Poll: What would it take for you to leave

August 24, 2021, 1:55 pm
Poll: What would it take for you to leave
Poll: What would it take for you to leave Android?

have the same features and ecosystem with other OS`s and an open honest file manager

$10,000,000 That`s all.

If I couldn`t have a app drawer like how the iPhone is

I don`t think I will ever leave... the freedom with which I could work together with my Windows pc, is lacking with ios

A return of Windows phone

A new OS that is 100% compatible with Android, comes with all Google Apps and runs all my other Android Apps? And is compatible with my peripherals like my Garmin Watch...

An alternative with an open ecosystem

If Google locked their OS down like iOS does I`d leave, because then you`re talking about nearly the same business model, which takes away the freedom from the user to do practically anything they want with it.

,a high refresh,type c

Number row and comma on the keyboard. Let me put icons where I want. Access to the U.S. app store. Ability to close all apps at once. And, maybe a 10 x zoom.

My relative gave me a late 2009 imac, and I have to say macOS is a nightmare, and when setting up iOS in an iphone i got it was frustrating. I felt like breaking them, so no I will never leave android.

I don`t have desire to leave. At most I would carry an iPhone if I HAD to, say for example I worked somewhere where they issued them out as work phones. Otherwise I have no reason to use something other than Android.

I use both Android and IOS and love them both.mostly

I wouldnt but if Samsung stopped making phones I would probably have a Google pixel phone

Safety and user experience are something I would pay attention to. Spec are not the first things to consider.

If there is an OS greater, i would gladly switch.

Usb typ-c, easier/better data transfer, no notch and a fingerprint sensor

Already leaving after +10 years

Devices fairly priced, being able to personalize my device fully and easy connectivity to other devices to share stuff. Not having to buy all the apple eco system.

Not much, I always tend to switch back and forth because I love both

If it was locked down. If I want to be stuck in am eco system I`d go with apple who`s much better at that. There is a reason Samsung is back tracking on trying to do that.

Ive been on and off of iOS/android for years. I just like that iOS is more cohesive and more flushed than android. 12 may prove to be a great leap but we will have to see. I can leave android rather easy.

A next generation Android.

A Windows phone Very easy. Give me an iPhone for free. I think I will hate in the beginning. But I`m will get used to it.

Google just has to keep treating Android like it`s always running beta test

A newer improved windows phone OS with app support as good as Android and iOS

Apple to be more competitive price wise with Android, offer more customisation options and to not basically lock you into an ecosystem

Headphone jack bring it back bring it back. Wired headphones are more common, less expensive, universal and sound better.

Gaming windows phones

Bored and want to try something new to play with?

Curved edge screens I can do without. They are not practical serve no purpose other to trick that your screen is bigger. What`s wrong with bezels anyway?

Im just switch from iphone to android for 2 weeks

Inconsistent ui , unoptimized apps , bugs and glitches wants me to leave android

Waiting for Samsung to launch beast with stock android

While there are a couple things keeping me here on Android. I`m not a power user so I`m not utilizing the full extent of the operating system and iOS could easily do everything I need and perhaps more fluidly. But really right now PIP is keeping me here. Multitasking boi

Not very appealing samey devices. That and moving to iPhone made me notice how much better it is on the other side, if quite dull

I left Android loong time ago

I`m sold for iphone 13 pro now, for ios significantly longer update support compared to any android.

if Apple became more affordable, added SD card Support and made iOS more compatible with windows devices and other Android devices (even doing the little things just feels like a nightmare), i might consider but that`s probably never happening

Has to be something new as I wouldn`t own ios

Cancelling the Pixel lineup. If Google is even done making phones I`m going straight to Apple

Why don`t you have a never leaving option?

An OS that`s easily customisable, software with less limitations,type-c port and a display with no obstructions.

As long as I have the freedom to install whatever I want, background stuff can run and things like that, I won`t move from Android.

When it`s no longer relevant, just like what happened to Windows Mobile.

affordable iPhone...

Usb c, windows integration (not a fan of macos), something less noticeable than the notch, installing 3rd party apps, custom icons, actual live wallpapers, go back to rounded corners.

IOS being more customizable and sideloading modded apps being allowed

For iPhone & iPad, USB C & freedom to jailbreak (or at least, can easily downgrade iOS/iPad OS anytime to version that already have jailbreak)

If iphone has type C port! That`s it!!

A better alternative to ios.

It took T-Mobile offering $800 credit for iPhone 12 and Pro with a trade-in back in May. I have missed the Pixel experience ever since.

iPhone to be more Affordable....

Windows phones with much better app compatibility.

Ain`t happening, Apple can go and rott

If the brands we like leave Android.

Google making Android closed-source. Then we`d have to have a comparable Linux phone.

Totally new windows phone..

Why would I do that??

I actually left android for a year and half but came back. iOS and iPhone are good but I prefer android

Free iPhone 12 pro

Windows phone for sure.

Windows phone being back

Bloatware in Samsung Devices

Honestly if iphones switch to type c

One free iphone pro max....maybe 13 or 14 CantAfford

It should be iOS...

Safe sideloading, type-c. I couldn`t leave Yt vanced and spotify unlocked

Blackberry with BB OS

I`m already planning on leaving. I switched to Android for widgets, setting default apps, and better integration with Google Photos because the iOS version gave me issues. But since unlimited storage ended and iOS has fixed my complaints, I`d rather go back.

Iphone without CSAM

Nothing on this planet would make me even consider the iOS platform. Not Going To Happen... EVER!!!!

Alphabet to liquidate and Android to be no longer available.

it would take a lot more than what Apple could offer

i don`t understand a single word of this question.

Will never leave android, i prefer freedom :)

USB C and fast charging of at least 50W. The ability to have a separate work profile and allowing 3rd party apps like Google photos to automatically back up photos without having to first open the app.

portable iMovie and GarageBand

I would never leave Android

No notch, usb c and a fingerprint reader

If sends me an iPhone for free or it`s available under $300 in India along with USB Type-C and Expandable storage option then I would New iOS devices becoming more affordable and competitive with the budget Android market

Poor RAM optimisation

Updates..Typing from Android

not fixing my dying S20 Ultra screen.

Having enough to afford the competition

I would say making it more closed like Apple, but that would leave no alternative anyway

Updates become a paid feature.

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