Poll: Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 11?

July 5, 2021, 2:58 pm
Poll: Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 11?
Poll: Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 11?

Already upgraded...

Yep. Im already on the developer software

What do you think? no, i have not used microsoft windows since windows 2000 pro was the OS DuJour, i been using Linux as my main desktop and daily driver OS since XP was released

Yes coz my W10 won`t update itself from 3 months ago

I`m in the Insider in my main PC so ofc lol

Not right away, but yeah...kinda have to

Only if there was a measurable performance increase in DX12 gaming.

Yup. If my laptop supports it.

I will, but bypassing TPM 2.0 and all the rest of nonsense requirements. If Microsoft wants to tighten security it`s ok for me, but demand it on new computers.

No, plan to switch to Mac.

No I wont be upgrading for ages yet, besides I want to "Test" the New OS first to see if I like it, by the looks of it right now So for now at least, I will hold off ..

Even-numbered Windows releases are all beta tests: 2000 ME: XP: Vista: 7: 8: 10: 11: I`ll wait a year or so until they`ve worked the bugs out with the willing free beta testers.

As much as I didn`t really enjoy my experience on W10 and considering to switch away, some new features of W11 seem compelling enough, I might just upgrade. I just hope it`ll be a less of a pain than what W10 already is.

I`m dual booting windows 11 preview and 10. Some issues on Windows 11. But no problem. It`s first build

Only of they start supporting intel 4th gens and remove this TPM bullsh*t

Who says it`s an upgrade?

Already on windows 11!

Of course. Who would want to stick to the old, rubbish Windows 10 and below. All hail latest Windows.


I`ve been using it for a week now with de insider`s program and one con I encountered: You can`t access your task manager by right clicking the taskbar :(

Been using it since the first leak

I`m running the dev preview right now! I`m really enjoying the changes so far. 1 issue i do have: i can`t drag files between programs i.e. drag a mp4 from explorer to a minimized Vegas Pro

You miss one option because some of us already upgrade it with insider preview

My notebook cant accept it...

for 2 main reasons: - APKs - streamdeck use (I`m normally on Linux)

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