see. Thanks for this. IO Interactive looking real good right now

So cool of you to prepare this shopping list for Sony and MS

gonna bookmark this thread

Microsoft/Sony/Tencent eyeing this thread like: How did these 2 studios go under the radar

Wow! Thats a lot of AAA games Ive never heard of.

beside IO interactive, do you know if one of these studios work XGS Publishing ?

Was going to take a stab at doing the same thing. Nicely job!

People can just go to Steam and click "upcoming games". There are thousands of games coming, to achieve a monopoly on games is almost impossible.

Well done shinobi this has been really informative

RGG studio founder left sega to create a new studio. Looking forward for this one!

Dear Mr. I hope you check out this great thread by highlighting the Two dozen+ new independent studios creating new AAA IP games that I hope PS5 will be one of their platforms

Hey dont forget Founded by the OG creators of elder scrolls. Now they develop a Brand New Game calling The Wayward Realms. A Daggerfall Successor, really interesting what they doing, keep in on them. Europe is doing pretty good with game development!! IOI, Remedy, Housemarque, Guerilla, Techland, CD Projekt red & a lot of indie dev`s. Hopefully you remain independent and won`t be a sell out to silicon Valley and the wellknown bigtech companies (aka monopolies/oligopolies)

I`m nominating for your list because I`m excited by what we`re doing. ;)

Great list! I would also throw on that list as well.

That`s one rad name for a studio.


I love how you put together a fantastic thread & most of the comments are from xbox fanboys saying "See?There`s no consolidation,there`s no monopoly,there`s plenty of studios in the industry,microsoft can buy more 3rd party publishers easily without making it monopoly"

We gonna be eating good in the years ahead can`t wait to see the games these companies are going to show amazing thread

this one sounds exciting, AAA sci-fi RPG are 3 words that combine in perfect Harmony.

Been wondering about this myself, and then you did all the work

Whats your definition of independent?

Keep doing what your doing mate, I myself have been interested in those up and coming studios as you where as well and Im glad you covered most of them, you did an awesome job on giving everybody info on these new studios and what there working on.

focused on Battlefield

Excellent thread Shinobi. Gonna read up on this later. Couple more for anyone reading: Lost Lake Studios Gardens (both announced within the last week) We really are seeing a lot of new teams. Very refreshing.

Wow. That`s an awesome thread! Love to see all these teams oming together, shows that the coming years a will be very exciting!

Fantastic job Shinobi! I would just add: Section 9 Interactive. Founded by ex Tarsier Studios vets, who previously worked on titles such as Little Nightmares 1/2 and Little Big Planet for PS Vita. Developing new Indie Sci-fi survival horror-adventure. There`s a lot yep. Here`s 4 more: Loved every post. Thank you.

Wait what exactly is ProbablyMonsters? Is it just a bunch of studios together but they dont self publish?

What??!! Consolidation you say? I would argue these new studios are the natural outcome of larger companies buying studios. People tire of working for big companies and they venture out and start building these studios with the hope of one day getting purchased too

What about ???

Cool cool cool, it seems ubisoft has lost all its devs, who the hell still there!?

Reflector Inc ( bought by Bamco ), Bonfire, Wonderstorm, Silver Rain Games, Possibility Space, Dreamhaven, Frost Giant, Mainframe Industries

As the acquisition of major players ramps will we begin to see more and more of these new AAA Indies pop up ? Imho yes.

Excellent work dude, looking to have mine on this list by this time next year!

Wow! Great thread. Some good research.

Absolutely incredible. Thread really puts the doom speculating over consolidation into perspective/ makes it seem quite unfounded. my take away is that there is still plenty opportunity to create new AAA IP and studios independent of a big publisher, and investors are willing.

That`s why monopoly in gaming can never happens. You will never see in cinema industries, people leave and make their own Pixar. Gaming is the only industry highly creative leaded.

Always excited to see new talent and studios

You forgot s new studio Midnight Society.

What`s the chances of these working on the next Battlefield?

Isnt this the rumored Xbox exclusive dragon game that was rumored by jez cordan or no?

Best thread I`ve read on the state of the industry in a long time, lots of ramifications too. Thank you

i know you`re following them on twitter but i wonder if Once Lost Games fits this bill, especially interested in their game The Wayward Realms in development. where is 3D realms?

sometimes we forget how much talent we have on the industry, so much amazing games to come this gen i would only want more wrpgs...

I would like to add the initiative

also these guys here, ME veterans There you have it! There`s definitely more out there, many of which were formed more than a few years ago. But I think it`s safe to say there`s A LOT of new studios full of talent that have popped up recently. I`d keep my eye on them going into this generation. Excited to see what Lezlie Benzies got cooking. Any news on what Dan Houser is up to?

Challenge Everything

Are they fans?

IO Interactive Barcelona Founded: 2021 This new team from IO Interactive joins IOIs Copenhagen and Malmo offices as their studio and is underway on an unannounced new IP. Website: I dont have a problem with Xbox at all, but if you dont see the early signs of Microsofts moves a few decades ago repeating with the acquisitions I cant help you. Now I dont think any of these companies are inherently good or evil, as Sony would do the same if they could

EA | New Seattle Studio 2 Founded: 2021 Another currently unnamed EA studio, this team was formed with a focus to develop first-person games. The studio is headed up by former Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, who is serving as game director. Website: N/A I think you could add campfire games to the list

EA | New Seattle Studio 1 Founded: 2021 This unnamed studio is headed up by former Monolith Productions studio head Kevin Stephens, this developer is creating a new open-world action-adventure game. Website: N/A New Media Founded: N/A This studio is developing a new narrative driven, blockbuster action-adventure Marvel game. The team was formed by Naughty Dog & EA veterans Amy Hennig and Julian Beak. Website: AAA is a stretch for most of these imo.

EYES OUT Founded: 2019 Helmed by Spec Ops: The Line creative director Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, this studio is working on a AAA single-player cosmic horror game. Website: Swords Founded: 2020 This independent studio is helmed by Avalanche Studios co-founded Christofer Sundberg. Theyre creating a new AAA open world action game similar to Just Cause. Website: Thanks for putting this together. How about with employees from Blizzard, like Ben Brode?

So.. theyre a Tryclops? Or is it Triclops? How many triclops are in a teraflop? Nani?

Mountaintop Studios Founded: 2020 New independent studio founded by Respawn, Bungie, Blizzard, Naughty Dog vets in development of a AAA PvP-driven FPS. Website: This is awesome! Was interested in that topic myself, but didn`t have time for doing the research. A Rocket Boy Founded: 2016 Independent studio founded by Rockstar veteran Lezlie Benzies creating a new AAA sci-fi open world game titled Everywhere. The team has grown to over 400 developers (since 2020). Website: Brick Games Founded: 2020 This is an independent studio formed by veterans from Ubisoft and BioWare, including former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw. The team is working on their first multiplatform triple-I game. Website: Studio was acquired by Nexon

The names they came up with for some of these studios. I guess they`re not lacking for creativity

Humanoid Studios Founded: 2021 A new independent studio helmed by former KOTOR and Mass Effect director Casey Hudson. The team is developing an all new IP. Website: Shinobi are (few, obviously) devs cashing out via acquisitions and forming independent studios?

hell of a list in this thread. Great time to be a gamer

Ascendant Studios Founded: 2018 Led by former COD and Dead Space creative director Bret Robbins, this San Rafeal-based studio is creating a new AAA IP. Talent from Starbreeze, Insomniac, Telltale and more are also onboard. Website: Cant wait for this one too

Its both nuts and exciting that there are so many.

Embark Studios Founded: 2018 A new independent studio helmed by former EA/DICE boss Patrick Sderlund, the developer recently announced ARC Raiders, a F2P co-op third person shooter coming this year. Website: I knew I could count on you to include Archetype

good work here, king. following some of these on this backup and smaller twitter account i have to keep up with news.

Gunzilla Games Founded: 2020 This new independent studio is developing a unique AAA shooter IP and is staffed by many former developers from Ubisoft, EA, WB, Cloud Imperium and others. Website: No mention of ? i`m very excited for Games Founded: 2021 Owned by Digital Bros Studio, this developer is made up of veterans from Ubisoft, Capcom,WB Games Montreal and more, creating a new single player RPG based on a fully original IP. Website: Don`t forget This is a great thread, friend.

Good reminder that while these big studios are being bought up, they`re are many more studios being created every year. Signs of a healthy market

Unnamed Co-op RPG Team Founded: Unknown A third studio under ProbablyMonsters, this unnamed RPG focused team led by ex-Runic Games and Gearbox vets is creating a next-gen, open world co-op experience that will bring players together. Website: N/A Studios Founded: Unknown Also under the ProbablyMonsters banner, this AAA studio is led by ex-Bungie and Halo directors and is developing a single player, action adventure game that will evolve with and around the player. Website: N/A Where`s The Initiative?

Firewalk Studios Founded: 2018 Operating under the ProbablyMonsters branch, this new independent studio is comprised of talent from Bungie, Sucker Punch, Infinity Ward & more, the team is creating a new AAA multiplayer IP for PlayStation. Website: Wtf why does this website go so hard Chamber Founded: 2019 This studio is developing the next entry in the critically acclaimed Bioshock series. The team consists of veterans from past Bioshock games and other studios like CDPR, Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics and more. Website: When was Archetype founded? Still waiting for their first game

Archetype Entertainment Founded: 2019 Helmed by James Ohlen (lead design on Baldurs Gate, KOTOR, DAO), this Wizards of the Coast team is made up of industry veterans, including BioWare & Naughty Dog, creating a new, original AAA sci-fi RPG. Website:
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