Planning out how I want to do gaming content

June 23, 2022, 8:33 pm
Planning out how I want to do gaming content
Planning out how I want to do gaming content. First try kinda failed. Most recent winter attempt worked pretty well with a focus on YouTube but I deleted everything once I felt stretched thin. Starting out as simply as possible I think is key..

love seeing the thought process here as I`m also back to thinking about making vids. Time for my yearly return to YT (hoping i can stick to it this time)

I think it depends on how many games you want to burn through. I`ve also seen people like do a handful of 2 hour long streams going through a campaign. doesn`t take too much up in the feed but also gets through all of it.

we should def play together, It`s a great squad game. Dude I know, watched a few growing up but completely forgot em. I blame it on my parents thinking that magic = demonic

uploading every second of gameplay through a long game seems like. Lot of work and noise. Really considering playing through and recording everything local and then piecing together a 10 min recap/highlight/montage vid for each game. Fewer uploads allows me to focus attention..

Deep rock is very fun! And im also very excited for hogwarts legacy. Already looked good but looks even better after Ive recently watched the movies for the first time.

still deciding if I should create single title review type uploads instead of a whole bunch of numbered lets plays. Inspired by and excited to play Dyson Sphere Program all the way through. Thats next, then: Timberborn Deep Rock galactic Hogwarts Legacy

Been playing Halo Infinite multiplayer but probably would only stream and not record/upload those matches. I would like to finish the campaign which I believe I have three sessions uploaded already.

will focus on playing whatever games I want but more to completion in lets play style. Primary focus is trimmed and numbered YouTube uploads kinda like clean and stylized vods. Going live will happen on and only occasionally at prime time

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