Quick question: if you were to have two phones

September 21, 2021, 4:53 pm
Quick question: if you were to have two phones
Quick question: if you were to have two phones (for whatever reason) what would the combo be? Two of the same phone and model? One iPhone Max and one Mini? One iPhone and one Android?

Would love to go Max/Mini. I have a Mini and love the one-handed size, but I`m definitely missing out on the camera and screen real estate sometimes. Currently I have a "work phone" that`s just an iPod Touch, which has all my social media apps on it, to keep a healthy distance.

Was surprised by how many folks replied with two phones. I thought companies had phased those programs out. Wild!

1 iPhone and 1 of these phones 1 iPhone 1 Motorola razr for sure

I`d probably have the new Google Pixel 6 and then either an iPhone Mini or the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

def one of each. call me two phone baby keem

the trap phone should always be a brick/flip phone.

I have a personal iPhone 11 and a work iPhone 7

I run a Huawei and a Xiaomi, but only because I work for the latter.

An iPhone Pro Max and a Google Pixel 6 for sure.

I have two phones of the same model w/ different cases

The way it would typically work for me is having a newer iPhone (primary) and an older iPhone (secondary, used to be primary).

Currently got my old Samsung Galaxy S7 that hasn`t got the best battery for watching and listening to things when I`m on WiFi, and my fairly new Google Pixel 4a as my daily driver which has cell service for when I`m out and about. Liking it so far because I`m not an iPhone guy.

One of each would be ideal. As a long time Android user there have been many times that it would have been helpful to have an iPhone handy when trying to help a client with there phone while not in person so I could walk them through the menus step by step.

One iPhone Max and one Mini. I can easily see the benefit of the two, with the Max having more storage/power and the Mini being good for on the go. I see the benefit of iPhone + Android, but I would get so mixed up between the two interfaces.

I think Id go Pro Max for personal and Mini for work

an iphone and a pixel

kinda depends what they are each for. But really, Id probably just have 2 of the same phone in different colors.

I have two iPhones personal/work as I use Apple and company standard is Apple. Without that context, probably one Android and one Apple.

I rock an iPhone and Android. Best of both worlds.

I have an iPhone as my work phone and Samsung s21 as my personal phone.

A lot of people have 2 phones, actually. One personal, one business. Personal preference for the first, whatever the company gives you for the second.

iPhone and Android. Most likely a Samsung.

Id go the iPhone and Android route. Specifically, I think the top Pixel or a folding phone for Android. Get a taste of both worlds and be able to leverage each OS strengths when needed.

Probably a Pixel (I love mine) and an iPhone mini

I already have this where I main iphone and use Android for apps and xcloud until recently

One iPhone, one Android for sure.

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