Pls recommend a good smartwatch under 20k which u

April 25, 2022, 4:54 pm
Pls recommend a good smartwatch under 20k which u
Pls recommend a good smartwatch under 20k which u have used or seen..Thanks

Check new range of smart watch by g shock. U will definitely love them

Apple Watch. Go for SE sports edition

Fitbit sense. I have been using it for sometime now. A bit over budget but a good watch nonetheless

Mat le, you are already smart enough

Amazefit .... It`s true value for money

I`m using Garmin Vivoactive. Does it`s job very well. Have also used Goqii. Cheap, works well. They have a program where you get nutritionists, fitness trainers assigned for 3 months. The one assigned to me pushed me hard for diet & run and did improve me overall

4 because it comes with Android Wear OS LTE is a must have feature as you don`t have to carry your phone to the gym, games, walk, runs etc I am planning to buy 4 Classic but am waiting for ECG / BP officially being available in India Till that time my existing one works

Fossil has good stuff around this range , check some new launches too.

Apple watch second hand mil jaata hai 10/15k mein ..

Fossil is a good option

gear ka latest boht mast hai par 40 k ka hai, but buy only if u trust or like samsung

fasttrack reflex 5k is good for normal use samsung galaxy watch 1 a for better use and galaxy gear for best performance but it will over sue your budget.. i am not apple fan so will not suggest it

why you need smart watch ?

:-) check in Fitbit.

I have experienced below three; 1. Apple - Best in class. SE might come in the budget. Serves all the purposes + swag if one has an iPhone. 2. Garmin - Family uses VivoActive and is very happy. Other ranges in Garmin are also within the budget. 3. Fitbit - Quality is my concern.

I would suggest you to go for Apple watch . But you should buy smart watch only if you are ok with all the notifications and all. At times you may feel you are a prisoner of technology.

If u r on Apple then Iwatch works best. Old models work as efficiently. SE model also is good

Thank you for asking but I dont wear a smartwatch anymore because it gives me restlessness because of notifications and it comes with a chore of charging it every night. I only think of Apple Watch in terms of a smartwatch which was good and I have not used any other.

Fossil jab maine liya woh range mein tha. Very good. Check out

Wait Le me Search I am Using Frontier currently not available

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