-Question: True or False? Social Media Apps are better

July 20, 2021, 3:36 am
-Question: True or False? Social Media Apps are better
-Question: True or False? Social Media Apps are better on iOS? Explain??

I`ve noticed no difference between both except the fact I could easily select a whole tweet on android

Yeah. IG and Snap are better at least imho. Easier to optimize one app for one type of phone like iPhones than for 100 Android ones.

iOS apps are better quility and are designed better!

I have limited experience with ios... but i feel ripping and sharing pics etc plus the general experience is more `comfortable` with android.

Yes far better. Just overall polish and dumb glitches that do not exist on iOS. It makes it seem like Android was an afterthought.

ios better than android py 1000% b cuz there is only 4 models the developers can made apps easy and high quality even the optimization between the hardware and software on ios better on android there is maybe 1000,000 models in mobiles

True. Theyre better designed and work better too

I used to think that and then I got an iPhone 12 and came to the conclusion that they suck on all platforms. Will say that IG and Snapchat are a little better on iOS though.

depends on which really twitter on ios generally works alot better discord on ios is ok but better on android snapchat is better on ios reddit is better-ish on android it really depends on the devs tbh

Social media apps are designed to work the same

Cant help but agree they are far better quality and even get exclusive features like voice tweets.

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