People who have had both, please tell me WHY

April 4, 2022, 6:13 pm
People who have had both, please tell me WHY
People who have had both, please tell me WHY I should switch from Android to iPhone? If you think I should switch from iPhone to Android, this tweet is not for you ;-) Thanks

No look the switch over was a nightmare. Im not smitten yet.

Currently have both (yeah Im that guy with 2phones) Durability of the iPhones are unmatched, broken 4 androids in the time of 2 iPhones that are still perfect. Software is more seamless and smoother on iOS. Android have so much more access to free apps vs paying on apple.

Ditched my Android after 3 weeks and returned to iPhone. None of the platforms I use work on Android - so Im a tad biased

There are `ZERO` reasons to do that............

Saves a lot of time getting anything done. No odd extra taps and messing about. And all the above.

Also thinking of going back to iPhone after being on Android for about 5 years (I drowned my last iPhone fishing). I`m not anti-Android, it`s fine. It just doesn`t seem as smooth and seemless in terms of usability. Plus it would be nice if my phone worked better with my Mac.

Android works, but iPhone works better

Easier to manage my kids iPads, iMessage with same kids.

Pros: insane camera, Mac ecosystem is awesome, usability is so simple. Facial recognition is amazing and the phone is super fast. Cons: Battery doesn`t last as long, charges slower, and I miss my fingerprint scanner. But that`s literally it.

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