Parkour between rooftops and flow across balconies in an

February 2, 2021, 3:54 pm
Parkour between rooftops and flow across balconies in an
Parkour between rooftops and flow across balconies in an effort to save the city in Stride, coming soon to PSVR

Oh, gods, I`m getting nauseated already. Can`t wait! ;-)

How quickly will this make me puke?

This is what Mirror`s Edge 2 should have been.

So basically mirrors edge lol

Mirror`s edge in VR. Its like a dream come true

Is this not Mirrors Edge???

Click the link below How is this not a blatant rip off of mirrors edge?

So a VR version of Ok so it`s like a mirrors edge vr experience. Looks like it`s worth a try.

I hate the word Soon... u must see this


Oh look another Mirror`s Edge game ^^

Probably gonna get this

Thats one SUPER HOT way of doing VR on a Mirrors Edge.

I`m really looking forward to PSVR 2 on PS5!

Looks like Mirrors Edge and Super Hot had a VR baby!!!

This literally looks like Mirror`s Edge PS3 assets lmao

EA`s not making Mirror`s Edge anymore so someone decided to take that and make it VR

It looks so weird when hands don`t have arms. Rayman would work so well in games like these.

Let`s hope I don`t jump through my tv this time.

Stride is going to be an INSTANT "Must Have" title in VR

Didnt ask + Xbox is better

Faith looking at these copycats like: this vaguely reminds me of something but I can`t put my finger on what it is

i hope to see bloodborne remastered one day

Giving sweaty bois a new meaning lol ello xbox player here playstation vr looks cool bye

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Thought that said Strider for a sec and almost lost my mind

mirror`s edge with guns

It`s like a vr mirrors edge but man do I feel like I will puke during this

I have both psvr and quest 2 this game looks lots of fun

This is a stripped down Mirror`s Edge.

Mirrors edge on crack

this looks pretty dope

Fix the wrap up I want my theme

Fix the PS year in review, its not working

Playstation better

Mirror`s edge ripoff

nice thank you

Is this only PSVR?

Mirror`s Edge in VR?! Sign me up

Mirrors edge vr poggers

Me in the crib Give us an update for Bloodborne, 4k 60fps How about yall add variable refresh rate for monitors on the ps5

I was gonna make a dumb joke, but this actually looks pretty cool

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