PlayStation has reversed course and Horizon Forbidden West will

September 5, 2021, 3:13 am
PlayStation has reversed course and Horizon Forbidden West will
PlayStation has reversed course and Horizon Forbidden West will now be able to be upgraded FOR FREE from PS4 to PS5 Jim Ryan also announces that God of War, Gran Turismo 7, and other future cross-gen 1st party games will be able to be upgraded for $10

So glad to see horizon do the fix +rep horizon devs

Of course they would, they had to otherwise it would`ve been false advertisement.

So they have kept their word on 1 game after beinf called out and will continue to rip off their fans long into the future, this kinda stuff is why i refuse to drop the money on a PS5

I`m okay with $10 upgrade path, it`s infinitely better than completely separating each other for the standard version like EA and Activision

I know I might get some flack for this but I would love to see factions come to multiple other types of systems as well. I really want it to succeed and the crossplay could really help the player base.

But if I pre-order the PS5 version which is $10 more expensive will I get them refunded that $10?

PlayStation must really be broke

moving forward, PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5)both digital and physical*will offer a $10 USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5. DO NOT STAND FOR THIS. DEMAND BETTER.

Now if they just fixed the CMOS issue with a patch.. Because thats literally all they need to do. But they literally lied and said the issue dosent exist when in fact I and several hundred others have verified it is.

I`m wondering if there is room for a more nuanced conversation around the upgrade paths in general. There`s no defense for the current way to get the cross-gen method of HFW but I think a $10 anytime upgrade (see Ghost Of Tsushima) is actually okay despite some pushback.

gamers need to be vocal

So as a ps5 owner if o Buy horizon PS4 i Will get de ps5 versin 100% free? No need for extra $10?

Lots of these `fans` were also defending their previous messy upgrade path

Shouldnt stop either cuz non of those games should cost 10 bucks for an upgrade they can easily pay those employees for the work while giving that upgrade for free.. these execs just want these insane bonuses

Common sense prevailed.

Benji what do you think internal convos sound like with big companies like this. They knew it would be controversial and still went forward. Then backtracked. Is it, lets see how bad people complain and if so backpedal. Or you think they were honestly oblivious to the outcome?

Welp, when those games are right around the corner be sure to call sony out too, maybe it wasn`t a good idea to have 60 and 70$ of the same game huh? Maybe 70$ for a game was piss idea in the first place.

I`d guess Spiderman 2 will be cross gen..That game will be way to popular to ignore the 115mil PS4`s

That`s all I wanted from Playstation. Clear messaging. No complaints with PS for now then.

So do I get the 60 dollar ps4 version with a free upgrade or the 70 dollar ps5 version

Wait, I already pre-ordered the PS5 version at $70. Are they now saying I could have bought the $60 version and got a free upgrade? Are there plans to get back my $10?

The standalone multiplayer game ("Factions") and the TLOU1 Remake are cross-gen for sure. The same goes for MLB The Show 22.

Shout out to all the ****** that defended both and all future Sony money grab decisions! You almost made it possible!

So should I just buy the ps4 version for my ps5 and save $10?

this is great but also can we get a physical disc in the super expensive collectors editions. The ones with a steel book case and a digital voucher for some reason? Like the $80 version gets a physical game but the $300 version gets a digital voucher and they send you the case

It`s good to see most people seem to forget the company are the one that should be fighting for you custom, not the fans fighting for the company.

Nintendo look at xbox and playstation responding to fans complains like "Playstation fans".

Good to see they made a change. Benji you called it in your live chat. Well done :)

Wait so i can just buy the game for $60 instead of $70?

The $10 thing is great!! I do believe that the extra work it takes to make next gen for consoles should be paid for, and 10 is a good price point for that. Glad to see they`ve changed their mind on full priced

PS store still has PS5 standard edition $10 more than PS4 version.

Works for me......not everything needs to be free

It took three seconds between game devs announcing the existence of free next-gen upgrades and gamers demanding it for every game. The entitlement oozes from our every orifice. Soon, it will be "I can`t believe they`re charging money for a game!"

Factions 2 being on PS4 and PS5 would be a good idea especially with cross play. The more players there are, the better.

I thought we would finally get ps5 only games after gow and gt7.. Ps5 versions are already outselling ps4 versions so I hope we dont see any cross gen titles after 2022

Which playstation fans were out there fighting for this. Most of them was for it. The GAMERS stood united and voice our disconnect with this. We were united and spoke out in the media and with our friends.

So no point to buy PS5 version for 70 dollars, W for those didnt pre-order yet lol

Yeah this is the point. Users should speak up.

who cares imagine still owning a ps4 in 2021.. cant relate

The bad thing about Jim Ryan`s statement will cause more drama and uproar

Its great that they listened

Did we already know GOW was cross-gen and I just missed it?

Now they need to push on all the games.

Also good on PlayStation fans for not letting this slide and speaking out The game was originally announced as having a free upgrade which was later changed to paid. I`m glad consumers called them out on that

It wasn`t that hard to make the right decision, And $10 for any next gen upgrade is beyond fair. Also it means on the system level, Sony could offer an upgrade in the first place... either w/ cost or not.

i mean its a multiplayer so obviously it HAS to be cross-gen if it wants to have a massive playerbase theres no reason to make a multiplayer like factions 2 PS5 only in my opinion

Makes sense, I imagine it will be heavily monetize and reuse a lot of The Last of Us 2`s assets. So its something that can easily justify a PS4 version.

other future cross-gen 1st party games that line right is not gonna sit well with a few and i cant wait for it. thats awesome that theyre keeping their promise, and also made it clear they still intend to going forward after this. im expecting a Spider-man 2 logo next week.

Huge win, everyone should be happy now

Things like this would happen more often in the consumers favor if more of these fanboys would stop simply going with whatever Sony decides and let their displeasure be heard.

Hopefully cross gen ends in 2022 and this doesn`t mean it`s extended to 2023 and beyond.

Last of Us Remake also seems like a safe bet to me, Spider-Man wouldn`t be too terribly surprising as well as whatever PixelOpus is working on.

First, Good! I hope this shows people that fighting for better conditions can actually work. Now that we are on it, let`s drop that entirely from the other Games

a $10 tax for next gen is a joke.. should pc players with a 3090 at ultra settings pay more than those with a 1060? cash grab nothing else

Wait, is the PS5 version $60 instead of $70 now or are you just paying an extra $10 for nothing? Why buy the PS5 version for $60 if the PS4 one has it all and can be upgraded for free?

Hope they learned the lesson like Xbox did . Why will the update be free with Horizon and $ 10 with the other games? Do you expect us to applaud you for changing your mind?

100% factions 2will be cross gen

Side note This also confirms there are unannounced PlayStation Studios Games that will be cross gen between PS4 and PS5 My guess is "Factions 2" (The Last of Us multiplayer game) is one of them

Wich will be 20 extra for europeans. Cause our PS4 games cost 60 but PS5 costs 80 for no reason at all. They`re still trash when it comes to pricing.

Bitching and moaning works again, thank god. Glad the people defending this were in the vast minority

Consumer backlash works.. who would of thought.

Now they just need to get rid off their $10 next-gen tax, it`s bullshit.

it was unexpected but thank goodness

This is why fans have to talk when its necessary

Good. They needed to hear this.

There is no reason why future Cross-gen games should have a $10 tax. Look at Xbox games or PC.

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