Playstation has basically lost the Japanese market

December 24, 2021, 2:11 pm
Playstation has basically lost the Japanese market
Playstation has basically lost the Japanese market. In Japan there`s only Nintendo.

How it should be everywhere! (Just please post shadow of the colossus)

Sony will never be the same, those psx to ps2 days are gone, all that remains is a carcass

Yes Nintendo make alot money

Its absolutely insane that Sony basically let Nintendo run riot. And definitely not healthy for the market.

I dont think they lost , seems more like they gave up trying

Only way they`d compete with Nintendo in Japan is if they release a handheld that`s basically a portable ps5 or ps4

I kind of love this

The real kick in the pants is Sony giving up on many of its non-story based IPs. They`re seriously starting to feel like a one trick pony with how they handle games. Sackboy and Ratchet are like the last two surviving characters to keep their old styles.

Ok so since thats the case maybe, just maybe they can give us the ps5 that they dont want

I`ll always prefer PlayStation, but I must admit that Nintendo have a really good selection of japanese games..I don`t know what to do

Sony is western than ever nowdays. That`s why they need to pay exclusivities to Square Enix, for example.

I sure hope not. All games on the switch are overpriced as hell in physical form, Nintendo barely do discounts, the switch runs like crap most of the time. I bought neo twewy for the ps4 and nocturne for like 150 bgn=75$, where if I got them on the switch it would`ve cost me 100$

Oh Gee I wonder why

I`m just tired of 3rd person adventure/action games with shitty stealth. I feel like Sony keeps using the same sort of layout just with different stories

Were never gonna have games like Ape Escape ever again because of Sonys bs. That`s interesting.

Bold of you to assume they even had a chance.

Playstation needs another handheld console to win the asian market once again

Wouldn`t that mean all the PS5 games would be downgrade to suit the switches limitations?

definitely not helped by the closure of Playstation`s Japan studios. Sony exclusives used to appeal to lots of different people but now the exclusive lineup just doesn`t have unique games like Gravity Rush (among others) to increase appeal. now its all the last of us

Well they made religious fanatics out of their American fanboys so little money was lost.

Insomniac literally carrying Sony now. Sad about the Japanese studios that shut down

this just isn`t true in like any capacity

They gave up and it`s annoying

Thats what happens when you leave your soul behind

Playstation still got them JRPG`s, until those move to Nintendo I`m not making the change.

I`m not saying this is inaccurate, I`d just like to know why you think that? Sony is too big of a company and Playstation is too big of a product for Japan to allow it to just lose. Nintendo makes products for kids, as long as there are kids, Nintendo will have business 1/2

I might not be japanese, but it my household there is no Playstation either. NintendoFTW

It`s really interesting seeing Sony not really caring about their Japanese Market versus Xbox which has seemingly been trying desperately to have any foothold in Japan.

Sony censors games and bullies small Japanese studios, not a surprise.

Not surprising after they moved headquarters to America

Ps5 sales will soon start to rise and key games will inevitably restart the rivalry. Let me just say playstation owned Japan in late wii u early switch era. Half of you either forgot or weren`t here.

Thats what happens when you have to compete in a metaphorical squid games just to buy a PS5.

I was gonna say something about SEGA, but then I remembered they stopped manufacturing consoles in like 2001.

Honestly a big shame. For the longest time, Playstation was THE home console for niche Japanese games and JRPGs. As someone whos kinda indifferent towards the western AAA scene, its definitely a disappointment.

The last of us really shouldn`t have been successful

Switch and PC pretty much

Wait till FFXVI drops.

Source trust me bro

And I`m ok with that

That bad? Surly not?

that wouldnt be the case if you could buy a PS5, unfortunately no one can there

I dont think they need the Japanese market

Sony`s D3AD in Japan

What Arent Sony and Microsoft huge in the Japanese gaming industry

Im confused. What made you come to this conclusion or what evidence is there to led to this statement???

I think Dual Releases is more likely than straight up exclusives. Persona 6 will more than likely be a dual release in my opinion

People underestimate the power of fun games versus graphics. Nintendo has always had the right idea here. When I want complex immersive gameplay I go Sony. Nintendo is just simply more fun and family oriented.

Hard to believe people were convinced Nintendo would drop out of the console market and become a third party dev when you look at the success of the Switch

Nintendo`s revenge against Sony`s revenge is now complete. Just goes to show that it`s not about how many battles you win, but whether you can hold the line ;)

It`s just the ps5 with its supply issues. Tons of ppl still on ps4s in japan.

Really? Imo sony is still strong in japan.

Playstation never had a japanese market, whatsoever lol

Almost like how Xbox has lost the American market to both Sony and Nintendo? Lol 3rd place in their own country and they have a blank check.. oowee

Too many hyper-realistic First Person Shooters I bet. Oversaturation.

Yes! Playstation losing. Yay xbox lets go PlayStation feels pretty soulless now days they lost what made them feel unique and many of their games feel the same. One and done heavy narrative games which that type of game is fine but only having that type of game isn`t.

Call of duty is big on ps4 and ps5

she came for Sony`s throat. basically won 2 categories. *commencing brutality* why do u think they left ? Japan is all about the portable market in japan the PSVita actually had a stable n supported market unlike in the states. When Nintendo announced Switch was a portable device Sony said awe fuck we gotta go.

"Lost" or "deliberately abandoned" ? Oh sh- I just pronounced THE "A word" of 2021 !

Hope this will be the sign that atlus devs will port the persona on both switch and xbox console and develop some games exclusive on pc, switch,xbox since playstation don`t care anymore on jp games.

Tho I do wonder what that means for devs like atlus, or other heavy Japanese companies

Or pc, sure its not the most popular, but its more then PlayStation has

After Sony`s draconian censorship policies and poor treatment of Japanese developers, it`s not really surprising.

Microsoft: first time?

Well soon Nintendo will be gone as well. Games will be made primarily for the western audiences going forward.

Which means... Many japanese devs will be forced to think of the Switch first when thinking which platforms they develop for, also some incidental exclusives I keep forgetting Sony is japanese.

I dominated Japan. *evil grin* Thats a shame. Sony leaving Japan behind shows they`re leaving people like me behind too (since I`ve never been super interested in their western offerings).

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